Writing a Thank You Note to the Boss

Writing a Thank You Note

There are many reasons you might want to thank your boss formally, but it's not always easy to know what to say. The following letters can be downloaded, edited, and printed using Adobe. Be sure to customize your message so it reflects your personality and is appropriate for your relationship with your boss.

1. Express Appreciation for a Recommendation

Use this message to say thanks after your boss recommends you for a job promotion:

appreciation for recommendation
Appreciation for a recommendation

2. Thank You for Granting a Vacation Request

Let your boss know that you really appreciate being allowed to take time off from work:

vacation appreciation letter
Thank you letter for vacation request

3. Thank You for a Key Assignment

Tell your supervisor that you appreciate being entrusted with a key assignment:

thank you for key assignment
Thank you letter for a key assignment

4. Appreciation for Training Opportunity

Say thanks to your boss for being allowed to attend a training class:

appreciation for training opportunity
Thank you for training opportunity

5. Gratitude for Conference Attendance

Express appreciation for being sent to a key industry conference:

thank you letter for conference attendance
Appreciation for conference attendance

6. Appreciation for Approving Professional Association Request

Say thanks for a company-paid membership in a professional association:

thank you for approving professional association
Appreciation for approval of professional association

7. Thank You for Listening

Let your boss know that you really appreciate his willingness to listen:

thank you for listening
Appreciation for listening

8. Gratitude for New Equipment

Say thanks for being approved to purchase a powerful new computer:

thank you for new equipment
Say thank you for new equipment

9. Appreciation for Adding a New Employee

Show your gratitude for getting approval to add head count to your department:

appreciation for adding new employee
Thank you letter for new team member

10. Gratitude for Charitable Participation

Let your boss know how much her support of charitable participation means to you:

thank you for charity participation
Appreciation for charitable participation

Tips for Writing Your Note

While it's great to have access to printable documents you can customize, it's not always possible to find a template that meets your needs. In such a case, you may need to write a thank you note from scratch. Follow general tips for writing thank you notes and whether you are writing an email message, letter, or a hand-written note, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Use a greeting appropriate to the relationship you have with your boss. If you are not on a first-name basis with your boss, do not use her first name in this letter. However, if you do typically address your boss by her first name, do so here.
  • Be specific, indicating exactly what your boss did that you wish to express appreciation for and why. There should be no question in the mind of your boss regarding exactly what it is you are saying thank you for after reading the letter.
  • Be brief and to-the-point. Your thank you not should have only a few short paragraphs and be worded as concisely as possible.
  • Use positive language that clearly communicates your meaning. Do not use sarcasm or 'inside' jokes or comments.
  • Don't expand the thank you note to other topics. A note of thanks should be just that. Don't add references to other things you might wish to discuss with your boss, such as workplace projects, your career goals, issues with co-workers, etc. Save that information for a different piece of correspondence or in-person communication.
  • Proofread carefully before sending, ensuring the note conveys the appropriate meaning and tone and is also free from spelling or grammatical errors.

Professionalism Is Key

As with any business document, be sure that any correspondence you send to your boss conveys an appropriate message about your level of professionalism. Keep in mind that being seen as having strong business communication skills can have a positive impact on your career.

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Writing a Thank You Note to the Boss