Sites for Downloading Free Gospel Music

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Finding free gospel music lets you listen to new artists without spending money on your music library. Fortunately, plenty of websites offer a variety of downloadable, free music.

Where to Download Free Gospel Music

While the gospel genre isn't as mainstream as pop or country, you can still find many safe, reputable sources for free music in this category. Try one of the following sites to find available downloads.

  • Vineyard Songs has a free music download of the month as well as streaming music in the Praise and Worship subgenre of Gospel, with artists such as Jesse Meyer and Samuel Yoder. The songs are downloaded in mp3 format, and you do not need to register on the site to access the downloads.
  • Godly Christian Music offers over 1,800 free mp3 files. This site contains user-submitted music in a wide range of Gospel songs of all styles as well as other Christian genres with hundreds of independent unsigned artists. You don't have to register to download, and the files come in mp3 format.
  • Secret Place Ministries - This site offers five free Christian music downloads if you subscribe to their email list, which is free to do. The songs are in the Praise and Worship genre and an mp3 format, and they come with an accompanying free download of the sheet music for the songs.
  • New Release Tuesday offers a new free music download every Tuesday. They feature a variety of Gospel styles with a strong emphasis on Contemporary Christian Music and Praise and Worship with artists such as Natasha Owens and Todd Agnew. You must provide your email address and zip code to download the free songs in mp3 format.
  • CCM Magazine, or CCM, is a leading authority on this genre of music. They offer a free mp3 download every week, and you do not need to register to access the freebie. Their library emphasizes Contemporary Christian Music and Praise and Worship. Artists include Jonny Diaz and Newsong.
  • Amazon Digital Music sometimes has a small selection in this category, but it offers free mp3 downloads for Gospel in its Digital Music section. You must register for an Amazon account first, and it offers mostly traditional Gospel choir songs and hymns with artists such as Justine and Kimberly and Alberto Rivera.
  • Internet Archive specializes in Haitian, Caribbean, Trinidad, and Jamaican Gospel music. You do not need to register, and the songs are in mp3, torrent, and in one case, MIDI. It does not feature professional artists but user-generated recordings.
  • Praise World Radio specializes in Africa-based Gospel artists such as Monique and Kingstan, with genres such as Urban Contemporary Gospel, Praise and Worship, and Classic Hymns. Each artist offers one free download, and the site features many artists. The downloads are in mp3 format and do not require registration.
  • ReverbNation features indie, up-and-coming Gospel artists mostly in the Urban Contemporary Gospel and Praise and Worship genres such as Caleb Cross and Youthful Praise. Each artist typically offers at least one free download. You must register for free "as a Fan" on the site before you can access the music, which is downloaded in mp3 format.

Types of Gospel Music

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Gospel music is religious-themed songwriting associated with the Christian faith. There are a variety of styles and even sub-genres that have their own large fanbases. One user may be interested in downloading a Christian-themed pop song, while another might be searching for a Praise and Worship tune. All of these varieties are available to download online.

  • Southern Gospel is usually associated with vocal harmony groups, similar in style to barbershop quartets. Recently, a subgenre of Southern gospel, called progressive Southern gospel has emerged, that blends more modern musical inspirations with the vocal harmony roots.
  • Bluegrass Gospel is often closely associated with Southern Gospel and country music but has more of a jazz sound than the other genres.
  • Urban Contemporary Gospel is a type of music heavily influenced by rap and modern R&B but with a Christian message.
  • Celtic Gospel finds its roots in Ireland by adopting many of the sounds that were present in historical Irish tunes.
  • Contemporary Christian Music, which is often referred to as "CCM," encompasses the sounds of popular modern music but marries it with Christian and faith-based lyrics.
  • Christian Rock music carries the beat and sound of traditional rock music, but leaves out many of the controversial lyrics and the questionable lifestyles of those who are typically associated with this genre of music.
  • Christian Country Music is very similar to regular country music; in fact many artists release their songs to secular and Christian radio stations at the same time.
  • Praise and Worship is often heard in church services and on Christian radio stations. It is an easy listening type sound mixed with lyrics from the Bible or with a Christian theme.
  • Classic hymns appeal to those people who like the classic church sound. These songs usually have several verses and can often be heard during traditional church services.

Discover New Music for Free

Whether you're collecting traditional worship songs for a service or event or you're looking for new inspirational tracks for your playlist, try some free downloads to add variety to your music library. Your collection will grow quickly, and it's always fun to discover inspiring songs, artists and styles.

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Sites for Downloading Free Gospel Music