Proof of Insurance Letter Sample

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If you have been asked to provide a proof of insurance letter, it must be from your insurance company or, in the case of a group health insurance policy, it can come from your employer. The sample letters below provide a sense of what is usually included. Simply click on the applicable letter to access the PDF. Refer to this printables guide if needed.

Example Proof of Car Insurance Letter

There are a number of situations where you might be asked to provide a letter from your car insurance company documenting that you have such coverage. For example, if you take a job that involves driving and your employer requires that you carry a certain level of car insurance coverage, you will need to provide this type of documentation. You may also have to provide this kind of letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles or other government agency if you live in a state where car insurance is required.

proof of auto insurance
Proof of auto insurance

Keep in mind that the accuracy of this kind of letter can be easily verified. Falsifying proof of insurance could lead to negative consequences such as fines, suspension of your driver's license or even arrest. Submitting false documentation to your employer could cause you to lose your job.

Example Proof of Health Insurance Letter

There are a few circumstances where you could be required to provide a letter that serves as proof that you (or another family member) have health insurance.

For example, National Public Radio (NPR) reports that the majority of four-year colleges require enrolled students to provide proof that they have health insurance coverage. Additionally, some employers provide a monetary payment to employees who opt out of the company's group health plan to seek coverage elsewhere. In such a situation, it is likely that the employee will be required to submit proof of health insurance coverage in order to qualify for the payment. Additionally, if you are covered as a dependent on someone else's health insurance policy, your employer may ask you to provide documentation of that when you decline the coverage they offer.

proof of health insurance
Proof of health insurance

As with any letter submitted to your employer, school or other official source, providing false documentation of coverage could have significant negative consequences, including job loss or expulsion (depending on company or school policy).

Note: It is also necessary to submit proof of health insurance coverage when you file your income taxes in order to document compliance with the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). However, a letter like this one is not sufficient for this purpose. As ValuePenguin reports, depending on how you are insured, you will receive either a 1095-A, 1095-B, or 1095-C form from your employer or your health insurance company. The issuing party will also file these forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), so cross-checking takes place as taxes are processed.

Seeking Official Documentation

If you are asked to provide a letter as proof of insurance, you should contact your insurance company (or employer, if applicable) directly and request such a document. Under no circumstances should you submit a letter that comes from any other source. Similarly, you should never submit a letter that falsely claims that you have insurance coverage if you do not.

If you have an online account with your insurance company, you may be able to log in to your profile and download this type of letter. If not, a customer service representative with the provider or your insurance agent should be able to draft one to send you. It may also be possible to provide a copy of your insurance card rather than an actual letter. If this would be easier for you, ask the requesting party if this type of documentation would be sufficient.

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Proof of Insurance Letter Sample