25 Mailed Gifts to Make the Holidays Special

Published October 15, 2020
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Mailed gifts can make your holiday special knowing the person has received your gift in time of the celebration. Keep in mind that holiday mail increases two weeks prior and get your gifts in the mail as soon as possible.

Sending Mailed Gifts and Choosing Gifts to Ship

There are many types of gifts you choose to mail. The best days to mail holiday or Christmas gifts are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you're sending baked goods, you should aim for next day delivery or ideally 2-day delivery. Next day delivery is expensive, so you should include it as part of the overall cost of your gift.

1. Cookie Cutter Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are often baked as drop cookies, but you can change it up by using holiday cookie cutters. The key to making this work is to roll out the dough before you add the chips sprinkle mini-chocolate chips on top.

  1. Divide the dough.
  2. Roll out the dough and place between waxed or pastry paper and place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour prior to baking. You can either decorate the cookies with an icing, sprinkles, sprinkle confectioners' sugar over them, or leave plain.
cookie cutter shaped chocolate chip

Packing to Mail

Chocolate chip cookies are a good cookie to mail since they can withstand being jostled around. If you're concerned about the chocolate melting, use an insulated box with a cold pack or two and send overnight or priority mail.

  • Freeze cookies overnight prior to mailing for an added layer of protection against breakage.
  • Plastic wrap the same shaped cookies together in groups of four or five.
  • Line a cookie tin or sturdy box with bubble wrap.
  • Place plastic wrap or aluminum foil in over this with enough length to fold over the top of the packed cookies.
  • Don't over pack the tin or box.
  • Use pieces of bubble wrap in empty spaces for added cushioning.

2. Rose Quartz Heart

If your friend or family member is appreciative of the power of gemstones, send them a beautiful rose quartz heart. This is a gift that instantly conveys how much you love them.

  1. Wrap the quartz in bubble wrap and place in a snug fitting gift box.
  2. Wrap the gift box with festive holiday paper.
  3. Use a flat bow and ribbon for your package.
  4. If including a greeting card that fits over the box, secure it between the ribbon/bow and the box.
  5. Place your wrapped gift inside a mailing box.
  6. Fill in any excessive space between your gift and the mailer box with bubble wrap.
Healing Crystal Natural Rose Quartz Heart Love
Healing Crystal Natural Rose Quartz Heart Love

9. Spa Gift Set

Spa gift sets don't always have the exact scents and products you want. Instead of relying on finding just the right one, you can put together a spa gift set. This way you can choose the specific aromas and products you want to include, such as a scented candle, loofah, shower gel, body scrub, bubble bath, bath salt, body lotion, and/or other items that you know the person likes.

Woman holding spa gift basket

10. Embroidered Pillowcases

If you're good with a needle, then you can gift a unique pair of pillowcases. The person will appreciate the time you spent creating their gift. You can even monogram their initials into your design for a truly personal touch. This gift can easily be sent in a priority envelope, or you can box it up with decorative wrapping paper and place in a mailer box.

embroidered pillowcases

11. Kids' Costumes for Dress Up

If you have children on your Christmas shopping list, a good gift for each is a costume for playing dress-up. You can cull your clothes closet to find fun items to include, such as a dressy hat, a lace shawl, a pair of high heels you no longer wear, and other items that are in good condition. You can also order a few items online and then create a gift box for each child.

  1. Place the shoes in a shoe box, and the clothes in a separate gift box.
  2. Gift wrap the boxes.
  3. Add flat ribbons and bows.
  4. Place wrapped gift boxes inside the mailing box.
  5. Use bubble wrap to fill any empty spaces.
  6. Seal, address, and arrange for pickup.
girls playing dress up together

12. Framed Cross-Stitched Pattern

You can create a one-of-a-kind gift with a cross-stitched pattern. Choose a small to moderate size cross-stitch design and once you've finished it, have it matted and framed. This gift will need to be bubble wrapped to ensure it arrives undamaged. You can use corner protectors on the frame as an addition precaution. Send early to bypass the holiday mail rush.

Cross-Stitched red deer pattern

13. Create a Christmas Pillow

There are many fabric patterns you can use for a Christmas pillow. This can be something as simple as a printed pattern or a cross-stitch or needlepoint design. You can send the pillow along with the pillow form in a box without worrying about possible damage. Just make sure the mailer box is sturdy so your pillow arrives safely for a holiday surprise that your friend or family member can enjoy and think of you each year the pillow is displayed.

Christmas pillows

14. Kitchen Two-Towel Set

You can give a Maison d' Hermine Campagne set of two kitchen towel set. This elegant towel set might be too beautiful to use and can be sent directly to your friend or family member. Just indicate it is a gift and have it gift wrapped complete with a note that it's from you.

Maison d' Hermine Campagne 100% Cotton Set of 2 Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel
Maison d' Hermine Campagne 100% Cotton Set of 2 Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel

16. Pair of Crocheted Slippers

You can crochet a pair of slippers for those on your Christmas list. These are easy to make and quite simple to mail. You can wrap the slippers in tissue paper and place in a slim box or simply wrap with Christmas paper and slip into a priority mailer envelop. It just depends how you wish to package your gift.

crocheted slippers

17. Christmas Ties

If you have a sewing machine, you can create Christmas ties out of solid colored material or Christmas patterns. You can hand paint a Christmas scene and even add small sequins and/or LED lights. This gift can be placed in a mailer and sent to everyone on your lists who likes novelty Christmas ties.

man with Christmas ties

18. Iron On Christmas Icon Transfers for Kids

You can create a crafting gift for kids with a sweatshirt or t-shirt and iron-on Christmas icons transfers. Select a Christmas transfer that fits each child's personality. You can either mail these in envelopes for wrap in individual boxes. If saving on mailing cost, you can include wrapping paper and flat boxes for the mom or dad to wrap the gifts for you, or order the boxes, ribbons, tags, and wrapping paper to be delivered.

Ewinsun 12 Pcs Christmas Day, Iron On Patches Sew On Decoration Patch
Ewinsun 12 Pcs Christmas Day, Iron On Patches Sew On Decoration Patch

20. Christmas Trivet

A Christmas trivet is easy to send through the mail. Having a trivet for hot casserole dishes is a must when serving a Christmas meal.

Christmas trivet

21. Bake a Cake

You can bake a cake and send it by mail. The key to this type of gift is to be timely so the cake is still fresh. Most cakes are best sent via UPS. All cakes should first be frozen. It's best to have hard icing instead of very soft so the icing stays on the cake during transport. The best cakes for shipping are pound cakes and Bundt cakes. You can use baker sticks to keep the wrapping away from the icing.

A few packing tips:

  1. Wrap the cake with a paper collar so the sides are protected.
  2. Use insulated cooler and line with bubble wrap
  3. Fill any empty spaces with bubble wrap
  4. Mark box fragile with arrows indicating right side up
  5. Arrange a UPS pickup
Fondant Christmas Cake

22. Hair Accessories and Tiara

For the person who has everything, a gift of a variety of hair accessories can be fun, especially for a little girl. Choose novelty shapes and designs and various colors. You can include hair claws, bows, headbands, clips, barrettes, velvet scrunchies, hair coils, and other hair accessories. You can even include a tiara as the final touch for this gift.

  1. Wrap the tiara with bubble wrap followed by gift wrapping paper.
  2. Select a box deep enough to protect the tiara during shipping.
  3. Line the bottom of the box and sides with bubble wrap so there is excess to cover the top of the contents once placed inside the box.
  4. Wrap the rest of the individual items with decorative paper.
  5. Place the remaining gifts inside the box.
  6. Set a greeting card either on top of the gifts.
  7. Fold the excess bubble wrap over the top of the contents.
  8. Seal the box and address it.
  9. Arrange for the package to be picked up.
Red Colored Hair Accessory Collection

23. Matchbox Cars

You can collect matchbox cars or order a set online. If you decide to collect various types of cars and group together as a gift, you can wrap each one in tissue paper and place inside a gift box. Wrap the box and place it inside a shipping box. Don't forget to add a note or greeting card.

matchbox cars

24. Fingernail Polish Collection

You can make Christmas or other holidays even more festive with a collection of fingernail polish or fingernail polish strips. Choose the colors you like and line a gift box with tissue. Wrap each bottle in bubble wrap and place inside the gift box. Add a couple of seasonal decorative nail strips for a special touch. Wrap the gift box and place inside a mailer box. Fill any empty space with bubble wrap.

colorful nail polish

25. Girl's Jewelry Box With Costume Jewelry

You can create a unique holiday gift for a girl by selecting a jewelry box and filling it with costume jewelry for dress up. You want to be mindful of choking hazards, so select appropriately sized jewelry, ever mindful of any small parts. Also, pay close attention to the type of metal and country origin for safety.

girl jewelry box

25 Mailed Gifts Guaranteed to Make Holidays Special

With 25 ideas for gifts to ship, you can narrow your search for the ideal Christmas gifts. Mailed gifts are a great way to celebrate Christmas and other holidays with those you love.

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25 Mailed Gifts to Make the Holidays Special