Ah, l'amour, l'amour. Is there anything in this world better than love? I, a hopeless romantic, think not. And thousands of years' worth of artists and poets would agree with me. Funny enough, when I was younger, the very thought of expressing anything with sincerity and earnest made me cringe (it was the too-cool 2000s, after all.) But now that I'm older and wiser, I relish any opportunity to tell the people I love how much they mean to me. This is especially true around February 14th.

Valentine's Day is a time to lean into the heartfelt, an excuse to let yourself ride a wave of sentimentality. So this year when you're considering gifts for your special someone, I encourage you to give yourself permission to get mushy! Try a little tenderness! Surrender yourself to passion and make some new memories. Flowers and candy are nice, of course, but gifts from the heart are better. It's more affordable than you think and you may even find that you enjoy it. Your Valentine sure will.

Fun Scratch-Off Valentines For Every Loved One On Your List

Expressing yourself doesn't have to be so serious. Have some fun sending your message of love with these unique Valentines! You write your note inside the grey box, then cover it with the included adhesive scratch-off sticker. Great for kids and kids-at-heart alike.

A Personalized Photo Gift Box

Greetabl's origami-style photo boxes are such a delightful way to tell someone you care, even if that someone is far away. Choose from a variety of style with as many little gifty extras as you'd like! Add personal photos and a message from the heart for extra special customization.

Plantable Wish Cards to Sow the Seeds of Love

This would be a lovely Valentine's Day activity to do with someone you're excited to grow with, like a significant other or a child. Write intentions and wishes on these biodegradable cardstock circles implanted with wildflower seeds, put them in some soil, then watch them sprout!


This Handwritten Note Bracelet 

Handwriting is so deeply personal that finding even a dashed-off note in a loved one's penmanship can bring back a flood of memories. This Etsy shop will take a handwriting sample and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry to be cherished forever. Each bracelet is made of high quality sterling silver, finished in silver, 18k gold, or rose gold.

A Desk Calendar Displaying 12 Months of Memories

This gift is simple, sweet, and guaranteed to be appreciated every day. Each month of this tent-style desk calendar has room for its own six-inch by four-inch horizontal photo, so order ahead and fill it up with your favorite snaps before gifting! The photo side features a quick-glance calendar while the back side is grid-style for adding notes and appointments.

Fill-in-the-Blanks to Tell Them How Much You Care

I Wrote a Book About You is a collection of lighthearted writing prompts to help you express yourself to your special someone, be it a partner, parent, or even a great friend. It's designed to take less than an hour to complete, but - like most things in life - the more time and effort you put in, the better the outcome!


This Mini Waffle Maker Will Make Your V-Day Breakfast Adorable

What could be cuter on Valentine's Day morning than presenting your loved one a stack of heart-shaped waffles? This miniature waffle iron from Dash makes perfect single-serving portions and it couldn't be simpler to use: just plug it in, wait for the heat indicator light to go on, and pour in your favorite batter! In minutes, you'll have a breakfast fit for the one you love most.

A Mixtape (Remember Those?) for the 21st Century

Back in my day, when a person had a lot of feelings but couldn't quite find the right words to express themselves, they let music do the talking and made their crush a mixtape. While it's true that today you can send your amour a Spotify playlist, it doesn't really have the same effect. Luckily, this enterprising Etsy maker has come up with a perfect modern solution: a cassette tape modified with a USB drive preloaded with a custom playlist! Choose from four, eight, or 16 GB of storage (the more storage, the more banger power ballads you can include) and add a personal note to the label. Don't forget to scribble the track list on the liner notes before handing it over for added authenticity!

This Scented Candle Smells Like Yearning

For a Valentine (or Galentine) that's just too far away, this cheeky scented candle can convey just how much you miss them without getting too sappy about it. It's made from 100% soy wax scented with calming lavender that burns clean for 50 hours.


A Display-Worthy Photo Book

I'd bet you've got hundreds of great photos sitting on your phone right now. Memories from vacations, dinner dates, or even everyday, no-special-occasion cuteness. Why not get them out of the Cloud and into one of these gorgeous, custom photo books from Artifact Uprising? The Color Series lets you design your own aesthetically pleasing little softcover book of snaps guaranteed to tug a heart string or two. Choose from a variety of size and colors options and add personalized titles to tell your unique story.

This Sequined Pillow Reveals a Surprise

This pillow cover is such a fun Valentine's gift for a tween or best friend. It's covered in glitzy sequins, but when you run your hand over it in the opposite direction, the surprise photo is revealed! Choose from seven colors and then make it personal with your best pic and custom text.

Get Crafty with a Shadow Box

There's nothing so heartfelt as a homemade gift. If you love a good DIY project, how about putting together a shadow box for your special someone? This one features a black beveled frame and cream linen backing so your photos and mementos can take center stage. It even comes with all the pins and hanging hardware you need to get crafting!


"What do you wanna do tonight, babe?" "I dunno, babe. What do you wanna do?" Sound familiar? It might be time to break out of the rut. Each of the 35 cards in this deck features a different fun activity that's sure to turn Date Night into an adventure. Scratch off the silver film to reveal the challenge, then get to work making new memories together!

Jewelry is a classic Valentine's Day gift, but it needn't be flashy or outlandishly expensive to make an impact. Featuring a rose quartz point (a crystal that attracts love) set on a thin 18k gold plated brass band, this delicate ring has an elegant, refined design that makes it perfect to wear and love every day.

The Best Way to Anyone's Heart - Through Their Stomach

Cooking a delicious meal is one of my favorite ways to show someone I care about them. Table For Two is a cookbook in two parts: Part I's focus is on casual, uncomplicated recipes like lazy weekend brunches while Part II is all about more elaborate multi-course menus for special nights together, no reservation needed.


An Astronomically Thoughtful Piece of Decor

Your love was written in the stars and this poster proves it! Personalized to the exact date, time, and place of the special moment you want to celebrate, this star map is modern and minimal in design but timeless in its message.

A Leather Bracelet Perfect for Cuffing Season

This rugged brown leather band is an ideal gift for someone who likes the idea of accessorizing but doesn't really "do" jewelry. It features adjustable snap closures and can be engraved with a custom 40-character message for free!

Grow Together with This Bonsai Kit

If your sweetie is a bit of a green thumb, this bonsai kit might be right up their alley. It includes enough starter containers, soil, and seeds to grow four types of bonsai: Japanese Maple, Black Pine, Wisteria, and Judas Tree. It also has clippers, name tags, an informational booklet, and a plastic pot for when your sapling is ready to transfer. Perfect for beginners and a rather tidy metaphor!


A Zodiac Guide for the Astrologically Attuned Valentine

The Astrology of Love & Sex is a contemporary approach to an ancient question: are our star signs compatible? Highly inclusive and aimed toward looking at the person as a whole beyond their Sun sign, this book is perfect for the romantic heart who checks their (and your) horoscope on the daily.

Maybe you know deep down that you come in second behind your Valentine's fur baby. Don't get hurt feelings: lean into it! This Etsy shop will turn a photo of a treasured non-human Valentine into a velvety soft, squeezable pillow that's sure to delight. Paws-itively adorable!

"I Am Everything" is a deck of 30 cards featuring words of encouragement and affirmations designed to promote self-love. The deck's designer suggests the following daily ritual: light a candle and shuffle the deck. Pull one card and read the "I Am" statement at the top aloud, then meditate on the short paragraph that follows, letting the words wash over. If your recipient is a journaler, I think this deck would also be a great tool for doing some inspired writing.


A Poetry Book to Make Hearts Go Pitter-Patter

These are 97 of some of history's most beautiful lines of verse collected into one beautiful, leather bound tome sold exclusively through Barnes & Noble. Shakespeare, Dickinson, Yeats, Browning, and Poe are just a few of the wordsmiths featured within. It's a classic gift for any hopeless romantic.

A Simple Accessory That Says "I Love You"

Another simple and sweet accessory for the one you love. It's a silk cord bracelet strung with tarnish-proof sterling silver beads that spell out "I Love You" in Morse code. A subtle way to express the biggest of feelings.

Remember when people kept pictures of their family and loved ones in their wallet? I think it's time for that custom to make a comeback. Measuring at just 1.5" tall, this little album offers the perfect sentiment. Fourteen pictures of your choosing come bound in a genuine leather cover featuring a snap closure. Personalize it with custom engraving and add a keepsake wooden box and it's ready for gifting!


This scratch-off world map is a fun and functional decor gift idea for the couple with a shared urge to roam. Make up a travel bucket list together, then scratch to reveal each country you visit as you traverse the globe! Luckies of London also offers a United States-only map if road trips and domestic travel are more your thing. Either way, adventure awaits!

Author Ursula K. Le Guin once said, "Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone. It has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new." Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows just how true that is. Love requires work and attention. Featuring writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and monthly challenges, this journal is designed to be used by couples to deepen their connection and continue to build a solid, communicative relationship. And when it's complete, you're left with a keepsake document of your journey together.

An Uncommonly Romantic Cooking Experience

Uncommon Goods offers a huge variety of virtual experiences from Fantasy Mapmaking to lessons in Lunar Astrology, but this Valentine's Day, why not learn the art of Aphrodisiac Cooking? Chef Matt Finarelli will guide you through a 90-minute class where you'll make a cocktail, entrée sized salad, and dessert all using ingredients known for their romance-inducing properties. It's a creative and delicious way to celebrate your love.


Keep things playful and adventurous in the bedroom and beyond with this game of Truth or Dare from Uncommon Goods. It's 50 double-sided sticks featuring prompts ranging from "TRUTH: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?" to "DARE: Surprise me with something sexy this week."

This SCWB (Scented Candle With Benefits)

Maude's line of intimate care items is modern and sophisticated, including this hand poured candle made from a soy wax blend that, when melted, can be used as a massage oil. Fragrance notes include warm amber, seductive medjool date, fresh lemongrass, cedar leaf, and deep tonka bean.

Because You've Got Their Heart On Lock

You and your partner are equals, of course, but this tiny padlock necklace serves as an understated, saucy reminder that you hold the key to their heart. It's made from 18K gold-plated high quality brass and can be easily and stylishly layered with other meaningful necklaces for a luxurious look or worn alone for a simple yet chic vibe.