Couple holding Valentine bear

The official day of love is around the corner. Hello Valentine's Day! What's that? Did you forget again? Unless you want a repeat of last year when you turned up with gas station flowers and a sorry look on your face, you need to plan ahead.

Luckily, you don't have to break the bank to find imaginative and unique gifts that your partner will love. We've done all the hard work for you. Check out our selection of the some affordable gifts that will make your significant other weak in the knees.

Supercharge your Date Night with the Ultimate Game for Couples

Running out of things to say to one another? Hey, it happens. Fortunately, The Ultimate Game for Couples has you covered with a selection of funny challenges and meaningful conversation starters. You can play one-on-one or team up against other couples for double dates. Ready, steady, play.

Long distance relationships can be tough. Why not bring the two of you closer with customizable bracelets from PJ Jewelry? You can get the latitude and longitude of your locations engraved on each of them. That way, you will always feel near to your partner.

Give your Ice Cream Loving Partner a Special Spoon

The best way to someone's heart is through their stomach. If your partner loves a pint (or two!) of ice cream, why not make things personal? These customizable spoons are perfect for a unique Valentine's Day gift. Pair it with a tub of Ben and Jerry's for the best results.


Experience New Adventures with Date Night Ideas Cards

When you're in a long-term relationship, things can start to go a tad stale. Don't panic. You can spice up your quality time together with the Date Night Ideas cards. The box includes 35 exciting challenges that you can do as a dynamic duo. Simply pick a card, scratch it off, and get started.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with a Love Journal

Are you an old-school romantic? Filled with 100 engaging prompts, A Love Journal is all about you and your partner. Why not buy it now and take the time to fill it in for your loved one? There are few things in life as wonderful as sharing all the ways you love them.

Get Cozy Together with the Comfy Wearable Blanket

As seen on TV's Shark Tank, here's a date night must-have. The next time you're cuddling up on the sofa, make sure you have The Comfy. The oversized wearable blanket is ideal for cozy nights in with your partner. As a bonus, you can choose from eight eye-catching colors and patterns.


Love catching the latest flicks with your partner? The Deluxe Movie Night Kit is the right Valentine's Day gift for you. Featuring popcorn bags, trivia team cards, trivia host cards, concession cards, and more, it has everything you need to host a movie games night. Treat your significant other to a cinematic gift they will love.

When was the last time you and your partner had some much-needed R&R together? If you can't remember, treat them to some lavender massage oil this Valentine's Day. You can have a DIY spa and take it in turns giving each other a massage. Fun.

Let's face it, there are few things as valuable as the time you spend with your partner. The photo album scrapbook gives you the chance to recount your favorite moments together. Give this unique gift to your partner and spend the next year filing it up with pictures, postcards, notes, and more.


Give the Gift of Comfort with a Weighted Blanket

Ready to spend a night watching Netflix with your partner? Here's the ideal Valentine's Day gift for both of you. The quality weighted blanket is super soft and fluffy. Coming in at 20 lbs, it gives you and your partner the ultimate in coziness as you snuggle away. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, there's a lot to love here.

Share Your Love (But Not Your Wine) with This Tumbler

Is your partner partial to a glass of vino? Whether they love a Pinot Grigio, Malbec, or Chardonnay, here's a great little gift for them. The 12 oz wine tumbler comes complete with a slogan: 'I love you more. The end. I win.' Get this plus a small bottle of their favorite wine and you're onto a winner.

Get a Beast Tumbler for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

If your partner would rather have a mocha than a Merlot, why not get them the Beast tumbler instead? The 30 oz flask comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for the woman (or man!) on the go. Providing insulation and temperature regulation, the tumbler will keep their coffee super hot, hot, hot.


Share Your Wanderlust with a Scratch Off Map

Where in the world do you want to go? If you and your partner have a case of wanderlust, here's a gift that will make them swoon. Simply scratch off the places that you've visited together and use it to pick your next travel destination. The decorative poster is a fun way to plan your trips.

Ready to hype up the romance in your household? The Talk, Flirt, Dare! Couple's Game is the way to go. Boasting fun challenges and flirty tasks, this easy-to-play game ticks all of the boxes. To get started, pick a card, read the instructions, and do as it says. Deepen your connection and have some giggles too.

'Build' a Connection with the Multi Hammer Tool

If your partner cannot stop themselves from tinkering in the garage, be sure to get them this Valentine's Day gift. The cool hammer set boasts 14 different tools that your significant other is sure to need. Including pliers, a wire cutter, a knife, a saw, and a bottle opener, there's a load of options here.


Fire Things Up with this Personalized Soy Candle

Ready to make things a bit heated? The 'to my beautiful wife' soy candle is what it says on the tin. The 9 oz glass jar candle is beautifully presented and makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for your wife. Whether she needs some self-care or you want a romantic night by candle-light, this one's for you.

Play 'Your Song' Wherever with the Spotify Keyring

Do you and your partner have a special song? Perhaps it was your wedding dance or the tune that played when you first met. Whatever your special number is, here's a cute Valentine's Day gift. The keychain includes a Spotify code that your partner can scan to play whatever song you happen to choose.

Connect with your Partner with the Love Lingual Card Game

Want to get closer than ever to your partner? You might want to give the Love Lingual: Card Game a whirl. Inspired by couples psychologists, the box includes 150 cards across five unique categories: Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual, and Past & Future. Pick one and then ask each other a set or personal questions. Do you dare to tell the truth?


Give Some Pizza Socks to Your Junk Food-Loving Partner

If your loved one is obsessed with a hot, greasy slice, here's a Valentine's Day gift that they will love. The pizza sock box features four pairs of oh-so-cheesy (looking) socks that your significant other will love. Why not tell them that you've got a special delivery coming for dinner tonight?

Get Your Feelings on Paper with the 'You Are Loved' Book

Have you ever found it hard to share your feelings with your partner? If you can't find the words to say, maybe you can jot them down. The 'You Are Loved' book helps you do just that. Packed with handy prompts, the hardcover book is a lasting gift they will treasure.

Roll the Date Night Dice Together This Valentine's Day

Not sure what you want to do together tonight? Don't panic. The date night dice will help you decide. Roll them together to figure out how you should spend the evening or day. Whether it's quickly making a campfire or making a pizza together, you're sure to have a blast.


Sleep Together When You're Apart with These Pillow Cases

Trying to make long distance work? If the answer is yes, these unique pillow cases may make the perfect gift. Each one has a unique illustration of someone with a tin can, speaking around the globe. Why not take one each to wherever you are living? It's the closest thing to sharing a bed.

Get Warm and Fuzzy with Luxury Coffee Socks

So, your partner can't function without their coffee every morning... What should you get them? The luxury coffee socks are a good shout. These pink, fluffy socks have an added surprise on the sole. When your significant other finally puts their feet up, check out the message and do as it says.

Share Your Thoughts with a Stuffed Sloth Gift

Want to tell your partner they are 'fine'? Don't just say it. Let this cute and quirky stuffed sloth say it for you. If you're looking for something that will make your partner smile, you've found it. The plushy is high quality, fluffy, and perfect for those late-night hug sessions.


Get Loved Up with Romanic Toilet Roll

You should remind your partner you love them at all times... especially when they are on the toilet. That's where the novelty toilet roll comes into play. Complete with a hilarious message on every single sheet, this weird Valentine's Day gift is one they will never forget. You get 200 whole sheets of toilet paper. Bargain.

Catch Their Heart with This Pokemon Inspired Gift

When it comes to the realms of love, you don't 'gotta catch 'em all'. You just need the one-your special someone. If your partner loves Pokemon (who doesn't), here's a Valentine's gift they will like. The romantic ornament bottle comes with a message saying 'My Best Catch'. Surprise them with this meaningful and fun gift idea.

Share Secret Messages with Love Capsules in a Jar

Want to tell your partner a secret? Slip a few inside the love capsules. Each of the pill containers has space for you to write a message inside. Whether you want to share a beloved memory or tell them something new, the choices is yours. Write down all your thoughts and give this gift for Valentine's Day 2022.


Say I Love You But Make it Punny with a Taco Keyring

Finding the words to say doesn't have to be hard. The 'You are the only meat for my taco' keyring will make your partner laugh every single time. Whether they can't get enough Tex-Mex or love a pun, this funny novelty item will show them that you care. The stainless steel gift is a bargain at less than $7 too.

Speak the Language of Love with the Talking Point Game 

When was the last time you and your partner had a real deep and meaningful chat? The Talking Point Game has 200 different conversation starter cards to get your tongues wagging. There are also four categories of interest so you can expect a diverse range of conversations. Designed to spark thoughtful talks, you're sure to enjoy this date night game.

Say It in Morse Code with This Bracelet

Tell your partner how much you love them... in code. The morse code bracelet is a sweet way to show them that you are always thinking of them. The bracelet sports silver beads that offer a secret message for your partner. It's a subtle way to be with them wherever they are. Why not choose this affordable and unique gift?


Ready to wow your Valentine? Head over to Amazon now and make their day. Any of our top picks are a sure fire way to make them swoon when the day of love comes around. There's a whole world of ideas at your fingertips, after all. Tailor your gifts to suit them and get going. Happy shopping!