27 Meaningful Christian Baby Gift Ideas

Updated December 18, 2018
Cross on gift box

Baby gifts say a lot of the giver and project wishes for the new baby. DIY and purchased Christian baby gifts send messages of hope, love, and faith for the new little boy or girl.

Christian Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets offer you the chance to gift multiple items that fit within a theme.

Wicker basket with gifts

DIY Soothing Gift Basket

Fold your own comforting basket out of a bath towel, hand towel, and a couple of safety pins using origami techniques. Choose a fluffy baby towel in a pastel color. Another soft option is to crochet a basket that will double as a fun toy when baby gets a little bigger. Either way, baby will be able to use your basket and its contents for a long time. When your basket is finished you can add in personalized or purchased soothing baby items such as an amigurumi crocheted lamb, handmade crocheted Christening gown, and personalized keepsake letter to the newborn.

DIY Written Word Gift Basket

Start by weaving a paper basket using loose pages from an old bible or Christian-themed wrapping paper. Next, fill the basket with baby items that include words, phrases, and quotes related to your faith. Each item can feature one treasured bible verse for a cohesive them.

Christening Gift Basket

Purchase a preassembled Christening gift basket that includes Christian baby items such as blankets, bibs, plush toys, a satin Bible, and other items you might use at the baby's Christening or anytime.

Christian Baby Items

Items the baby can use on a regular basis make great gifts because they help the new parents prepare for newborn care.

baby hygiene

Homemade Custom Baby Bibs

Use Christian fabrics such as those that feature crosses or religious words to sew a baby bib or set of bibs. You can also use plain fabrics for the base then applique trendy fabric messages like "#blessed" or "heaven sent" onto the front of the bibs.

Silver Cross Baby Rattle

Create faithful fun and a potential keepsake for the new baby with a silver-plated baby rattle that features an embossed cross at either end. Purchase an entire set of silver religious baby items or give this on its own.

Jesus Loves Me Grooming Set

Give the give of a tender loving touch with a baby brush, comb, and sock set that reads "Jesus loves me" on the brush. Every time baby gets out of the bath and the new parents use the brush or comb, they'll think of you and their faith.

Christian Baby Blankets

Baby blankets do more than warm an infant, they often serve as keepsake items.

baby boy lies on a blanket

DIY Family Heirloom Quilt

If you've got family members who served as priests, clergymen, or any other religious figure who wears a specific outfit, use their old garb to sew your own baby quilt. You can also use pieces of family Christening gowns to make a family heirloom quilt. Instead of passing the gowns and robes from generation to generation, you can pass on this beautiful custom baby blanket.

Lamb Baby Blankie

Sometimes called a "lovie," these small, handheld baby blankets are perfect for little ones to hold tight. A personalized Loveable Lamb Blankie is a stuffed animal and blankie in one featuring the phrase "Bless this little one" along with up to two other lines of text.

A Prayer Answered Muslin Blanket

A simple spiritual message with a trendy style, the Prayer Answered Muslin Blanket is a soft white with the words "A prayer answered, a family blessed" in gray writing. The back side of the blanket is solid gray and its perfect for swaddling little boys or girls.

Baby Clothes With Scripture

Baby onesies, sleepers, pants, and shirts featuring religious phrases or bible verses are a trendy way to express your family's faith.

Baby Clothes With Scripture

DIY Christian Onesie

Use fabric paints to write a meaningful Bible verse such as Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." or an image like a Jesus fish on any plain baby onesie. You can make an entire outfit set featuring the same words and images. The new baby will look trendy and send a message at the same time.

Scripture Sleep Sack Sets

Etsy seller Ruffles & Buttons creates custom sleep sack sets that include a headpiece and receiving blanket in over 10 different scriptural designs. Most designs can be customized with the new baby's name to make them even more personal and give the baby that heaven-sent look.

Bible Emergency Onesie

If you'd like to give a gift that is both humorous and sentimental, the Bible Emergency Numbers Onesie is a great option. It features the Bible verses that are ideal in different situations such as when you want courage or when you feel lonely.

Baby's First Bible

Baby's first bible can become a treasured gift and might be a board book version the new parents can read to baby at bedtime or simply a children's version of the bible.

Baby with bible

DIY Baby Bible Cover

Turn any children's bible into a personalized Christian gift by crocheting a book cover. If you are a gifted crocheter, you can crochet baby's initials and a cross into the center of the book cover's front. Otherwise, you can applique these images on the cover.

Baby Hug-a-Bible

The perfect first Bible for any baby is the Hug-a-Bible because it features a plush cover baby will love touching and snuggling. The ten rhyming Bible stories inside will be fun and easy for baby to listen to and discover the word of God.

Miniature Baby Bible

Miniature versions of the New Testament such as the Lillian Rose Baby Bible with Cover are just the right size for tiny baby hands. The keepsake cover helps protect the bible so baby can cherish it for her entire life.

Spiritual Baby Blocks

Make baby toys more meaningful when you make them by hand and include a special Godly message.

Baby Blocks

DIY Soft Blocks

Sewers can create a simple stuffed jingle block sewing project and give it religious meaning by adding fabric applique felt crosses for textural and visual appeal. Baby will have fun becoming familiar with important religious symbols.

DIY Wooden Blocks

Woodworkers can make your own wooden children's building blocks by using only the pattern for the standard square block then wood-burning lines of scripture into each side and staining it with a non-toxic stain. These are also called "prayer blocks" and make great toys that turn into keepsakes.

Nativity Nesting Blocks

The Christ is Born Nativity Nesting block set features 6 cardboard blocks that all nest inside each other. Each block features one character from the Nativity story, scripture, and a religious poem making the toys both fun and educational.

Scripture Wall Hangings

Give baby the gift of thoughtful nursery decor with wall hangings that feature Jesus, angels, cherubs, or scripture.

Scripture Wall Hangings

DIY Bible Verse Chalkboard

Make a simple chalkboard letter initial or change the shape to a cross, then write your favorite scripture on the finished product. A calligraphy template can help you write beautiful words. Since it's a working chalkboard the new parents can hang it in baby's nursery and add new scriptures on a regular basis.

Ceramic Cross Wall Hanging

Since the gift will be hung out of reach, you can buy something fragile like the Bless This Child Ceramic Cross. With pink or blue text options you add the child's name and birthdate above the provided blessing.

Framed Baby Prayer

A prayer made just for new babies makes a warm and welcome addition to any Catholic nursery. The Gold Framed Print features "A Baby Prayer" and natural images in muted colors for a sweet and inviting look.

Christian Picture Books

Every baby needs help starting their own educational library. Give the gift of baby bible stories to help get them started early on their journey with God.

Christian Picture Books

DIY Bible Story Book

Choose your favorite story from the Bible and either find or write a kid-friendly version of it. Make an easy folded paper origami book then add your story and custom illustrations. Baby will start to learn Bible stories and have a keepsake made by a special friend or family member.

DIY Christian Alphabet Book

Take the concept of a children's alphabet book and make your own Christian version. Create a list of important Christian terms, words, people, and places that start with each letter of the alphabet to use on each page in the book.

Personalized Picture Book

Companies like I See Me create books that feature your little one's name. The Little Book of Blessings can be customized to include the baby's name and features rhyming daily blessings to read. Children will feel connected to God because the book speaks directly to them.

Christian Baby Picture Frames

Customized picture frames can hold memories of important events such as a Christening or a beloved photo of baby with the family's minister.

Baby Picture Frames

DIY Prayer Photo Frame

You can simply embellish any picture frame with religious items like cross charms or even rosary beads if you are Catholic. Then you can use the words of a beloved prayer to replace wedding song lyrics in this simple DIY sentimental photo frame craft.

Personalized Silver Picture Frame

A beautiful silver picture frame that features the words "God Bless Baby" makes a great gift at the shower or after baby is born. You customize it with the baby's name and birthdate to serve as a keepsake.

Noah's Ark First Year Frame

Help the new parents celebrate baby's first faithful year with the Noah's Ark Baby's First Year Collage Picture Frame. This gift is more spiritual and understated and features a 3-dimensional ark with openings for monthly photos from birth to 12 months.

A Gift From God

Sending a Christian or religious gift to a new baby is a gentle way to embrace your faith and encourage theirs. If you're more inclined to buy a present you can find options at local gift shops, from local artisans, or Christian stores.

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27 Meaningful Christian Baby Gift Ideas