87 Strong Greek Boy Names

Published July 21, 2020
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Greek baby boy names come from legends and myths of the ancient Greek culture, the Greek Orthodox Christian heritage, and well as the Greek language. To help you choose a strong Greek name for your baby boy, pick from a selection of some traditional Greek names and their meanings.

Greek Names for Boys That Mean Defender or Protector

Giving your son a name that means defender, helper, and guardian of people will remind him that he's a knight in shining armor.

  • Alistaire (al-is-Tair)
  • Aegeus-(Ay-gas)
  • Achilles (a-kil-ees)
  • Eskandar (esh-kahn-DAHR)
  • Ajax (AY-jaks)
  • Gino (JEE-no)
  • Heros (HER-os)
  • Iskinder (ISH-kin-dər)
  • Antreas (ahn-TREE-əs)
  • Olek (AW-lek)
  • Shura (SHOO-rah)
  • Lex (LEKS)
Strong Greek boy names

Alexein and Andros

Strong Greek boys' names are often composed of the Greek word "alexein," which means to defend or help mankind, and "andros," meaning man. Variations of "alexein" and "andros:"

  • Alexander (al-eg-Zan-dar)
  • Alexandro (al-eg-Zan-dro)
  • Alexandras (al-eg-Zan-dras)
  • Alexei (al-leek-SYAY)
  • Alex (AL-eks
  • Aleixo (a-Lay-shoo)
  • Alexis (a-LAK-sis)
  • Aleksanteri (A-le-kshn-te-ri)
  • Aleksander (ahi-ek-SHAN-der)
  • Alessandro (ajl-e-SAHN-dro)
  • Aleksy (ahi-EK-si)
  • Xander (ZAN-dar)
  • Sander (SAHN-dar)
  • Sandros (SAHN-dros)

Greek Boy Names Meaning Virile, Manly, and Strong

If you want a masculine name for your little guy below are a few Greek boys' names that will remind your boy that he is powerful, courageous, and physically strong.

  • Hippocrates (hi-POHKR-ə-teez): Powerful as a horse
  • Hercules (HER-a-kleez): Strength, courage and fitness
  • Leandro (le-AHN-dro): Strong like a lion
  • Alcander: Strong
  • Cypress (SIEP-rəs): Strong and muscular
  • Aindrea (ain-DREE-ya): Virile, manly, and strong
  • Keandre (kee-AND-ər): Virile and manly
  • Arsenio (ahr-SE-nyo): Virile, manly, strong
  • Dand (DAWND): Virile, manly, strong
  • Andras (AWN-drahsh): Virile, manly, strong
  • Dre (DRAY): Virile, manly
  • Deondre (di-AHN-dray): Brave and manly
  • Apollo (ə-PAW-lo): Virile and manly
  • Apolonio (ah-paw-LAW-nee-yo): A variant of Apollo
  • Ferris (FEH-ris): A man of vigor or force
  • Callisthenes (kal-is-THEN-eez): Strong and beautiful
  • Gino (JEE-no): Fighter
  • Jedrzej (YED-zhay): Virile and manly
  • Nikita (nee-KEE-tah): Triumphant
  • Ondrej (AWN-drey): Virile and manly
  • Peter (PEE-tar): Rock
  • Priam (PRIE-am): Extremely brave
  • Nicholas (NIK-a-las): People's triumph

Names for Greek Boys Meaning Heavenly or the Divine

If you want to express your faith in the goodness of God or want to wish your son lifelong bliss, a name that honors your spiritual beliefs would remind him that he's loved and blessed with the strength of God.

  • Ambrosio (ahm-BRO-syo): Immortal or divine
  • Gavriil (gah-vree-EEL): Strength from God
  • Iosif (YO-seef): God will increase
  • Ange (AHNZH): God's messenger
  • Ambrus (AM-brush): To be immortal
  • Angelo (AHN-jeh-loh): God's messenger
  • Macario (mah-KAH-ryo): To be blessed
  • Christopher (KRIS-tə-fər): Bearing Christ
  • Krystof (KRISH-tawf): Bearing Christ
  • Risto (REES-to): Bearing Christ
  • Damen (Da-me-N): Divine power
  • Morpheus (MAWR-fee-as): God of all dreams
  • Timoteo (tee-mo-TE-o: One who honors God
  • Kiril (KIR-il): Of the Lord
  • Jerome (je-ROM): Holy name
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Gift From God

In the Greek language, the word "theos" means God and many Greek boys are given names that begin with Theo. The general meaning of all of these names is God's gift. Variants of theos:

  • Theodore (THEE-a-dawr)
  • Teodoro (te-o-DHO-ro)
  • Tadeas (TAH-deh-ash)
  • Tadeo (tah-DE-o)
  • Teodor (THE-aw-dawr)
  • Teodoro (te-o-DHO-ro)
  • Teuvo (TEU-vo)
  • Theo (THEE-o)
  • Thad (THAD)
  • Thaddeus (THAD-ee-as)
  • Tivadar (TEEV-aw-dawr)

Royal Names for Greek Boys

A name that means royalty will remind your little Greek boy that he's special and has the ability to be a prince among men.

  • Archelaus (ahr-kee-LAY-əs): Prince of the people
  • Esteban (es-TE-bahn): Man with Crown
  • Teppo (THE-po) Man with crown
  • Vasil (vah-SIL): Imperial and royal
  • Basilius (bah_ZEEL-ee-as): Imperial and royal
  • Eugene (YOO-jeen): Of noble descent
  • Evgeni (yev-GYE-nee: Of noble descent
  • Tahvo (TAH-vo): Man with crown
  • Tapani (TAH-pa-ni): Man with crown
  • Staffan (STAH-fahn) Man with crown
  • Yevgeni (yev-GYE-nee): Of noble descent

Naming a Greek Baby Boy

Any name that carries meaning and significance is a beautiful gift to give to a brand-new person. Giving a baby boy one of the strong Greek names above is no guarantee of passing on a specific value or characteristic to him, but it's a great reminder for him to be proud of his Greek family heritage.

87 Strong Greek Boy Names