As much as we all love a funny tongue-in-cheek t-shirt or coffee mug with phrases like "awesome like my daughter" or "world's greatest dad, I think", sometimes gifting Dad something he actually wants is that much more satisfying. I wasted many years and many dollars on silly patterned neckties before finally getting my own father what I eventually found out he really wanted: an electric tea kettle for his office, of all things. Go figure.

We've polled LoveToKnow's very own crowd of devoted dads and got their list of wants and loves. Take a look at their picks that are sure to make any father feel loved on his special day.

Okay, look at how cool this thing is. With a powerful magnet that easily keeps track of every little nut and bolt as well as a bright LED light that will see into the peskiest of dark corners, this is the perfect tool for every type of crafter or builder. Ideal for every hobby from woodworking to fishing, this one was an immediate add to cart once I realized how many things my husband can use it for!

If there is one thing my own dad cherishes more than just about anything, it's his cozy armchair. Now, I wouldn't dream of trying to replace it every year for Father's Day, but it does make me realize how much he appreciates a little homey coziness. These super comfy Ugg slippers are a warm, fluffy addition to any dad's routine - and they'll be just as comfortable when he finally wakes up from that pre-dinner chair nap of his.

Does the man in your life have a borderline desperate need to have the most remarkable writing utensil on hand at all times? Nerdy dads everywhere (said with the utmost affection) will appreciate this multitool mechanical pencil that is also a ruler, level, flashlight, stylus, screwdriver (philips and flathead), bottle opener, and more.


I swear, the moment you put a Clive Cussler novel in my husband's hands, there is no hope of him resurfacing for a full afternoon. (I've long accepted that his interest in watching Bridgerton with me will always come second to his love for Dirk Pitt's adventures.) This helpful reading light is a welcome alternative to his old clip on reading lamp - he doesn't need to readjust it every few pages, and he can easily dim the brightness as he likes.

Beer drinker on your hands? Short of rigging a tap of Guinness to keep on hand in your kitchen year-round, there seem to be a finite number of gifts for the lager aficionado. Enter this set. The gel inside will freeze without disrupting the integrity of the glass, leaving you with a refreshing take on the typical pint glass. Keep these in the freezer to have on hand every time dad reaches for some end-of-day refreshment.

A soon-to-be dad friend of ours delights himself in padding his collection of tech gadgets and (according to his expecting wife) has a nasty habit of letting them pile up on top of the dresser. Dads like him deserve a landing place to keep everything charged and ready without cramping their style.


Does he love feeling like an undiscovered Iron Chef? Does he think he's a beast in the kitchen? He needs a good set of knives. This collection from McCook is sleek, sharp, and exceptionally well-reviewed by home cooks everywhere. A sharpener is even built directly into the block so that it's all too easy for him to keep those blades in perfect condition.

This recommendation comes from a dad who loves nothing more than holding court at a good get-together. Charcuterie boards are making some serious laps around the social media circuit, but no matter how trendy, a great board to lavish with snacks and treats will always be a necessity in any good party host's home.

Whether he games alone to unwind at the end of a busy week or he games to connect with his fellow Xbox obsessed kiddos, every gamer dad needs a good headset. This one includes comfortable memory foam ear cushioning, a super adjustable built-in mic, and it's compatible with just about every gaming system you can think of.


Want to really spoil him? Give him some top quality whiskey. Single Cask Nation prides themselves on being "bottled for whisky geeks by whisky geeks," and we have to agree: their picks are exceptional. You can easily grab Dad a fancy bottle or sign him up for an account to keep him up to date and in touch with like-minded whiskey drinkers.

Whether he is new to gardening or has long since developed his green thumb, this bonsai kit is a great way to gift him something both fun and practical. The kit comes with easy, step-by-step instructions as well as all the materials he needs to get his garden growing, adding the perfect level of tranquil greenery to any indoor or outdoor space.

If he's still tossing all of his toiletries into the same sad little waterproof bag he's been carrying around since college -- not that I have any particular feelings on the subject (she says sarcastically) -- it's time for an upgrade. This leather dopp kit is not only stylish, it's timeless. Any dad who spends a lot of time on the road deserves to have a good case to keep the essentials.


Sometimes it's for the Fourth of July and sometimes it's just for the weekly family barbecue night. In any event, it's long past time Dad got a utilitarian apron specifically designed for manning the grill. Complete with a wide selection of handy pockets for every last tool he needs, this is so much better than that flimsy "kiss the cook" pick.

Marathoner? Power lifter? Dog walker? Whatever Dad's fitness level or interest, if he's getting into his activities steadily, it's time (ha!) he gets a new watch. This slick option from FitBit not only monitors his activity level, it measures his sleep and stress levels, too! Perfect for the dad who needs a little help staying on track.

When asked what he was hoping to get for Father's Day this year, one answer was simply "wine!" - and we have to agree that it's a solid idea year after year. For the dad who loves to enjoy a sip of cabernet at dinner or whose idea of a great weekend away is to a favorite vineyard, check out the gift subscription options from Cellars Wine Club.


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