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Dads can be pretty tough to buy for, but they don't have to be! Just zone in on his favorite hobbies, sports teams, drink of choice, love of tech, or any of the other quirky things that make him one-of-a-kind. To make it easier than ever, we've compiled a list of 35 presents that'll make dad say, "Hey, that's neat!" Whether he's a BBQ and football kinda dad or one that's more into skincare and nice candles, you're sure to find a gift he'll love on this list.

Bookworms, anglers, outdoorsmen, wine snobs, sporty types, and cooking enthusiasts, we've got 'em all covered! From gourmet coffee samplers to golf chipping nets to garden claws, your specific kind of dad is going to be head over heels for these gifts that really show you put some thought into it. In the ongoing battle for Favorite Child, you'll easily reign supreme.

Keep Him Well Hydrated With This Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Gift dad with the Cadillac of water bottles. This Hydro Flask will keep his drinks cold or hot for hours. The durable stainless steel construction stands up to abuse, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty just in case! But it's not likely that he'll drop it since it has a slip-free powder coating that's dishwasher safe.

This Lightweight Hammock Folds Up to the Size of An Eggplant

If he's the outdoorsy type, he's going to love this lightweight hammock for camping trips or just hanging out in the backyard. It comes with nine foot tree-friendly straps so it's easy to set up anywhere, and the rip-resistant nylon can take the wear and tear. Plus, it folds up to the size of an eggplant for easy packing on the go!

This Charcuterie Board Helps Him Be the Host With the Most

Charcuterie boards are all the rage, so help him stay on-trend with this well-designed platter. It's made from bamboo, which is a sustainable material that's non-absorbent and odor-free so you won't taste the ghosts of cured meats past. This board even comes with a cutlery set that's neatly stored away in a handy drawer!


This Stylish Gym Bag Has Space for Everything

Chances are, dad needs a new gym bag. This stylish choice has space for all the things - so many inner and outer pockets including a wet one, a shoe compartment, and two mesh water bottle and protein shake holders on the outside! The durable polyester fabric is waterproof and tear-resistant, and the premium zippers and reinforced stress points just add to its quality construction.

This Mini Massage Gun Will Take Care of All His Aches and Pains

If he's into staying active or even just makes unholy noises as he's trying to get up off the couch, he'll love this mini massage gun to take care of aches and pains. The super quiet device comes with eight massage heads for different muscle groups whether he wants targeted pain relief or general relaxation. Since it's small but mighty - only palm-sized - he can easily throw it in his gym bag or pack it for travel.

He'll Love These Metal Meat Claws That Shred in Seconds

BBQ enthusiasts are going to love these high-quality metal meat claws with wooden handles for all their meat shredding needs. The metal cuts much better than similar plastic styles, and you can use them at any temperature. And they're not just for shredding - he can also use them to pick meat up off the smoker or grill and to hold meat steady while he carves.


This Jack Black Skincare Set Will Get Him Glowing

Men's skincare has really taken off in the last few years, now it's cool to know your hyaluronic acid from your niacinamide. This Jack Black skincare set provides the full regimen in travel-ready sizes so dad can try before he buys - it's got a facial cleanser, scrub, SPF daily face lotion, and the best-selling minty lip balm my husband loves. It's got over 2,000 glowing reviews and lots of customers say it's the best intro to skincare kit to get him started on great skin.

This Apple Charging Station Keeps All His Stuff in One Place

My dad is the type to put something down then spend the next 10 minutes looking for it. This Apple charging station lets him keep all his gadgets juiced up and more importantly, in the same place so he can keep track of them! The sleek aluminum design is available in seven fashionable colors that'll look great on his nightstand or dresser.

A Gourmet Coffee Sampler Will Provide Energy All Day Long

A caffeinated dad is a happy dad, so gift him this gourmet coffee sampler to keep him on his toes. It includes nearly half a pound of single-origin beans and curated blends from small-batch micro-lots, which means a lot if he's a coffee snob! You can choose from light, medium, and dark roasts, an espresso blend, or a box that includes all types. And yes, even decaf is available for the dad who loves coffee but not the buzz.


This Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit Will Inspire His Green Thumb

Let your dad have fun digging in the dirt in miniature with this indoor herb garden starter kit. No stooping and bending needed, he can set this up right on a window sill and get planting! It includes everything he needs to start a kitchen garden, from the certified USDA organic, non GMO herb seeds to the potting soil and peat planting cups, plus a helpful 26 page growing guide.

These Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Let Him Catch Up on All Those Podcasts in His Queue

Whether he knows his way around technology or not, he's going to appreciate these waterproof, wireless Bluetooth earphones that come with a sleek charging case. He'll enjoy crystal clear music and podcast playback with the immersive sound, and can take crisp-sounding calls thanks to the built-in mic. The battery life boasts a five hour playtime with a single charge and pairs easily in one step so he won't get overwhelmed.

This Campfire Coffee Pot Boils and Brews More Than Just Joe

Dads who like camping will love this French press coffee pot. It easily boils and brews a strong cup, and its 32 oz capacity works great for heating up soups and stews over the campfire. In the space-conscious design, the handle folds against the pot so it fits conveniently into his backpack.


This Pizza Stone Makes Pizza Parties That Much More Delicious

Hopefully if your dad is a great cook, he invites you to dinner often. One of the most fun, tastiest meals is homemade pizza, and this durable ceramic baking stone is his way to get pro-level crispy crusts. It heats up twice as fast as other stones so your pizza gets on your plate faster! It's easy care, too - just a swipe with soapy water does the trick.

A Highly-Rated Activity Tracker Watch Helps Him Hit Fitness Goals

My father-in-law is a data fiend who's also trying to beat his mile walk PR daily, so we're gifting him this affordable, top-rated activity tracker. Dad can track his heart rate, calories burned, distance, and even sleep with this waterproof watch, along with getting call, text message, and app notifications, a weather report, a sedentary reminder, and "find my phone" capabilities. The battery life is amazing too, on a single two hour charge he can use it in active mode for 7-10 days!

Globetrotting Dads Need These Packing Cubes for a Neater Suitcase

My dad's kind of a slob, especially when packing for a trip, he just throws all his clothes in the suitcase and goes. These packing cubes will help him stay a lot more organized since there are four waterproof nylon cases of various sizes to hold clothing and other essentials, plus a compact laundry bag to separate dirty clothes. These have over 14,000 stellar reviews from happy travelers, so you know they're going to be a hit!


Wine Connoisseurs Will Go Nuts Over This Wine Aerator and Pourer

If he's a wine snob that also buys Two Buck Chuck, he'll be ever so grateful for this wine aerator and pourer spout that makes even box wine taste like a million bucks. It uses the very sciency-sounding Bernoulli Effect to aerate wine with the optimum amount of oxygen to really open up the flavor of any bottle. A lot of the nearly 13,000 happy reviewers say they won't pour a bottle of red without this gadget now!

This Portable Bluetooth Speaker Lets Dad Take His Tunes Wherever He Goes

I own this portable Bluetooth speaker and I have to say, it's been one of my better purchases. He's going to love the rich HiFi sound quality and deep bass to play his favorite music or podcasts whether he's poolside, on a picnic, camping, or just singing in the shower. The fully-sealed, waterproof design also incorporates anti-shock tech making it a durable companion wherever he takes it.

This Rechargeable LED Hands-Free Reading Light Lets Him Read Way Past His Bedtime

So your dad's a bookworm who loves to read late into the night but doesn't want to bother his partner? This LED neck reading light is the perfect gift to let him read 'just one more page' til the wee hours because it can go up to 40 hours on a single charge and the flexible silicone arms are so comfortable! It also has three brightness levels, all of which block harmful blue light that can interrupt his sleep.


These Garden Claws Make Dad a Backyard Beast

My mom's an avid gardener, and I gave her these claw gardening gloves a few years back. She uses them to prep her flowerbeds, pull weeds, till soil, dig planting holes, you name it! I even tried them out and they're really comfortable to use and fit a wide range of hand sizes. I like that the fingers are made from waterproof material while the rest of the hand is a breathable fabric so he won't end up sweating in the gloves.

Dad Can Practice His Short Game With This Golf Chipping Net

Golf dads will enjoy working on their short game with this collapsible chipping basket. It features three increasingly-smaller nets in one to amp up the difficulty making it great for any skill level. He'll love sturdy design and the fact that it collapses for easy storage and portability.

At the Intersection of Football Fan and Grillmaster Lies This Grill Cover

He's not shy about supporting his favorite pro football team, so let him be loud and proud about it while he protects an important investment. This weather-resistant vinyl sports team grill cover keeps his precious BBQ safe from the elements and scratches thanks to the flannel-lined interior and Velcro straps to secure. You can pick from 20 of the most popular NFL teams to adorn your present, and the cover is made to fit most gas grills.


These Premium Cedar Grilling Planks Level Up His Grill Game

It's a well-known fact that cedar grilling planks improve the flavor of whatever you cook on them, be it salmon, veggies, or steak. These easy-to-use beauties come with an instruction booklet and a burlap storage bag for those rare times they won't be in use! The 100% Western cedar kiln-dried planks absorb water better and cook with less smoke, fit on any grill, and are reusable for many meals.

This Wooden Book Page Holder Fits His Hand Beautifully

Instead of getting frustrated at his luddite ways when he disparages your brand new Kindle Paperwhite, indulge his old-fashioned side with this walnut wood book page holder. It'll easily keep even his thickest books open comfortably, only requiring one hand. It comes in three sizes for the perfect fit that'll make it seem like you got this gift custom made!

This Fireside Candle Works for Even the Manliest Dad

Who doesn't like a great-smelling candle to make the house smell better? Dads will eat this Fireside candle right up, with its notes of cedar, smoke, patchouli, and vetiver that'll make him feel like he's enjoying a campfire deep in the woods. The 100% natural soy wax base is clean-burning and lasts a long time, and the sleek packaging and crackling wooden wick couldn't offer a better presentation.


Update Dad's Camping Mess Kit With This 10 Piece Set

Camp-loving, backpacking dads will cherish this 10 piece compact camping cookware set that includes a one liter pot, pot cover, pan, two bowls, folding steel spork, soup spoon, wooden spoon spatula, cleaning sponge and nylon travel bag pouch. The pot and pan are made from anodized, non-stick aluminum so he won't have to waste time scrubbing when he'd rather be hiking. With everything he needs to easily cook and serve a nourishing camp meal, he might never return to indoor living!

This Fishing Fly Kit Will Help Him Land His White Whale

If he's got more fish stories than Moby Dick, your favorite angler will go nuts over this fly fishing kit. Made with 120 high-quality flies that'll help him land those elusive suckers, it comes with a waterproof box to store all the goodies. These flies are 100% handmade, designed by fly fishing pros and crafted in trusted patterns to help him catch even the pickiest fish.

This Wallet Ninja Multitool Card Cements His Reputation as a Handy Dad

Handy dads always seem to know the right tool for the moment, whether they're fixing your bike or rebuilding your wonky staircase. Let him keep a variety of implements at his fingertips with this Wallet Ninja multitool card. For such a thin gadget, it contains a screwdriver, beer opener, box opener, can opener, cellphone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, fruit peeler, hex wrench and nail puller all in one easy-to-tote package. It also doesn't have any sharp edges so can travel with him when he flies.


This Zippo Hand Warmer Makes Tough Guys More Comfortable

He'll never admit it, but his hands get cold just like anyone else's. Treat tough guys to this Zippo hand warmer that'll keep him toasty doing yard work, tailgating, winter camping or hiking, and pretty much every cold weather activity. It's easy to refill with an improved spill-reducing cup and provides up to 12 hours of consistent, flameless warmth.

Help Him Stay Neater With This Beard Bib Hair Clippings Catcher

My husband loves to shave over the sink every morning, but the hair clippings create annoying clogs and get on literally every bathroom surface. If your dad's the same, he'll love this Beard King beard bib that attaches with suction cups right onto the bathroom mirror and catches all his clippings. It makes clean-up a breeze and folds up into a self-packing pouch when he's done shaving.

Even Dads Deserve Fancy Bath Soap

It's a luxe bath soap made just for him, with detoxifying mineral clay to clean and purify while absorbing excess oils. He's going to love the subtly spicy Desert Lime fragrance, with hints of basil, lime, thyme, eucalyptus, and vetiver. You can both feel good about the fact that this soap's cruelty-free, as well as free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and gluten.


This Classic Leather Dopp Kit Gives Dad's Toiletries a Stylish Storage Space

If his toiletry bag has seen better days, this classic leather dopp kit is a smart choice to keep his storage stylish. It can hold larger items like shampoo, cologne, and deodorant in the top pouch and smaller toiletry items in the separate lower compartment. It'll keep all his stuff organized with inner zipped pockets and two travel bottle-sized mesh pouches so he can just throw it in his bag and go.

The Beer Enthusiast Will Cry Tears of Joy Over These Beer Chiller Sticks

Your beer-loving dad wishes he had a magical ability to keep beer at the properly cold drinking temperature. Well now he can, with these beer chiller sticks that you freeze for 45 minutes then pop right into your bottle to keep it frosty! They come in a set of two so he'll always have an extra for his drinking buddy.

This Beer Bottle and Can Cooler Insulates for Hours of Chilling

If dad likes to savor his beer, it can get warm and unappetizing in a hurry. Help him keep his suds chilly for hours with this beer bottle and can cooler that insulates like a champ. With over 10,000 happy customers, he'll be in good company.


Add a Touch of Class with This Electric Wine Opener

Manual wine openers can be a hassle, even if you've used them for years. Take the grunt work out of wine opening with this automatic, electric wine opener. Dad will love how it opens bottles in mere seconds (30 bottles on a single charge!) and has a very small footprint to save storage space.

Dad Will Get All Charged Up for This Battery Organizer and Tester

Used with permission from brand owner Perch

Save dad the annoyance of constantly hunting for the right size of batteries with this insanely popular battery organizer and tester. Not only with this practical-yet-exciting gift hold up to 93 batteries, it also includes a removable battery tester, to help dad make the most out of every little power cell. A see-through design allows quick visibility, and the whole unit fits easily in a drawer or can mount on a wall for easy access.