14 Great Fathers Day Gifts for Seniors

Wooden Herb Tray Set at The Tasteful Garden
Wooden Herb Tray Set at The Tasteful Garden

Choosing a great Father's Day gift for a senior doesn't have to be a chore. With a bit of planning, you'll find just the right thing for the man you want to honor on Father's Day. Whether you are looking for a gift for an active senior or someone who could use things to make life easier, there are lots of options.

Gift Suggestions for Senior Dads

Father's Day gifts for seniors should reflect the interests and tastes of the person involved. Before you go shopping for yet another tie, think about how the special dad on your list spends his time. Get a little creative for that perfect senior Father's Day gift.

Hobby-Related Gifts

Give a gift that ties in with your Dad's hobbies. If he likes fishing, don't just surprise him with a new rod or lure. Give him the gift but tell him that you have made plans to spend a day or a weekend fishing with him. He will appreciate your wanting to spend time with him just as much as the gift. Some other hobby-related choices are:

  • Rustic Wooden Three-Herb Box: If he has an interest in gardening and can't do it like he used to, give him a gift that doesn't require much effort. An indoor herb garden set, such as the one found at The Tasteful Garden, can be displayed in a window and will provide fresh herbs year round. This particular set has a rustic look with two herb planters.

  • Large Piece Puzzle: For the man who loves to put together puzzles, you can give him a puzzle from the Senior Store that is made with extra large pieces that are easy to handle. This large piece puzzle features a beautiful hot air balloon scene and has 350 large pieces.

Gifts for the Reader

If he likes to read, pick up the latest bestseller in the genre that he likes. You can also order a gift subscription to his favorite magazine or arrange to pick up the tab for home delivery of the daily newspaper. Some ideas to consider include:

Reader's Digest Large Print Edition
Reader's Digest Large Print
  • Reader's Digest Large Print Edition: Surprise your dad with a ten month subscription to Reader's Digest Large Print Edition. This magazine is ideal for a senior since it has larger print than the standard edition making it easier to read. Reader's Digest is filled with articles related to health and culture as well as useful every day tips. No matter what his interests are in, this magazine is sure to appeal to him.
  • Barnes and Noble Gift Card: A gift card makes it easy for the dad in your life to pick out a book of his choice. Gift cards can be honored both at retail locations and online. If he needs help with ordering a book, offer to help him online or take him to the store and spend some time browsing the shelves together.

Entertainment Related Gifts

It's easy to give an entertainment-related gift for Father's Day. You can get your father tickets to a sporting event or a concert that he will enjoy. Gift certificates to movie theaters are another good choice. If you are shopping for someone who enjoys music, CDs can be a good idea. You can also burn a CD just for him. Some great options include:

Fury Movie on DVD
Fury Movie on DVD
  • Tickets to an Event: StubHub features tickets to local sporting events, concerts and theater productions. Pick an event that he is sure to enjoy and purchase a ticket for yourself as well so you can attend with him. Make it extra special by going out for lunch or dinner before.
  • Movies and TV Shows: At Best Buy, you can purchase his favorite movie or even television series on DVD or Blu-ray. This option will let him watch his show or movie while relaxing at home.

Gifts of Helping Out

In a situation where you are shopping for someone who is still living in his home but could use some help with household chores, arrange for a house cleaning service to come in on a regular basis, or for someone to mow the lawn. In colder climates, you may want to consider paying for someone to shovel the driveway and walkway at the house during the winter. Consider these options for finding help:

  • Maids.com: Enter the zip code of the senior to find a Maids.com location nearest them. You can hire a cleaning person to do spring or fall cleaning, windows, garage clean outs and more.
  • Errand Running Service: For the dad who needs a little extra help, consider hiring an errand running service to make his life easier. Many services will run errands such as going to the dry cleaners or grocery shopping. To find a local service, join Angie's list, a free service that helps you find the best company possible for your area.

Gifts to Make Life Easier

When it comes to dad, think about gadgets that will help make everyday living easier. Consider items like lighted magnifiers for people who have trouble making out the fine print on labels, or large-face watches or clocks. Some other options include:

Optelec PowerSlider 2X Pocket Magnifier
Optelec PowerSlider 2X Pocket Magnifier
  • Optelec PowerSlider Pocket Magnifier: This battery-operated magnifier offers 2X magnification and can fit into any pocket. Sold at Sight Connection, this handy magnifier comes with a protective case and is ideal for reading small print. Another feature of this product is the LED light.
  • Big Display Alarm Clock: From Maxi Aids, this alarm clock is an ideal Father's Day gift. Not only will he be able to see the big display clearly, this clock talks to you and has several options for setting the alarm, snoozing and giving reminders.

Clothing Gift Ideas

Clothing is another good choice when you are looking for Father's Day gifts. If you aren't sure about the size or color, you have a couple of options. Some stores will print off a gift receipt that allows the recipient to return or exchange the item within in a certain time. You also have the option of giving a gift card and letting Dad choose his gift. If you're in the market for something wearable as a gift for Dad, consider the following options:

Men's Wicked Good Moccasins at L.L. Bean
Wicked Good Moccasins at L.L. Bean
  • Cozy Slippers: L.L. Bean offers a variety of slippers for men. Expect to find styles with or without a back, ones lined with cozy fleece or shearling and ones done in leather, suede or even corduroy.
  • Cardigan Sweater: A warm sweater, such as Nordstrom Rack's cotton-cashmere cardigan, is a versatile buy. It can be machine washed.

Edible Gifts

If you want to send something that is good to eat as a gift, consider a gift basket of fruit, chocolate, jams or preserves. This is a good option if the recipient doesn't live nearby. You can place your order online or by phone and have it delivered on the day you choose. In a situation where you are shopping for someone who lives nearby, pick up a basket from a retailer or surprise him with one you put together.

  • Edible Arrangements: For the senior dad who loves fruit, a gift of fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements is not only delicious but pretty to look at. This company offers arrangements to fit any budget and prepares them using fresh, seasonal fruit. Arrangements can consist of all fruit or and can contain additions such as chocolate dipped fruit and a decorative vase. This gift is healthy and a great way to show him how much he means to you.
  • Cheryl's Cookies: Cheryl's Cookies offers cookies, brownies and other sweets. These sweet treats are ideal to give for Father's Day to the senior who loves goodies. You can choose from sports-themed cookies, classics such as chocolate chip and peanut butter or an assortment of cookies and brownies. These treats are ideal to give as a gift since they come packaged in a tin or cookie box and can be stored in his room or kitchen.

Make It Special

Whatever you choose as a Father's Day gift for your senior dad, keep in mind that he will think that it is wonderful because you took the time to pick it out. That's what makes it special in his eyes.

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14 Great Fathers Day Gifts for Seniors