Aquarius or Water-bearer, a stone relief on ancient wall

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, (January 20 - February 18) is the final air sign of the Western zodiac, and it is ruled by Uranus, the planet of change, upheaval, technology, and innovation. It might be confusing that Aquarius is an air sign rather than a water sign, but think of it this way: in esoteric spaces, water is the element that represents consciousness. Aquarius isn't a being of the water/consciousness itself (unlike those intuitive Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces folks), but rather the entity of air and intellect bringing that awareness to the world.

If you're still a bit confused, don't worry. Aquarians are used to people thinking they're a little far-out! In fact, they pride themselves on being non-conformists. An Aquarius will likely be very politically aware and have strong opinions regarding matters of the environment and social justice. They are clever, witty, friendly, and loyal to their friends and loved ones, but they will occasionally get so swept up in their customary Big Picture thinking that they may sometimes become distant or appear to be aloof.

Gifts for an Aquarius should appeal to their sense of individuality or affinity for gadgets!

Literalize the Aquarius "Water Bearer" title with this water bottle sling from Baggu, featuring an adjustable strap and a puffy, insulated bag that fits most reusable water bottle sizes. The environmentalist in them will also love that it's made of 100% recycled nylon.

Aquarians love to express their individuality through their appearance, so tattoos can be very appealing to them. But maybe they're not willing to make a lifelong committment just yet. Temporary tattoos have come a long way from those little stick-on jobs you used to get in the bubble machine when you were a kid. Inkbox's For Now Ink™ technology is plant-based and cruelty free, and it lasts up to two weeks before fading naturally with your skin's regeneration. Choose from a library of images or upload a custom design!

App-controlled gadgets are right in the wheelhouse of an Aquarius. A pack of smart light bulbs will let them customize the lighting of their space to their exact preferences and mood. These are dimmable right out of the box, they don't require any special wiring to work in any home, and there are literally millions of shades of colors to play with.


One trait of Aquarians that can be charmingly offbeat (but now can be sort of alarming) is that they tend to get really into conspiracy theories! As long as they've got one foot firmly planted in reality, why not keep it all fun-and-games with this cheeky board game? They'll get a kick out of reading up on the latest global schemes and plots while making their way around the pyramid-shaped All Seeing Eye. Just make sure they don't spend too much time on any shady websites after game play ends...

If your Aquarius is a wellness enthusiast, Moon Juice's products are a great gift idea. Folks who are into adaptogenic mushrooms claim that the benefits of a daily dose of fungi are manifold, from boosting the immune system to combating the effects of stress and even increasing libido. Cosmic Cocoa is a blend of heirloom cacao, reishi, shatavari, and ashwaganda mushrooms as well as goji berries and other fun and funky ingredients that your Water Bearer will enjoy researching as they sip.

Crocs might be the biggest sartorial I-told-you-so of the past twenty-odd years, something that no doubt tickles the Aquarian fancy. They'll particularly love the groovy pattern on this pair.


This vintage-inspired tapestry featuring Aquarius's corresponding tarot card image, The Star, might just be the perfect addition to their home decor. The Star is a symbol of healing, hope, rejuvenation, and spirituality - an ideal design element to incorporate into personal spaces where relaxation is key.

If your Water Bearer's style is a little more minimalist and subdued, a sleek stoneware pitcher in calming Aquarius blue could be the perfect gift for one who loves hosting - or even one moving into a new home! This chic pick is made in Hungary and dishwasher safe.

This starter drone is an excellent option for techy Aquarius. The included camera will give them a literal fresh perspective in crisp, clear 1080p HD, and the powerful batteries provide up to 40 minutes of flight time per charge. The drone and controller's foldability and accompanying travel case are the on-the-go cherry on top.


Any "out of this world" Aquarian would be excited and intrigued to be gifted an anti-gravity globe that's suspended in mid-air inside of a clever magnetic base. It's not only a gift any Aquarian would find fascinating, it's a great talking point for when they feel like showing off that dizzying intellect.