Laughing woman with taken off face mask handing over gift to friend

Geminis (May 21 - June 21) are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They are curious and playful, they make friends effortlessly from all sorts of different groups, and - because they're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication - Geminis are (in)famously talkative and expressive. Air is the governing element of this sign, meaning intellectual pursuits are quite important to them. They love to think and especially love to discuss Big Ideas.

Represented by twins, Geminis often get a reputation for having two faces, but this isn't exactly true. Really, they're rather chameleon-like in their ability to adapt, and so flexible as to be confusing to those who are more rigid in their thinking. Geminis also have a keen understanding and acceptance of the dual nature of most things, specifically the duality within themselves. This comes off as inconsistency, but as long as you know that the Gemini in your life holds dear to their prerogative to change their minds, you'll never be surprised.

Gifts that engage the mind or allow for full-throated self-expression are best for the cosmic twins. Read on for inspiration!

A reversible jacket will appeal to their sense that everything in this life has at least one other valid side to it. This one's a classic bomber from Bonobos in two of Gemini's colors, yellow and green! It's super water-resistant, and the fill is 100% recycled polyester.

Showers are where a lot of people do their best thinking, and this is particularly true of Geminis. They can't help but let their mind wander while they do everyday activities! So what do they do if an idea strikes while they're soaping up? This 40-sheet waterproof notepad suctions to the shower wall and comes with an effective pencil to await any brilliant thought that may cross your Gemini's mind.

Encourage their love of words and self-expression with this tricked-out edition of Scrabble. The board is inlaid on a solid wood cabinet and features tile grooves to keep everything in place during game play. And the built-in lazy Susan ensures that nobody has to crane their neck to see the words properly. I have one of these myself (my rising sign is Gemini), and it's worth every penny.


A Gemini won't just talk your ear off, they'll blow up your phone with texts, too. Make sure their battery's always got enough juice with an ultra-slim portable phone charger. The size of a stack of a few credit cards, this one can be kept comfortably in your pocket or a purse. Happy reviewers love the rapid charge and lightweight design.

One big problem for the sign that's constantly thinking is that they can be a little scatterbrained at times. An attractive planner in cheerful Gemini yellow will encourage them to get what's in their heads down on paper and sorted out.

By now, I've hopefully driven home the point that Geminis are chatty, so is it any surprise that the part of the body they preside over is the lungs? This necklace designed to encourage deep breathing is a safe, clean-aired alternative to vaping or smoking, a habit common to the twins. It's subtle and stylish, too!


On the other hand - and there's always another hand with Gemini - what if they're in the mood to party, but alcohol isn't their thing anymore? Kin Euphorics High Rhode Social Spirit is an excellent gift option. It's a lightly-caffeinated, non-alcoholic cocktail base containing a proprietary blend of cognitive enhancers like adaptogens and nootropics to make the drinker feel relaxed yet "on". Mix with a little bit of seltzer or kombucha and enjoy!

There are over 52,000 five-star ratings for this bluetooth speaker/microphone, which allows the user to wirelessly wander through a party serenading all of their friends (or pontificating endlessly to a captive audience, which is the Gemini way...) Many of the reviews even have videos of the users belting one out, so I would highly recommend at least giving those a scroll. The mic comes with a micro USB charger and its own phone app to make the whole thing seamless.

Agates are the stones of public oration, so obviously they'd be affiliated with the sign of the twins! Made from natural agate geodes, each set of these coasters is unique and captivating. These come four to a set, meaning you can gift a few or a full dozen.


Gemini Kendrick Lamar is one of our most gifted living poets. A wordsmith of the highest order, his seminal 2015 release To Pimp A Butterfly blends genres and subverts mainstream hip hop conventions, making it a true portrait of its multi-layered creator. This album will surely stand the test of time as a highpoint in modern American art.