Capricorn goats on side of mountain

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) is the tenth sign of the Western zodiac, and it's element is earth. This sign is represented by the sea goat - that is, the top half is a goat, but it has the tail of a fish. This signifies that Capricorns are comfortable in both the material and emotional realms. They're often seen from the outside as being all business all the time, but they do loosen up around their close friends and can even have a bit of a wild side! They are earnest and dependable, resilient, ambitious, and driven.

Their ruling planet is Saturn, which is associated with structure, control, and responsibilities, and which has a long solar orbit that is reflected in Capricorn's tendency to keep their focus on the long game. Possessing an unshakable determination and unwillingness to let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals, Capricorns make excellent business people.

Presents for a Capricorn should prioritize well-made simplicity over frivolity. Take a look at some ideas below!

The influence and passage of time is ever-present in the mind of a Capricorn due to Saturn's influence. They frequently lament that there's so much they'd like to do and not enough hours in the day. This attractive watch from Nixon will keep them on schedule. It features an easy-read analog face and adjustable tortoiseshell patterned acetate band that's both classic and trendy.

There's something both chic and utilitarian about a jumpsuit that plays right into a Capricorn's sartorial sensibilities: they want to look good, but they don't want to think about it too much. This Levi's unigarment has a modern and relaxed fit with a flattering drawstring waist to add any desired definition. Made of 100% cotton and available in darkwash denim or olive green (a Capricorn power color.)

On the more femme side is this versatile Halara workout dress. It has shorts built into it underneath the skirt to keep your Capricorn comfy and protected while they're on the go, and it even includes subtle pockets! Available in a whopping 33 colors, your Cap can stay true to their personal style.


Order reigns supreme for a Capricorn. A classy tech folio will keep all their essential devices and cords organized while they're traveling or running errands. The many helpful elastic bands keep cords neat, and you can even fit an iPad Mini in between it all.

They can toss that tech organizer right in this simple yet stylish anti-theft backpack along with anything else they may need during their busy day. Made of durable water resistant nylon and featuring slash-resistant straps, two zippered inner pockets, locking zippers on the outside, and RFID protected card slots and passport pocket.

Structure may be important to your Capricorn, but rigidity is not. They'll love the design of these curvy nesting bowls - individually, they appear minimalistic, but stack them together, and they resemble a blooming lotus, one of the flowers associated with the sign!


I find the routines of famous and creative people so fascinating. This book profiles the working habits of over 300 Great Minds like Einstein, Karl Marx, Sylvia Plath, and Flaubert. It's sure to inspire the sea goat in your life to charge ahead with their work, too.

Time-saving meal delivery services are a great gift idea for a Capricorn. Daily Harvest's offerings are plant-based and sustainable as well as delicious, and you can choose to send a gift card, a custom gift box, or a full subscription with options starting at $50.

Elevate your Cap's decor with the stylish design and versatility of this mid-century modern inspired bar cart. With classic wood construction and eye-catching brass finishes, this cart also includes two spacious shelves (along with a fun little mid-level shelf) and glides along on smooth casters to easily move from room to room.


Capricorns have a wicked competative streak and a take-charge attitude that makes them almost supernaturally good at things like escape rooms. This at-home version features 19 mental and physical puzzles to solve and three locks to open. Gameplay can be enhanced by connecting to an Alexa device, too! Plus, after your Capricorn has led the party to victory even just once, there are additional materials available for download to play again!