couple Betta fish (half moon) or Siamese fighting fish and contrast color

The twelfth constellation of the Western zodiac is Pisces (February 19 - March 20). This sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, one pulling toward reality and the other toward the dream world. This struggle between fantasy and real life is the central conflict for a Pisces.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusion, creativity, and psychic receptiveness, Pisces are the natural artists of the zodiac. They're also far and away the most sensitive sign, even among the water signs. Where Cancer and Scorpio have tough outer shells to shield their feelings, Pisces has only its soft, vulnerable fish belly. They frequently become hurt or overwhelmed by emotions for this reason. However, being the final sign, Pisces has the cumulative experience of all who have come before it, meaning they possess a deep wisdom and understanding, compassion, and empathy.

When choosing a present for a Pisces, keep in mind their natural soulfulness and imagination!

Encourage their creative self-expression with this pottery kit from Sculpd. It includes everything a person needs to make trinket dishes, figurines, vases, or anything else they can dream up! Supplies also include two kilos of air drying clay, two paintbrushes, a potter's sponge, and either glossy or matte varnish. Tools for shaping, cutting, and carving round out this carefully curated kit. Your Pisces can queue up a few episodes of The Great Pottery Throwdown and sculpt along for a cozy night in.

Insomnia is a common issue with many Pisces - vivid dreams occur in the shallowest part of a REM cycle after all. Flora + Bast's vegan Deep Sleep gummies contain 50 mg of CBD and 20 mg CBN per gummy to gently guide your Pisces pal into a restful night's sleep and ensure that they stay there all night.

There's no better place for a fish than a warm, relaxing bath. Just be prepared for them to want to stay in forever with this full body bath pillow. It features a plush headrest and 21 heavy-duty suction cups so it stays in place no matter how much wriggling around they may do. Best of all, it's machine washable - just pop it in the provided mesh bag, wash, then hang dry.


After their soak, your Pisces can soothe their skin and soul with seaweed-infused products from Osea, a company that has been perfecting clean beauty products inspired by the ocean since 1996. This discovery set of bestselling products includes a full-sized bottle of their famous Undaria Body Oil and a full-sized Undaria Body Butter.

Compassionate Pisces can get along with practically anyone. While they don't mind a bit of small talk, what they really crave is deep, meaningful connection. Actually Curious is a company that makes five decks of cards full of prompts to get people talking about their memories, hopes, dreams, and values. A touchier-feelier alternative to poker night.

The body part governed by Pisces is the feet - after all, something's gotta keep them from floating off into the clouds! And soreness can sometimes be quite a problem for them. This Shiatsu massager has over 18,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, perfect for kneading away a world of tension. Each foot bootie has three massaging nodules with optional heat function and three levels of intensity.


Drew Barrymore might be the most Pisces Pisces alive today. That video of her laughing and twirling in the rain is proof positive, and that's just one example. Our beloved fish signs don't necessarily have the biggest reputation for being business-minded, but Drew has leveraged her wisdom and romantic design sensibilities into a successful line of products available at Walmart. This sweet two-quart dutch oven will surely delight anyone you give it to, but it's perfect for a big-hearted Pisces.

Swimwear is always a good gift option for these cosmic sea creatures. Holy Watre has a design for every sign, and I especially love how the Pisces-focused style mimics fishscales, but in a hypebeast kind of way. Made of 100% poly waterproof fabric.

When their sensitivity gets the best of them, they may need some help calming down. With this gorgeous porcelain diffuser, they can infuse any space with their favorite essential oils, breathe deeply, and relax away their troubles. The automatic shut-off feature helps ease their anxiety that much more!


If your Pisces has fully embraced their highly emotional, sensitive ways, give them a sweatshirt that lets them declare it to the world. Sensitivity is a gift! With 11 fabric colors and 15 embroidery thread colors for the lettering, this crewneck sweatshirt can also be customized to suit your favorite Pisces' personal style.