The ninth sign in Western Astrology is Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21.) Represented by the centaur archer, Sagittariuses are lively, gregarious, and love to explore. If they had their way, they'd follow their passion for new experiences and desire for knowledge to the ends of the earth.

Expansive, abundant Jupiter rules this sign. That means when a Sagittarius decides to commit to something, they give it all they've got and approach each new venture - and there are a lot of them - with creativity and optimism. They also tend to be optimistic about people. However, when asked for their opinions, they will typically be blunt and direct to the point of being unintentionally hurtful. It's hard to stay angry with a Sagittarius, though. They move on quickly and sweep everyone up in their momentum!

When considering gifts for this sign, keep in mind their intellectual curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Lifetime Access to Rosetta Stone

Sagittariuses are polyglots - or at least they want to be! It's part of their fantasy of being able to whisk themselves away to a foreign land and fit right in. Thousands of schools and millions of users have benefitted from Rosetta Stone's award-winning approach, and your Sag friend will, too. The gift of lifetime access will allow the Archer in your life to roam from Spanish to French to Japanese to Arabic.

Herschel Novel Duffel

What's a more perfect gift for a natural traveler than this stylish weekender bag? Generous in size, lined, and featuring reinforced handles and a padded comfort shoulder strap, Herschel's Novel Duffel even has a dedicated compartment for an extra pair of shoes. It comes in a dozen color options, too, to suit your giftee's personal style - individuality is very important to a Sag!

Zoppen Passport Holder

And while they're galloping hither and thither, help them keep their passport and other essential documents organized with a handy and stylish travel wallet. This one has room for a vaccination card, cash, eight credit or ID cards, boarding passes, coins, and even a smartphone. An RFID-deflecting sheet built into the lining also keeps all of their digital information safe from prying eyes.


Casely Battery-Powered Charging Case

I saw a meme once that said something like, "A Sagittarius will forget to charge their phone, then panic when it's at 2%." So true, which is why they'll appreciate this battery-pack charging phone case. Sleek yet protective, it is fully compatible with wireless charging and comes in so many beautiful colors and patterns.

Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook

A Sagittarius loves learning new skills. They also have a great sense of humor, so this cookbook by Joshua Weissman suits their personality perfectly. Weissman interweaves delectable recipes with hilariously irreverent tidbits for a cookbook unlike anything they’ve seen before. If you’re lucky, they might even invite you over to taste their culinary creations.

Vybe Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The part of the body ruled by the sign of the centaur is the thighs and haunches. Sore muscles and tight hip flexors can be an issue for them, so chances are they've already had their eye on one of these percussion massage guns for a bit! This one from Vybe has nine levels of intensity and eight different attachable heads to target different specific muscles. And it's got over 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon!


Customizable Planter With Glasses Holder

As much as it may pain them, your Sagittarius will likely have to pause to do some work at some point. A quirky desk accessory, however, might make their time sitting still a little more bearable. This unique planter doubles as a glasses holder and can be customized to reflect their personal style, so it might even inspire their creativity.

Fishwife's Smoky Trio

Tin is the metal associated with the Cosmic Archer. Why not think outside the gift box and into a can by giving them Fishwife's Smoky Trio? Good tinned fish is pretty extraordinary: it's delicious, versatile, and shelf-stable, of course. This set includes 100% traceable selections of Norwegian smoked Atlantic salmon, smoked rainbow trout from Idaho, and smoked Pacific coast albacore tuna hand-packed in BPA-free cans.

Artizan Herradura Necklace

This eye-catching necklace will give the centaur's jewelry collection a chic little giddyup. Featuring a heavy box-link chain and horseshoe-shaped clasp, this bold piece is tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. Available in 18k gold plated or silver finish stainless steel.


Pomegranate Trinket Box

Pomegranates are in season from the start of Sagittarius season in late fall through winter, but this sweet pomegranate-shaped trinket box will bring beauty to their space year-round. The rich red hues, sparkly crystal accents, and gold-tone details also make it an artistic statement piece in your Sag's space that they'll be more than happy to show off.