15 Best Three-Wick Candles to Surround You in Sublime Scents

Published April 11, 2022
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Nothing screams self-care quite as much as lighting up one of your fresh three-wick candles. If I'm trying to treat myself it's all about the face mask, mood lighting, binge-watching Romcoms, and the star of the show will always be the perfect three-wick candles. From filling your space with atmospheric fragrance to adding warmth and a cozy glow to the room - personally, I often find myself spacing out and watching the flicker of the flame. It really doesn't get more relaxing than that.

As such a pivotal element of relaxation, selecting the perfect three-wick candle for you is key. With countless options on the market, it can often get overwhelming. Luckily, my jam-packed candles drawer and I have selected 15 of the best three-wick candles for every ambiance and preference. These picks are selected based on everything from fragrance vibes to burning times - there's truly something for everyone.

Things to Consider

Scent: Three-wick candles come in a vast array of scents, so there's something for everyone. However, it's very important to select your candle based on scent preference. If you love nature scents, you probably shouldn't go for that caramel cookie three-wick candle. Make sure you consider your general scent preferences before choosing.

Value for weight: With a three-wick candle, you're generally getting a larger candle, which is great! But once you build a collection as big as mine, you quickly realize that it's important to make sure you're getting value for weight. Pay close attention to the grams size of the candle, and compare it to varying candles of the same size with lower prices.

Burning time: There's nothing worse than thinking you've found the perfect three-wick candle only to run out of it within just a few burns. Many three-wick candles on the market will now tell you their burning time, so it's important to make sure you're getting the most out of your candle purchase.

NEST Fragrances are renowned for their home fragrance products, and their three-wick candles are no exception. With this luxurious candle, you're definitely getting what you're paying for. I love how clean and simple this packaging is, and the Moroccan Amber scent is especially unique with its woody undertones from a combination of amber, sweet patchouli, and bergamot. In addition to the luxe scent, this candle will also give you 75-100 burning hours!


Of all the countless candle scents that exist, vanilla remains a crowd favorite. Personally, I'm addicted to all things vanilla-scented, so believe me when I say that HHI's Vanilla Musk offers an entirely unique take on vanilla. You'll want to bathe in this intoxicating rich vanilla scent combines with hints of cinnamon, amber, and musk which give it more depth and warmth.

If you're like me, and your prime candle-burning time is right before bed then this YMing candle is the one for you. Of course, lavender is known for its relaxing and calming properties. This three-wick candle offers a combination of lavender and cade that will fill your room with a sleep-inducing aroma. With a 75 hour burn time, this will send you into a deep slumber for endless nights.

Three-wick candles are all about creating an experience, and this Chesapeake Bay Sea Salt Coconut Candle will have you swearing you can feel the ocean breeze. From its wooden lid packaging to the combination of sea salt and coconut, this candle creates the perfect oceanside vibe. Created with all-natural essential oils, this candle also happens to be 100% recyclable to help you protect that very same ocean you're craving!


If you're looking for the candle that's going to pack the biggest punch of fragrance, look no further -- Bath & Body Works White Barn candle in Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity is your perfect match. Scent intensity can be hit or miss when it comes to candles, but the name says it all with this High-Intensity edition of fan-favorite Mahogany Teakwood, your only problem is going to be whether it's too intense. You'll get the most out of this three-wick candle since you'll only have to light it for a short time before it fills your entire home...

Let's face it, if you're looking for three-wick candles, it's because you're a firm believer in making an impact. Well, this HomeLight's Highly Scented Soy Candle comes in a whopping 33.3 oz. The bigger size makes it great for home decor purposes, but that's not the only pro to HomeLight's candles. Created with three cotton wicks, this candle offers smokeless burning and a long-lasting 70 hours of burning time. It comes in a variety of scents but I've found that Osmanthus & Amber is the most potent and adds a bright warmth to your home.

At the end of the day, a big purpose for three-wick candles is to serve as home decor, so sometimes the most important aspect to you could be packaging. I'm always looking for a beautiful jar with an even better scent, and with Hidden Label Scented Soy Candles' Ceramic Jar Lava Collection you don't have to compromise on either element. The beautiful marbled ceramic collection comes in a variety of scents, and these jars are going to stick with you long after the candle burns out!


While some prefer a crackling fire during the holidays, I'd much rather cozy up to the warm glow of a Bath & Body Works Candle in Fresh Balsam. This truly is my ultimate Christmas candle. It fills your space with the scent of a fresh Christmas tree to make up for the fake one I put up every year. Fresh Balsam is simply a must-have the second you enter the first of December.

As a candle connoiseur, I have to say one of the most fascinating types of candles has to be wood wick candles. Nature's Wick's Candle in Smoked Vanilla is an ultimate favorite of mine in that category, wooden wicks offer such a distinctive smoky effect that feels as though you're sitting beside a bonfire. The scent smoked vanilla perfectly complements and elevates that burning wood effect, while the vanilla adds some sweetness into the mix. Enjoy the special crackling noises this candle offers for an entirely unique candle burning experience.

When you hoard as many three-wick candles as I do, you get into the swing of repurposing the packaging. Whether you choose to recycle or upcycle, you can also get a second life out of your candle which is especially the case when it comes to Winbattle's 3-Wick Sandalwood Candle. This soy-wax candle offers a lovely sandalwood scent, and once you're done enjoying that you can re-purpose its stunning hand-made pottery container and use it either to store some jewelry or knick-knacks -- or even throw in some potpourri to give it a second aromatic lifetime.


Once you're deep into the three-wick candles world you get more familiar with what's popular and trendy, and Voluspa's Candle Tins have been a fan favorite for years. Created with all-natural wicks and coconut wax, these candles are perfect for clean burning. If you're a fan of fruity scents then Goji Tarocco Orange is guaranteed to be your new juicy favorite. What's so great about these candles is that they aren't tested on animals, and they're phthalates, parabens, sulfate, and pesticide-free.

If you're a yogi, you know that nothing quite sets the perfect zen mood like lighting a candle. OneSoul Collection have created a range of aromatherapy three-wick candles all designed to combine scents to perfectly create the atmosphere you need. Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy is created for "stimulating & balance." The combination of creaminess and floral works to deeply relax you. The eco-friendly palm blend wax is designed to offer potent and soot-free burning for approximately 50 hours.

There's just something about fall that fills me with the desperate need to surround myself with autumnal colors and especially fall scents. White Barn Candle Company's Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow perfectly encapsulates all things autumn. This candle will leave your home smelling like you just baked a fresh batch of yummy pumpkin deliciousness. The only con to this candle is that it smells so delectable it is guaranteed to make you crave a slice of cake!


I can't be the only one that's fallen down the rabbit hole of crystals TikTok, right? Whether you've been big on crystal healing energies or are recently getting into it, this The Mindful Collective Healing Crystal Candle collection is ideal. Aside from how beautiful the candle looks with energy crystals and healing stones adorning it, it also offers an extra flair for heightening much more than just your sense of smell. Targeting self-love, abundance, and healing this candle promises to help you fuel your manifestation and spiritually cleanse your living space.

Now that you've likely clicked add to cart on many of the above listed, why not throw in a gift for your candle-obsessed friend? Suziejo's Aromatherapy Candle Bowl Gift Set is the perfect gift for a fan of candles. The set comes with two three-wick candles complete with their own individual handmade rattan placemats making them perfect for home decor. The candles themselves are vegan and toxic-free, and they each offer over 40 hours of burning time where their essential oil blends promise to help calm anxiety and heal your chakras -- it's the gift that keeps giving!

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15 Best Three-Wick Candles to Surround You in Sublime Scents