12 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Educators are an important part of our lives. They are shaping the future generation with their love and dedication. Don't forget to give them a little something when the Christmas season rolls around. Find a unique and affordable Christmas gifts that are teacher approved.

Teachers love gift cards. While they might not be as personalized as a mug or as tasty as candy, teachers get a lot of these during the holiday. A gift card to Amazon allows them to buy a personalized gift for themselves or for the classroom. Plus, you don't have to worry if they are going to like it.

It's not just Amazon that teachers love. You can get them a gift card to Starbucks to get that morning caffeine fix. You might also want to allow them the pleasure of perusing the aisles with a Target gift card. Add a nice heartfelt card, and you have the perfect gift for the teacher in your life.

What We Like
Fits varying budgets
Allows flexibility
What We Don't
Possibility for loss
Not as personalized as some gifts

You've probably seen a teacher to two coming into the building juggling a million different things. Add a little ease to their life with a customized teacher tote from Amazon. This large tote measures at 16x15x3.5. It also has a few interior pockets for teachers to keep track of pencils and planners. The size also makes it easy to carry a laptop or change of clothes.

It's not just good for inside the classroom either. It can also be used as a grocery bag for shopping or even for travel. It tells the world how amazing the teacher in your life is.

What We Like
What We Don't
No outer pockets
No padding for laptop
Lack of colors

Classroom management is key to a successful teacher. So, timers are a must. They work well for testing, centers, and more. Plus, you can never have too many of them in your classroom.

Try out the VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer for your teacher. Not only does it have a large digital display, but it offers 3 levels of volume and a memory function. It's also large enough for anyone in the classroom to see. With the non-slip pad and rotating feature, it's a teacher must-have this Christmas.

What We Like
Easy to use
Memory function
Magnet for placement
No loud ticking
What We Don't
Small buttons
Only two sound levels
Short battery life

Teachers never have enough desk space. From files to books to pencils for students, there is a bit of something everywhere. Give the teacher in your life the gift of organization by buying them a new Rolodex Spinning Desk Sorter. These work great for adding to their own desks or group desks. They can add pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, etc. Not only is it great for their own use, but organizing desk items for students that forgot a pencil or misplaced their highlighter.

This Rolodex has a sturdy metal construction and assorted compartments for accessories. The spinning action makes it easy for anyone to get what they need in a hurry. What teacher has time to dig around for a pencil?

What We Like
Study metal
Shallow compartments for small things
What We Don't
Difficult to access shorter pencils
Not room for many pencils or pens

Coffee mugs are a big gift for teachers during the holiday season. So big, in fact, that their cupboards usually can't take anymore.

Add a personalized touch with a water bottle instead. This pick includes an insulated straw and works for both hot and cold beverages. Teachers can easily add their favorite tea or just plain old water. This gift also comes in an assortment of colors and lets you add their name.

What We Like
Keeps drinks cold or hot for hours
Larger size
What We Don't
Hand wash only
Only six color choices

Grading papers gets boring. Adding a few tunes can make the time go buy a little faster. Teachers can also use the JBL GO2 speaker to play audio books and other fun sounds within their classroom.

The speaker is waterproof because spills happen in the class. It also has a built-in microphone, so there's no need to grab your phone if a call comes. With 5 hours of playing time and an easy-to-use guide, it's an easy and affordable gift that teachers will love.

What We Like
Wireless streaming
Audio cable
What We Don't
Issues with connecting automatically
Short playtime
Turns off automatically

Have you taken a good look at your teacher's socks lately? Well, if you have one with a bit of a funny bone, you might see some fun socks peeking out of their shoes. Get them a gift their personality will appreciate by choosing some funny crew socks.

Designed specifically for teachers and tutors, these socks feature funny sayings on the bottom for a discrete laugh. Keep it casual and cool at the same time. The package comes with 6 pairs, and the size is for 6-12 feet.

What We Like
Reinforced heel
What We Don't
Not for extremely large or small feet
Hand wash only

Have you noticed that your teen's teacher loves bangles? The Infinity Collection Teacher Bracelet will fill their hearts and possibly their eyes with joy. This bangle comes in rose gold and silver. It also features a specialized message for that special teacher in your life. Charms include a ruler, apple, glasses, and sun. It makes a perfectly unique gift they can choose to add charms on to.

What We Like
USA company
Pretty and simple
What We Don't
Hard to adjust for smaller sizes
Flimsy clasps on charms

It might come as a shock to many, but teachers love school supplies. Rather than spend their money out of pocket for spare supplies in their classroom, you can give them as gifts. Anything from pencils to markers to notebooks is great.

The Schools Supply Kit offers school essentials like rulers, scissors, notebooks, crayons and more. Teachers can use the different supplies to help stock their classroom. Because who doesn't need a few spare erasers in their arsenal? If the kit seems like a little too many supplies, you can buy individual supplies for them too.

What We Like
Several supplies
Safety compliant
What We Don't
Only offers a few of each item
Off-brand pencils and crayons

An origami kit is a fun gift for everyone. Why not give one to your art teacher to try? They can try it themselves or keep it in the classroom for kids to try during downtime. It makes a great craft for everyone.

The kit comes with 300 pieces of paper and 50 patterns. It also has a book showing you how to create 25 different patterns. Folding paper leaves no mess and is a quick craft for any classroom.

What We Like
Variety of papers
No mess craft
Creative classroom project
What We Don't
Some paper cut incorrectly
No clear front and back on paper

After a long day of teaching, there is nothing better than throwing on your headphones and getting lost in a good book or your favorite song. A set of over-the-ear headphones is a perfect addition. And if teachers have an abundance at home, they can use them in the classroom with their students. It's a win-win.

TUINYO Over Ear Wireless Headphones uses seamless bluetooth and comfortable memory protein cushions. The headset is adjustable and offers 35 hours of playtime before charging. They are also foldable for easy storage.

What We Like
Fast charging
Long battery life
Comfortable fit
Color options
What We Don't
Only a 30-day warranty
Good sound but not great
Microphone sound can be muffled

You would not believe how many thank you cards a teacher goes through. It's astounding really! Take a little worry off their plate by giving them fun reflective appreciation cards. The front of the card offers a positive message like "You rock" or "You're awesome." The back is open for teachers to provide a personalized message. These are great for them to give to students for good behavior, add to a present, or send just because. Appreciation cards always come in handy.

What We Like
Durable paper
Several usages
Inspiring messages
What We Don't
Only two messages
No envelopes
Smaller size

It's nice to acknowledge a teacher's hard work with a special Christmas gift. They will appreciate any gift, whether you choose to purchase something or present them with something homemade. You might even create a personalized message for them to hang up in their room. As long as the gift comes from the heart, they are sure to love it.

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12 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers