We've all got one, that friend who is impossible to shop for. It could be that anytime this friend mentions something they might like, they go ahead and buy it for themselves. Or conversely, they never seem to want anything at all, and when the occasion arises to give a gift, you're left scratching your head! It can definitely be frustrating, but I'm here to tell you that gift-giving does not have to be a struggle. All you have to do is think outside the box.

My previous life as an executive assistant taught me many things, chief among them was how to buy presents for people whom I'd either never met before or who literally have everything they could ever possibly want. The best course of action, I learned, is to find items that the recipient would never think to get for themselves. Luckily, the Internet is full of that stuff. So from the whimsical to the utilitarian, here are my favorite unique picks for those folks in your life who already have all they need.

The Greatest Gift of All: Knowledge

MasterClass is kind of a miracle. The idea that you can watch lectures on Personal Branding from Kris Jenner, Independent Filmmaking from Spike Lee, and French Pastry Fundamentals from Dominique Ansel is bonkers. If you've got a chum who loves to learn, a MasterClass Gift Card is the way to go.

Because Lukewarm Pinot Grigio is Sad

Whether they're a tried and true collector or a total newbie, nobody wants a warm glass of chardonnay. This cradle, once frozen, can keep a stemless glass of wine perfectly chilled for up to an hour.

A Personal Keg For Your Craft Beer Buddy

This insulated growler carbonates flat beverages and keeps fizzy ones fresh using a handy CO2 cartridge. This is a super popular pick with the homebrewers of Amazon, and for a very good reason!


A Fancy Face Mist is the Small Luxury Everyone Deserves

Look, I know these little atomizers filled with Evian water seem extravagant. They are! Refreshing, delightful, and a little extra, Brumisateur® facial mists were made to combat the dehydrating recirculated air of an airplane, but they're also great to keep at the work desk for a quick pick-me-up.

When They've Got Private Jet Taste But a Coach Budget

A super nice way to make air travel a little more comfortable for your frequent flier friend is this padded foot hammock. It hooks onto the tray table and helps ease leg swelling and lower back pain on those cramped long haul flights.

Your Game Night Host's Collection Could Use A Refresh

Monikers was described by The New York Times as "the perfect party game", so it's not only ideal for anyone who loves to host get-togethers, it's an amazing gift for those who are looking to have folks over a lot more often!


These Cards Help Nudge Your Friend Toward Creative Thinking

This is a different kind of game for a friend who might be struggling with an artistic block. Each of these cards features a different suggestion to guide you through the steps of unlocking some serious creative expression!

Green Thumb-Approved Rooting Beakers

Got a plant parent who needs a place for all of their cuttings? A propagation station might be just the thing. It's easy to assemble and way better-looking than a bunch of random jelly jars sitting on the counter.

Or Maybe Their Windowsill Garden Expanded to the Yard!

This is a great gift for your city-dwelling amigo going through a bit of a Walden phase. They'll learn how to identify and cook 32 plants common to urban areas.


For Collecting Nature's Bounty

Got a full-blown gardening guru on your hands? They can gather their findings in this attractive, sturdy, customizable basket! Even better, it's handmade in the USA out of pine wood, hardwood, and wire.

A Travel-Friendly Little Campfire 

Another one for your outdoorsy pals, this campfire-in-a-can is made from recycled materials that burn for hours and can be extinguished simply by putting the lid back on. Bring the feel of a campsite anywhere you like!

For The Friend Who Was *Not* Happy When WFH Ended

Perhaps there's a particular stress-case workaholic in your life who, frankly, needs to chill. A desktop zen garden might inspire them to stop and take a meditative break every once in a while.


Because the Cut-And-Paste Function Can Be Murder on Wrists

I got one of these at a workplace White Elephant gift exchange a few years ago, and I still use it to this day when my carpal tunnel is acting up. An unexpectedly useful gift is always a welcome one!

Much Cuter Than Their Rusty Wire Shower Caddy

A soap dish that's both elegant and fun is absolutely made for your friend who likes to take long, luxurious soaks in the tub.

No Pet Deposit Required

This snuggly accent pillow is perfect for the dog-lover, maybe one whose landlord won't let them have one. Handmade and hook-sewn from 100% wool, the design offers four adorable breeds to choose from.


This Catch-All is Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Movie

Know somebody who's always losing their keys? Splurge on them a little, and let Sir Foxington be of service! He comes with a bag of apple caramels, so he could be used as a candy dish, too, but I think he'd be most handsome standing at attention at an entryway.

Because They Never Quite Got the Hang of Ukulele

The manual for this kalimba (also known as a thumb piano) promises to teach the user a song in five minutes. The set comes with a tuning hammer, flannelette bag, cleaning cloth, fingers covers, and more!

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

Sure to please the friend who is really into weird kitchen gadgets, this TikTok sensation has one job and that is to inject bananas with filling. Nutella would be my choice, but you can use peanut butter, jelly, chocolate ganache, and more!


Your Skincare Junkie Friend Needs This Mini Fridge

This little four-liter capacity fridge actually has both cooling and heating functions. It can be used as a skincare chiller, personal beverage fridge, or to warm up washcloths!

A Sculptural Specs Receptacle

For the times when they ask you, "Where are my glasses?" and the answer is not, "On your head." This fun little desktop friend is hand-carved from Indian rosewood.

This Fabric Shaver Saves Clothes from the "Donate" Bin

This little gadget gets rid of fuzz, lint, and pilling on clothing as well as upholstery, and it boasts an impressive 73.9k five-star ratings on Amazon.


Add a Little Intrigue to Their Countertop

"Secrets don't make friends," the old saying goes, but they need to be kept somewhere! This chic black and white ceramic jar vaguely resembles a gothic circus tent for added intrigue.