Easter egg decorating can be a huge minefield. You pull out the dye, the bowls, the eggs, and those little metal holder things - you even put down a layer of old newspaper and paper towels, and yet somehow, there is no surefire way to contain the mess! Either a bowl of dye gets knocked over or something gets mixed by accident. There is always some kind of tiny frustration that makes decorating Easter eggs trickier than it needs to be.

Well, lucky Easter egg enthusiast, have we got a delightfully egg-citing solution for you!

Avoid messy bowls of dye altogether with a fun and easy-to-use device that makes coloring your eggs a total breeze. Simply place an egg inside the opening (the "nest", if you will), turn on the device to spin the egg, and you're ready to decorate! As the egg turns, draw lines, swirls, or squiggles even more brightly colored and intricate than anything you can get out of food dye. This set comes with six vibrant, non-toxic markers that dry quickly so you can go from one egg to the next with speed and ease. Grab your own for under $20 just in time for the Easter season!

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