Are you scrambling for last-minute activities, gifts, and decorations for an Easter celebration? Maybe you've already exhausted your egg decorating skills with this year's viral sensation? As the (self-proclaimed) expert of finding last-minute-somethings, I'm here to help - the busy mom who always strives to make special occasions and holidays memorable for my family and friends!

Entertaining Easter-themed activities? I've found a handful of games that will bring the family fun. Trying to venture outside of gifting the basic Easter peeps? I've discovered creative alternative gifts that are just as sweet. Searching for Easter decorations that are cute and affordable? Check out my budget-friendly Easter decor finds below!

Easter Egg, Bunny, Carrot & Chick Pattern Bunting Banner

Add this burlap banner to your springtime decor! This charming "Easter" bunting has pastel-colored lettering as well as an Easter egg, a bunny, a carrot, and a chick to add a cheery touch. At approximately 10.5 feet in length, this banner is perfect for hanging over a doorway, a wall, or a mantel in your home.

Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game

This wooden game set comes with six colorful eggs, all with matching spoons. The game is a simple race: each player (with supreme focus) has to balance the egg on the spoon and cross a finish line - a fun and challenging Easter activity to play outside on the lawn. Want to make it even more tricky? Create a race track with turns or make a rule to have each player walk backwards while balancing the egg on their spoon!

These nine white wooden eggs are super versatile for some customizable and durable home decor. Keep them in a bowl as an Easter-themed filler, arrange them across your shelves to accompany your springtime decorations, or add them to your Easter table centerpieces. These wooden eggs are painted with non-toxic and odorless paint and smoothed for a splinter-free finish. You can even paint them yourself for a family-friendly activity that will live on year after year.


I was so happy to discover these colorful and playful Easter eggs! As a mom to a young child, I love this alternative Easter basket stuffer. Sold as a pack of 24, these assorted colorful eggs contain non-toxic Play-Doh. A fun activity for the kids in Easter-themed packaging? I love it. Can't go wrong with Play-Doh, and it beats that excess of Easter candy any day.

This fun Easter game has five inflatable bunny ears and 20 inflatable rings. Have your friends and family form their teams of two, then one team member wears the bunny ears while the other team member tries to toss all of their rings onto the bunny ears successfully. Get some great laughs, and play this unique and memorable game with the whole crowd this Easter.

Get your outdoor Easter decor together in no time with these easy-to-place yard signs. Decorate your lawn with these fun and colorful Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and a "Happy Easter" sign! Cute for kids to look at, a fun spot to place eggs for an Easter egg hunt, and this pack of eight signs is under $15. Stick the stakes of each sign into your lawn, and voila!


Keep the kids of all ages entertained with this adorable bunny, egg, and duck-shaped chalk. The chalks come as a 24-pack of vibrant colored chalks that kids can enjoy creating fun Easter art outdoors. Pro tip: you can even make these fun and unique Easter basket stuffers! Gift one or make a bundle of these fun-shaped chalk pieces for the kids.

Up your Easter activity game with this 13-piece bean bag toss and knockdown can game set. Ten decorated cans and three printed bean bags make up this super versatile set that can be used multiple ways. Set-up and play are easy - stack the tin cans and toss a bean bag to knock down as many cans as possible!

Want to add a festive Easter sign to your decor this year? These two-piece reusable and pastel-colored burlap banners will do it! Each banner measures approximately eight feet long. You can hang these "Happy Easter" banners in a doorway, a foyer, on the mantel, outdoors - you get it, pretty much anywhere. Did I mention it's under $10?


These 12 fun Easter glasses are a great addition to any basket or goodie bag for the kiddos. Made from cardboard, each pair of glasses has an Easter-themed shape, from easter eggs with bows to bunny ears. These glasses do not have any lenses; they're just an adorable and festive Easter accessory for the little ones!

Wooden Easter Egg Decorating Arts and Craft Kit

I'll get to the details shortly, but can we take a moment and talk about how cute the packaging is?! This Easter basket by Kid Made Modern comes with a carton of six wooden eggs, two sets of colorful paints, two paintbrushes, glue, glitter, stickers, googly eyes, and tiny pom-poms. This kit is the perfect Easter activity for kids.

Add more to your decor with these sweet decorative pillow covers. Each of the four square pillow covers (18 x 18 inches) has a different Easter design with Spring's colors. Simply swap out your usual covers for these festive ones with hidden zipper closures. Place your decorative pillow on an entryway bench, couch, or accent chair, and see how it ups your Easter decor in any room.


Fubbles No Spill Bubble Tumbler Minis

You can't go wrong with bubbles for Easter, especially with these mini no-spill bubbles by Fubbles. Each bottle contains two ounces of non-toxic and dye-free bubble solution and a wand. As Fubble states, kids can "tip it, knock it, flip spill." Add them as a gift to any Easter basket or egg hunt. Kids (yes, even toddlers!) can enjoy these fun, unique bubbles, and adults won't have to worry about a mess!

Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Toddlers Easter Board Game

Looking for a great toddler-friendly gift or game this Easter? Look no further! I give you Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt: the Hide and Seek Carrot Game by Educational Insights. In this Easter-themed color matching game for up to four players, each person gets a basket and takes a turn at the spinner. Use the cute bunny to pick up a colored carrot according to where the spinner lands, and the first player to collect four carrots of the same color wins! As a toddler mom, I love that this is an Easter game my child can enjoy and develop their fine motor and color matching skills.

Rustic Happy Easter Garland with Bunny

This unique and rustic burlap banner is for those whose home style has neutral tones, a minimalist feel, or a low-key design. A simple white text, "Happy Easter" with a white bunny shape makes this banner easy to match with any home decor. Hang above your entryway table, a mirror, or a mantel for a simple but cheery vibe.


Holidays can be stressful, so why not gift a slow-rising squishy egg this Easter to your family and friends of all ages. Kids can have fun with the sensory play of these colorful eggs, and the adults can enjoy their new stress-reliever. These squishy eggs come in a pack of 24 and are easy to pop into any Easter gift basket.

Pin The Egg on The Bunny Easter Party Game

Pin the egg on the Easter bunny! This set includes one poster of a bunny, two blindfolds, double-sided adhesive (to hang the poster), and 24 Easter egg stickers. A straightforward game with minimal set-up, each person gets a turn wearing the blindfold and "pinning" their sticker where they think the bunny is holding the Easter egg. Whoever places their sticker closest to the bunny's hand wins. The stickers can be reused, so all can play this game again and again!

Welcome friends and family with this double-sided rectangular garden flag (18 in. x 12.5 inches) that reads, "Happy Easter Peeps." Weather-resistant and made from burlap, this punny bunny sign will give your visitors a sweet chuckle before joining your Easter celebration. Hang by placing a rod through the flag's opening or pull a string through to make it a wall hanging.


Make your Easter to-do list a little lighter, and get these prefilled eggs with assorted wind-up baby chicks and bunnies! A great addition to any Easter egg hunt or gift basket, kids will enjoy the toys inside, and adults can enjoy the easy set-up.

Nothing like a little friendly competition with this potato sack race. This set comes with six potato sacks and six bunny ears - each set of ears matches a sack! Cheer on your loved ones in this fun Easter-themed activity. Some reviewers noted that they've made this Easter Potato Sack a tradition, so it's "bound" to be a great time for all!

These adorable foam carrots are great for your Easter DIY projects, basket fillers, and home decor. This package includes 100 bright-colored small carrots. Decorate Easter baskets, use them as fillers in a decorative bowl, or place them around the rest of your home decor. These are a fun opportunity to get creative!


Carrot, Chick & Bunny Shaped Fillable Easter Eggs

Kiddos will adore these fun and unique Easter "eggs" in the shape of a carrot, a chick, or a bunny. These are larger picks that will make their Easter basket extra special this year. Packaged in a set of 12, add your treats or mini trinkets inside, and enjoy these eye-catching egg alternatives.

Easter Egg Foam Decorating Kit

The fun doesn't stop after the egg hunt. With 24 sets of assorted Easter decorations, kids can dress up their eggs as bunnies, frogs, and chicks. There are tons of cute accessories like sunglasses, bow-ties, hats, and more!

Get the garden feels with these beautiful fabric Easter eggs. This set contains 30 eggs, all with different colors and patterns. Hang in your plants throughout your home, in the trees on Easter day, or DIY an Easter garland. Bonus points for this product: no need to worry about accidentally shattering ornaments since they're made from foam and cloth.


Assorted Easter Coloring Books

These charming coloring books make great gifts to add to any Easter basket. Each of the 12 books comes with four crayons already, so you won't need to stress about providing more supplies. Throughout their book, kids will enjoy coloring Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks. A fun and different gift to give this Easter!

Easter Bunny and Spring Flower Paper Craft Art Kit

This year, create an Easter crafting station with this all-in-one Kid Made Modern kit that has over 275 pieces for all ages to enjoy. Family and friends can choose from various Easter-themed cardstock and decorate using glitter, felt, pastel sequins, beads, fuzzy sticks, googly eyes, glitter tape, markers, and more!

Prefilled Easter Eggs with Colorful Plush Bunnies

Surprise kids with these Easter eggs that are full of adorable little plush bunnies in different colors. You'll save time and spare yourself the hassle of filling Easter eggs yourself - all you need to do is hide them for an egg hunt or add them to the kids' Easter baskets, and you're done!


Give out these Easter totes as egg hunt bags! You'll get 36 small totes in bright colors, each with a fun and friendly Easter print. Place your gifts inside - the coloring book, wind-up chicks, egg-shaped chalk, and more, and see the kids' excitement in discovering their new Easter goodies!

For more inspiration on family fun activities, check out 25 Easter Ideas & Activities for the Whole Family. Are you looking to create the cutest Easter baskets this year? Get some fun ideas from our article on Children's Easter Basket Ideas.