100+ First-Class Boy Names That Start With F

Published December 3, 2020
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Peruse a list of boy names that start with F to find the finest name for your flawless little boy. Find F names for your little guy from around the globe including Europe to Africa.

Boy Names That Start With Fr

Naming your baby boy can be a difficult task. This is especially true if you are looking for names that start with F for your little guy. Explore an array of boy names that begin with Fr to fit your little one.

  1. Francis - French man (English)

  2. Francisco - French man (German)

  3. Frank - Free (France)

  4. Frankie - Truthful (American)

  5. Franklin - Landowner (English)

  6. Fraser - Strawberry (French)

  7. Fredrick/Fred/Freddie - A peaceful ruler (English)

  8. Friday - The day of Frige (Old English)

  9. Fritz - Peaceful ruler (German)

First-Class Boy Names That Start With F

Boy Names That Start With Fe

While Fr has a lot of good choices, Fe names might also strike your fancy. Jump into your name game with ease by finding boy names that begin with Fe.

  1. Fedele - Faith (Italian)

  2. Federico - Peaceful ruler (German)

  3. Felix - Lucky (Latin)

  4. Fell - Dweller on the mountain (English)

  5. Felton - From the town by the field (English)

  6. Fergus - Angry one (Scottish)

  7. Feri/Ferke - Free man (Latin)

  8. Fernando - Daring/adventurous (Spanish)

  9. Ferris - A man of iron (Latin)

English Boy Names That Start With F

Take your name game on a global world tour by exploring different names with an English origin. These boy names work if you have English heritage or just like the flow of these F names.

  1. Fabian - Bean grower

  2. Falcon - Relating to falconry

  3. Fane - Happy; joyful

  4. Farnley - Fern field

  5. Farris - Iron, strong

  6. Fletcher - Arrow maker

  7. Floyd - Gray

  8. Forrester - Manages forest

  9. Fox - Wild animal

  10. Frewyn - Noble friend

French Boy Names That Start With F

Are you looking to give your bouncing baby boy a fabulous French name? Well, then you've come to the right place. Learn a few fun French boy names for your darling little mon fils.

  1. Fabrice - Craftsman

  2. Fernand - Adventurer

  3. Filibert - Very bright

  4. Finn - Fair

  5. Firmin - Steadfast

  6. Fontane - Fountain

  7. Forest - Woodsman

  8. Fortune - Prosperous

  9. Francois - French man

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Irish Boy Names That Start With F

When looking for the perfect boy name starting with F, it doesn't end in England and France. Explore a little more of Europe by checking out some Irish boy names for your little lad.

  1. Fachnan - Malicious

  2. Fallon - Leader

  3. Farren - The land

  4. Ferrell - A man of valor

  5. Finbar - Fair-headed one

  6. Finnegan - Fair-haired

  7. Finnian - White

  8. Fintan - White fire

  9. Flanagan - Ruddy

  10. Flannan - Red-haired

  11. Flannery - Red; ruddy

  12. Flynn - Red; reddish

African Boy Names Beginning With F

Now it's time to take a ride to the African continent to examine unique African boy names that begin with F. Many of these fabulously fetching names are perfect for your fearless little warrior.

  1. Faraj - Cure

  2. Fayiz - Victor

  3. Fauzi - Attainment

  4. Fadil - Giving, generous

  5. Faraji - Consolation

  6. Foluke - Placed in God's hands

  7. Funsani - A request

  8. Fahim - Keen; intelligent

Asian Boy Names Starting With F

Are you looking for a name with an Asian meaning or twist? Then, it's time to enjoy these Asian and Japanese boy names that start with F. These names have a powerful meaning for your little boy.

  1. Fa - To offer

  2. Fai - Beginning

  3. Feng - Phoenix

  4. Fudou - God of fire

  5. Fugan - Feeling the blessing

  6. Fuhua - Fortune flourishing

  7. Fujita - Rice paddy

  8. Fumi - Lotus; beauty

  9. Furuya - Old valley

  10. Fushigi - A miracle

  11. Fuyu - Winter

Hindi/Indian Names Starting With F for Boy

Indian or Hindi names can have a fun flare for your child. Not only are they deeply rooted in ancient meanings, but those meanings are influential. Get lost in a few strong Hindi names for your little.

  1. Fahad - Strong; fast

  2. Falak - The sky

  3. Falgun - Springtime

  4. Farid - One of a kind

  5. Fazal - Superior

  6. Feoras - Rock

  7. Feroz - Shining

  8. Firaas - Skilled horseman

  9. Firoh - Happiness; joy

  10. Florian - Flourishing; flowery

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Arabic Names Starting With F for Boy

Sometimes finding names that begin with F can be challenging. But depending on where you are looking, there are a lot of them out there. If you need a meaningful Arabic or Muslim boy name that begins with F, look no further than this list.

  1. Fadi - Savior

  2. Fahd - Panther

  3. Farasat - Keen eye

  4. Faraz - Ascent

  5. Fardeen - Radiant

  6. Faris - Knight

  7. Farouk - Knows right from wrong

  8. Fayzan - Ruler

  9. Fazan - Grace

  10. Fiddah - Redemption

  11. Fizan - Popularity

Rare Boy Names That Start With F

If you are looking for a rare name, then F is a pretty good place to start. These rare gems are found throughout the world and might be perfect for your sweetheart.

  1. Fabio - Noble (Latin)

  2. Ford - River crossing (English)

  3. Finnley - White warrior (Irish)

  4. Filip - A friend of horses (Polish)

  5. Fitz - Son of (English)

  6. Felipe - A friend of horses (Spanish)

  7. Flint - Stream (English)

  8. Fidel - Faithful (Latin)

  9. Fulton - Bird-catcher town (English)

  10. Favian - A man of wisdom (Latin)

  11. Ferdinand - Peace (German)

  12. Finch - To swindle (English)

  13. Firas - Bold lion (Arabic)

Finding the Finest Boy Names

Not all names are created equal. Therefore, if you are looking for a fiery F name for boys, then there are many options out. Now the only problem is finding the best one to fit your baby.

100+ First-Class Boy Names That Start With F