Unique Flower-Inspired Names for Girls

Published April 24, 2020
Sleeping newborn baby girl in flower wreath

If you love names like Rose and Iris, but want something less common, unique flower girl names might be the answer. Choose an amazing name for your baby girl that is a unique name with a beautiful sound when you get inspired by flowers.

Names of the Rarest Flowers in the World

If you want a truly uncommon name for your little girl, start by exploring some of the rarest flowers in the world.

  • Firely - When you combine the words in the name fire lily, you get a fierce original name inspired by this red and orange flower.
  • Gloriosa - This is part of the scientific name for the rare flame or fire lily.
  • Kadupul - This nocturnal blooming white flower is extremely unique.
  • Kokiʻo - Native to the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Moloka'i, this is a beautiful type of white hibiscus flower.
  • Lady - Yellow and purple lady slippers are found in Europe and were thought to be extinct in the early 1900s.
  • Mistred - This name is inspired by the middlemist red that resembles a bright pink rose. There are only of these flowers known in existence and they're in captivity.
  • Roth - Similar to a name like Roz or Ruth, this is inspired by the rare Rothschild Slipper Orchid that is yellow with red stripes and only grows in the rainforests of Borneo
  • Silene - The Gibraltar campion, or silene tomentosa, can be various shades from violet to bright pink and was thought to be extinct until 1994.
  • Titanarum - Titan arum is the scientific name of the corpse flower, which is one of the biggest and rarest flowers and features a burgundy color.
  • Youtan - These tiny white flowers are only one millimeter in diameter and said to only bloom every 3,000 years.
Hand Holding Flower

Uncommon Girl Names That Mean Flower

Every language around the world and throughout history has at least one word for "flower." Check out these girl names from around the world that mean "flower."

  • Ababa (ab-buh-bah) - Amharic
  • Anfisa (an-fee-sah)- Russian
  • Annagül (ann-a-gool) - "Friday flower" in Turkish
  • Ayaka (eye-uh-kuh) - "color flower" in Japanese
  • Ayame (eye-ah-may) - Japanese
  • Aygül (eye-gool) - "moon flower" in Turkish
  • Bláthnat (blaw-nit) - "little flower" in Irish
  • Blejan (bleh-jan) - Cornish
  • Blodeuyn (blohd-eye-in) - Welsh
  • Bluma (bloo-mah)- Yiddish
  • Bopha (boh-fuh) - Khmer
  • Calanthe (kuh-lan-thee) - "beautiful flower" in English
  • Cvetka (svet-kah) - Slovene
  • Fiore (fyor-ay)- Italian
  • Flor - Spanish
  • Gonka (gohn-kah) - "flower bud" in Turkish
  • Hanako (hon-ah-koh) - "flower child" in Japanese
  • Hoa (hwa) - Vietnamese
  • Kukka (koo-kuh) - Finnish
  • Lei (lay)- Hawaiian
  • Lore (lor-ay) - Basque
  • Mali (mah-lee) - Thai
  • Mbali (mm-bah-lee) - Zulu
  • Nawra (neu-rah) - Arabic
  • Rayen (ray-ahn) - Mapuche
  • Sethunya (seh-thoon-yuh) - Tswana
  • Virág (vee-rahg) - Hungarian
  • Xiadani (shee-ah-dah-nee)- Zapotec
  • Zahra (zaw-ruh) - "blooming flower" in Arabic
Baby lying among flowers

Korean Flower Names for Girls

Korean flower girl names often have a hyphen. These are the English versions of the names, in Korean they'd look more like symbols than English letters.

  • Deiji (day-ee-chee) - daisy
  • Eun-Yeong (un-yung) - kindness flower
  • Jangmi (chahng-mee) - rose
  • Ji-Yeong (chee-yung) - wisdom flower
  • Minduelle (mihn-dee-el) - dandelion
  • Yeong (yung) - flower
  • Yeong-Hui (yung-yee) - beautiful swimming flower
  • Yeong-Ja (yung-jah) - flower child
  • Yeong-Suk (yung-sook) - pure flower
Happy Mother playing with daughter in park

Greek Flower Names for Girls

These Greek names are from ancient Greek and have a sound as beautiful as the flowers they describe.

  • Agallis (ahg-ah-lees) - dwarf iris
  • Anemônê (ah-nem-aw-eh)- type of red spring flower
  • Anthea (on-thee-ah)- flower/blossom
  • Euanthe (ay-von-thee) - flowery
  • Euthalia (eff-thah-lee-uh)- flower/bloom
  • Ianthe (eye-an-thee)- violet flower
  • Ione (eye-oh-nee) - violet flower
  • Leirion (lair-ee-ohn)- lily
Smiling Girl Holding Yellow Flowers Against Sky

French Flower Names for Girls

The French names for different types of flowers are very feminine and unique.

  • Azalée (ah-zah-lee) - azalea
  • Fleur (flur) - flower
  • Jacinthe (jah-sahnt) - hyacinth
  • Jonquille (john-kee-ya)- daffodil
  • Lilas (lee-lah)- lilac
  • Pavot (pa-voh) - poppy
  • Pivoine (peev-wahn)- peony
  • Souci (soo-see)- marigold
Baby boy pointing at flower

Pretty Latin and Scientific Flower Names for Girls

The scientific names for different species of flowers are often Latin words. The scientific name for flowers is also called the botanical name. These cute and intelligent flower names are the perfect modern form of classic flower names.

  • Celosia - cockscomb
  • Centaurea - coneflower
  • Dianthus - carnation
  • Gypsophelia - baby's breath
  • Lavandula - lavender
  • Lillium - lily
  • Myosotis - forget-me-not
  • Nerine - guernsy lily
  • Paeonia - peony
  • Papaver - Poppy
  • Rosa - rose
  • Tulipa - tulip
  • Zantedeschia - calla lily

    Mother and daughter walking among lavender fields in the summer

Flowers Everywhere

Flower names for girls aren't reserved just for humans. You can use these unique flower names for your dog or even to name your favorite flower plant. If you love flower names, you might also get inspired by hippie baby names or baby names inspired by nature.

Unique Flower-Inspired Names for Girls