101 Exceptional Girl Names That Start With E

Published November 16, 2020
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Girl names that start with E provide some very unique choices for your baby's name. Exceptional girl names can be found when you explore the letter E and may capture your imagination.

Unique Girl Names That Start With E

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby girl that no one else might use, there are a few you may want to consider. It's always good to know the meaning of a name to help you decide if it is the right name for your little girl.

  1. Eada: Wealthy (English)
  2. Ealasaid: God devotee (Gaelic)
  3. Earie: From the East (Scottish)
  4. Earlena: Noble (English)
  5. Earwyna: Friend of the sea (English)
  6. Eathelyn: Noble waterfall (English)
  7. Eavan: Beautiful (Irish)
  8. Eberta: Smart, intelligent (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  9. Ebonique: Black (Greek)
  10. Ecaterina: Innocent one (Greek)
  11. Echo, Ekko: Sound, myth of nymph fading (Greek)
  12. Edolie: Sense of humor (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  13. Edrea: Wealthy defender, powerful (Hebrew)
  14. Edyte: Wealthy gift (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  15. Edyth: Happy warfare (English)
  16. Edythe: Spoils of war (English)
  17. Egberta, Egbertina, Egbertine, Egbertyne: Shining sword (English)
  18. Eibhlhin: Light (Irish)
  19. Eideann: Fiery (Gaelic)
  20. Emelina: Hardworking (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  21. Emerson: Brave, powerful (English)
  22. Emira: Worthy of merit (Latin)
Girl names that start with E

What Is the Most Popular E Name for a Girl?

You might want to name your baby girl one of the more popular girls' name. Using a popular name for your baby girl can tie her to a specific era that might be very desirable.

  1. Effie: Fair flame (Greek)
  2. Eilena: Life (Irish)
  3. Elaina: Light, torch, beautiful (Greek)
  4. Eliza: God is an oath, God is joyful (English)
  5. Ella: Goddess, fairy maiden (Hebrew), (English)
  6. Ellen. Elen: Light of moon or sun (Greek)
  7. Elli, Elly, Elle: Godly, devotion (Finnish), (English)
  8. Ellie: Variant of Elizabeth, God is bountiful (English)
  9. Elsa: My God is bountiful, God of plenty (English)
  10. Elsie: Noble (Greek)
  11. Emery: Brave ruler, valiant (German)
  12. Erin, Eryn: Peace (Gaelic)
  13. Essie, Essi: Star (Latin), (Finnish)
  14. Etta: Keeper of the hearth or home (German)

E Girl Names in the Bible

If you wish to name your baby with an ancient name found in the Bible, there are several names that start with E. These are names mentioned in the Bible and some of their variants.

  1. Eden, Edna: Biblical paradise, pleasure (Bible)
  2. Elana, Elanah: Light (Bible)
  3. Elanie: Oak tree (Bible)
  4. Elisabeth: God is my oath (Bible)
  5. Emily, Emilee, Emelia: Industrious (Latin)
  6. Emma, Ema: Healer, whole (Bible)
  7. Esther, Ester: Star (Bible Old Testament)
  8. Evangeline, Evangelina: Bringer of good tidings (Bible)
  9. Eve, Eva, Evie: Life (Bible)
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Girl Names That Start With El

You may want to choose a name for your baby girl that starts with El. If you like the melodic sound that El forms, you may find the ideal name for your precious little one. Some names have multiple ways to spell them or are variants of the meaning and are listed together.

  1. Elaine: Shining light (French)
  2. Elberta, Elberte, Elbertyna: Bright or glorious noble (English)
  3. Elda: Warrior (Italian)
  4. Eldoris: Of the sea (Greek)
  5. Eldreda: Sage (English)
  6. Eleanor, Elena, Eleni: Light, variant of Helen (Greek)
  7. Electra, Elektra: Fiery sun (Greek)
  8. Eleonora, Elenore, Elinor, Eilionoir: Shining light (Italian), (Gaelic)
  9. Eleta: Chosen (Latin)
  10. Elfreda: Of the elves or threat to elves (English), (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  11. Elfrida, Elfrieda: Good counselor, peaceful ruler (English), (German)
  12. Elga: Holy (Ancient German Teuton tribe)
  13. Elianna, Eliana: Daughter of Sun (Greek)
  14. Elicia: God is my salvation (Hebrew)
  15. Elikapeka: God is my oath (Hawaiian)
  16. Elin: Light (Swedish)
  17. Elisabetta, Elizabetta, Elspeth: God is bountiful (Italian)
  18. Elissa, Elysia, Elyssa: One from blessed Isles (Greek)
  19. Elita: Winged (English)
  20. Elizabeth, Elisem, Elisa: Royalty, my God is bountiful, God is plentiful (English), (French)
  21. Eloise: Warrior, known for battle prowess, variant of Louise (French)
  22. Elva: Elfin, counselor of the elf (English)
  23. Elvena: Good elf (English)
  24. Elvinia: Elfin (English), (Irish)
  25. Elyse: Noble (German)

Hispanic/Spanish Girl Names That Start With E

You may want to find a Hispanic/Spanish name for your baby girl. There are several great choices for little girl names that start with E.

  1. Earlene: Noble, shield (Spanish)
  2. Elvira: Truth, beauty, white (Spanish)
  3. Emesta: Serious (Spanish)
  4. Encarnacion: Mary of the Incarnation (Spanish)
  5. Erendira: One who smiles (Spanish, Aztec)
  6. Esmeralda, Ezmeralda: Emerald (Spanish)
  7. Esperanza: Hope (Spanish)
  8. Estebana: Crowned with laurels (Spanish)
  9. Estela,Estella, Estrella, Estrellita: Star (Spanish)
  10. Estelle: The star (Spanish)
  11. Evita: Living one (Spanish)

E Name List Girl in Hindi

If your heritage is Hindu, you may want to honor your family with a Hindi name. A few names for you to consider that start with E can help you choose the right one for your baby girl.

  1. Eakshaa: Rational (Hindi)
  2. Eartha: Born of the Earth, of the world (Hindi
  3. Eashita: Deserving of much (Hindi)
  4. Eashta: Eastward (Sanskri)
  5. Eashwari: Goddess Parvait (Hindi)
  6. Ebbani: Desire (Hindi)
  7. Ecchumati, Echamati: River, spontaneous (Hindi)
  8. Edha: Vigilant sacred person (Hindi)
  9. Edhitha: Increased, progressed (Hindi)
  10. Ellora: Cave temples of India (Hindi)
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Nostalgic Girl Names That Start With E

You may decide to honor an ancestor and choose your baby girl's name as a namesake for your great-grandmother. There are several popular nostalgic baby girl names you might want to browse.

  1. Evelyn: Life (English)
  2. Evette: Living one (Hebrew)
  3. Evonne: Archer. Variant Yvonne (French)
  4. Eda, Edee: Wealthy from spoils of war (English)
  5. Edita: Wealthy (Italian)
  6. Edwinna, Edwina: Rich in friendships (English)
  7. Erica, Erika: Forever eternal ruler; nobility, strength. (Scandinavian), (Norse)
  8. Ethel: Noble (German)
  9. Eugenia: Noble birth (Greek)
  10. Eunice: Joyful victory, she who conquers (Greek)

101 Girl Names Starting With E That You'll Love

There are so many choices when it comes to a baby girl's name that starts with the letter E. You can review these names several times to make sure you pick the very best one that matches your baby girl's essence.

101 Exceptional Girl Names That Start With E