112 Hungarian Baby Names

Published February 21, 2020
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Traditional Hungarian baby names are written with the family name, or last name first, and the given name second. Because of this unique naming system, parents looking for Hungarian inspired names can choose from both family names and classic given names.

Beautiful Hungarian Names for Girls

Hungarian names for girls often include translations of typical girl names you'd find around the world, but they also include names unique to this unusual language. Feminine names from Hungary have the strength of German baby names with an original spin that also makes them sound beautiful.

Common and Popular Girl Names in Hungary

The most common names in Hungary for girls haven't changed a ton over decades. There are always some new additions which you can see in comparing the most popular Hungarian girl names of 2015 with the most popular female names in Hungary in 2017.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Anna Grace AWN-naw
Boglárka Buttercup flower BOG-lar-kaw
Csenge To ring CHENG-geh
Dorina Gift of God DO-ree-naw
Fanni Frenchwoman FAWN-nee
Hanna Grace HAWN-naw
Jázmin Flower name YAZ-meen
Lilla To envy LEEL-law
Lili My God is an oath LEE-lee
Luca Light loo-TSAH
Margit Pearl MAWR-geet
Nóra Honour NO-raw
Réka Unknown REH-kaw
Zoé Life zoh-ay
Zsófia Wisdom ZHO-fee-aw

Most Common Girl Names in Hungary in the 1940s and 1950s

In the 1940s and 1950s common Hungarian names started to modernize, and you'd see a mix of traditional and international names on the top name lists. The translations of these international names to Hungarian gives them an exotic edge.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ágnes Chaste AG-nesh
Edit Wealth war EH-deet
Erzsébet My God is an oath EHR-zheh-beht
Gizella Pledge GEE-zehl-law
Ildikó Battle EEL-dee-ko
Ilona Unknown EE-lo-naw
Irén Peace EE-rehn
Katalin Unknown KAW-taw-leen
Róza Rose RO-zaw
Teréz Summer/Harvest TEH-rehz
Zsuzsanna Lilly ZHOO-zhawn-naw
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Names of Famous Female Hungarians

The names of famous Hungarians like singers, writers and pioneers in different career fields make great inspiration for baby girl names.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Blanka Educator Teleki; White BLAWNG-kaw
Eszter Engineer Pécsi; Star EHS-tehr
Magda Novelist Szabó; Tower MAWG-daw
Sass Explorer Flóra; Eagle SHOSH
Sena Singer Dagadu; Moon sheh-naw
Szandra Designer Sándor; Defending men SAWN-draw
Veres Educator Pálné; Red veh-resh
Vilma Doctor Hugonnai: Desire to protect VEEL-maw

Unique Girl Names Originating From Hungary

Unique names for girls originating from Hungary tend to end in the letter "a" and be reminiscent of popular modern names.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Etel Little EH-tehl
Eufrozina Merriment EHW-frah-gee-naw
Felicitás Good luck FEH-lee-tsee-tash
Irmuska Universal EER-moosh-kaw
Izidóra Gift of Isis iz-i-DOH-raw
Jolánka Good girl yo-LAHN-kaw
Klotild Famous battle KLAATIHLD
Romána Roman rah-man-aw
Sarolt White weasel sah-rolt
Tündér Fairy TUYN-dehr

Medieval Hungarian Girl Names

While some of the most common women's names from the 1400s and 1500s in Hungary are still popular today, many remain classic and uncommon baby names today.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Borbála Foreign BOR-ba-law
Dorottya Gift of God DO-rok-kyaw
Fruzsina Merriment FROO-zhee-naw
Heléna Unknown HEH-leh:-naw
Józsa God will add YO-jah
Judit Jewish woman YOO-deet
Klára Bright/Famous KLA-raw
Márta The lady MAR-taw
Orsolya Little bear OR-sho-yaw
Piroska Ancient/Red PEE-rosh-kaw

Cool Hungarian Names for Boys

Hungarian names for boys have a cool vibe that's a great mix of strong names and names with a gender neutral sound.

Common and Popular Boy Names in Hungary

Some of the most popular boy names in Hungary in 2017 are traditional Hungarian names while others are common around the world.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ádám Man AH-dahm
Bence To conquer BEHN-tseh
Dominik Of the lord doh-mee-neek
István That which surrounds EESHT-van
János God is gracious YA-nosh
József He will add YO-zhehf
László Glory rule LAHS-loh
Levente Will be LEH-vehn-teh
Marcell Male Marr-sell
Zoltán King ZOHL-tan
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Most Common Boy Names in Hungary in the 1940s and 1950s

In the 1940s and 1950s in Hungary, some parents started moving away from traditional names and used more modern, international names.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ferenc Frenchman FEH-rents
Gábor God is my strong man GAH-bor
György Farmer JUURJ
Péter Stone PEH-tehr
Sándor Defending men SHAN-dor
Tibor Of Tibur TEE-bor

Names of Famous Hungarian Men

From Hungarian kings and princes to actors who were born in Hungary, there are many famous men whose names you could use for your little star.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ákos Singer Kovács; White falcon AH-kohsh
Árpád Hungarian Prince; Barley AR-pad
Attila Swimmer Czene; Little father AW-teel-law
Béla Hungarian King; Unknown BEH-law
Endre Photographer Friedmann; Unknown END-reh
Ernő Inventor Rubik; Serious EHR-nuu
Gyula Actor Csortos; Unknown JOO-law
Ignaz Physician Semmelweis; Fire eeg-nahsh

Unique Boy Names Originating From Hungary

Unique names for boys originating from Hungary sound cool and unlike most other names you've heard before.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Arisztid Best ah-ris-tid
Bartal Son of Talmai BAARTAHL
Bonifác Good fate boh-nee-fahsh
Etele Little father eh-teh-leh
Kajetán From Gaeta kah-yeh-tahn
Kazimír To destroy the world kah-zee-mir
Móric Dark-skinned MO-reets

Medieval Hungarian Boy Names

Modern forms of common 1400s and 1500s Hungarian names for boys could make a comeback if you choose to use them for your little guy. These names were often inspired by Biblical names.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
András Manly AWN-drash
Balázs Lisp BAW-lazh
Balynth Unknown bah-ynt
Benedek Blessed BEH-neh-dehk
Esthwan Unknown EHST-vahn
Gorgein Unknown gor-gayn
Ianost Unknown ee-ah-nosht
Imre Ruler EEM-reh
Mathe Gift from God mawt
Mathias Gift from God maw-tee-aws
Mihály Who is like God? MEE-hay
Pál Humble PAL
Tamás Twin TAW-mash
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Hungarian Last Names to Use As First Names

Hungarian surnames, or family names, are traditionally written first, so a modern take on these traditional names would be to use them as first names. Since surnames were typically descriptive, they can have great meaning as first names too. These names were used by men and women as family names so they could be used as gender neutral baby names.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Almássy Apple alm-ahs-ee
Arany Golden ah-ranyee
Baráth Friend ba-raht
Báthory Hero bah-toh-ree
Eszes Clever ehsesh
Fodor Curly hair foh-door
Kardos Sword kar-dosh
Kedves Kind kehd-vesh
Kovács Smith (profession) koh-vahtch
Magyar Hungarian mahd-yar
Német German nay-meht
Petõ Child of Peter peh-too
Rózsa Child of Rosa roh-jah
Vadas Wild vah-dahsh

Hungary for Baby Names

While it might not be your first stop, visiting Hungary for baby names can help you find truly unique names with uncommon pronunciations and spellings. While some might find these names weird at first, Hungarian baby names have a lot of potential for creating new trends around the world as parents look for original names.

112 Hungarian Baby Names