117 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With B

Published November 17, 2020
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Girl names that start with B offer you many choices for a baby girl name. You can choose from girl names that are unique, to outstanding names that start with Br, to B names that have a religious context, tribute, or reference to God.

Girl Names That Start With B and Reference God

Several girl names that start with B have meanings that are tributes or references to God. These and other religious baby girl names can be very endearing names for your baby girl.

  1. Babette: Pledged to God (French)
  2. Bellarose: Rose vow to God (English)
  3. Bess: Pledged to God, God is my oath, nickname for Elizabeth (English)
  4. Beth: Pledged to God, nickname for Elizabeth (English)
  5. Bethel: House of God (Latin)
  6. Bethune: House of God (Hebrew)
  7. Betsy: Pledged to God, God is my oath (Hebrew)
  8. Bettina: Blessed, God is my oath (Italian)
  9. Betty, Bettie: Pledged to God (Hebrew)
  10. Blessing: Gift of the divine, consecration (English)
  11. Brenley: Answer to prayer (Modern)
  12. Briella: God is my strength (Hebrew)
  13. Bunme: My gift (Egyptian)
Beautiful Girl Names That Start With B

Girls' Names Beginning With Br

If you want to browse girl names that start with Br, then you are in for a great surprise. There is a wealth of girl names you can choose from for your little girl's perfect name.

  1. Bracha: Blessing (Hebrew)
  2. Braelyn, Braelynn: Honorable, strong (Irish)
  3. Brandi, Brandy: Burned wine or brandewine (Dutch)
  4. Braylee, Brayleigh: Bright like shining star (Modern)
  5. Braylin, Braylynn: Bray(borderland) and Lynn (lake) (Modern)
  6. Brea, Bree: Noble (Irish)
  7. Breanna: Noble (Irish)
  8. Breck: Freckled (Irish)
  9. Brenda: Torch or sword (Nordic)
  10. Brendalynn: Beacon on hill (Irish)
  11. Brenna: Raven or black-haired (Gaelic)
  12. Brexley: Suburb in Ohio (Modern)
  13. Bria: Hill, kind and noble (Irish), (Spanish)
  14. Briana, Brianna, Briannah: Noble, strong (Celtic)
  15. Briar: Bramble, shrub or tree (English)
  16. Bridget, Bridgette: Power, strength, Virgo (Gaelic)
  17. Brie: Marshland (Latin)
  18. Brielle: Hill (Irish)
  19. Brienne: Noble, exalted (Gaelic)
  20. Brigantia: High One (Irish)
  21. Brigetta: Strong (Swedish)
  22. Brighton: From bright town (English)
  23. Brigid: Strong, powerful, virtuous (Irish)
  24. Briley: Meadow, woodlands, briar clearing (English)
  25. Brilynn: Powerful, beautiful (English)
  26. Brinlee, Brinleigh, Brinley: Burnt meadow (English)
  27. Briony, Bryony: Flowering vine heart-shaped leaves (English)
  28. Brisa: Breeze (Spanish)
  29. Briseis: Captive maiden give to Achilles (Greek)
  30. Bristol: Meeting place by the bridge (English)
  31. Brit: From Britain (Celtic)
  32. Britannia: Island of Britain (Roman)
  33. Britney, Brittney, Brittnee: From Brittany (French)
  34. Britta: Strong, exalted one (Swedish)
  35. Brittany, Brittanie, Brittaney: Brittany region of France (French)
  36. Brooke, Brook: Small stream (Irish)
  37. Brooklyn, Brooklynn, Brookelynn: Lives near a brook (English)
  38. Bryanna: High, noble exalted one (Irish)
  39. Bryce: Of Britain (English)
  40. Brylee, Bryleigh: Natural beauty (Modern)
  41. Bryn, Brynn: Hill (Welsh)
  42. Brynlee, Brynleigh, Brynley, Brynlie: Burned meadow (Irish)
  43. Bristol, Brystol: Meeting place by the bridge (English)

Beautiful and Joyful Girl Names That Start With B

You can find quite a few girl names that start with B that express beauty and joy. Other emotions, such as cheerfulness and happiness, are also meanings of some outstanding girl names that start with B.

  1. Bea: She brings joy, happiness (American)
  2. Beatrice: She makes happy (French)
  3. Beatrix: One who brings joy, happiness (Latin)
  4. Becky: Beautiful, tie/bind (English), (Hebrew)
  5. Belinda: Beautiful (Italian)
  6. Bella: Beautiful (Italian)
  7. Belle: Beautiful (French)
  8. Bonnie: Good, attractive (Scottish)
  9. Bonny-Lee: Charming, pretty (Scottish)
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Girl Names That Start With B That Have Unexpected Meanings

Some girl names have unexpected meanings. These meanings give each name depth and provide a greater insight to how one of these names might better suit your baby girl.

  1. Barbara: Strange or foreign (Greek)
  2. Barbie: Nickname for Barbara (Latin)
  3. Belen: Bethlehem (Spanish)
  4. Berkeley, Berkley: Birch tree meadow (English)
  5. Bernadette: Brave bear (French)
  6. Bernadine: Glorious (French)
  7. Bernette: Bear, bear hard (French)
  8. Bernice, Bernyce: Bringer of victory (Greek)
  9. Berry: Stronghold, fortified manor house (English)
  10. Bertha: Bright, famous (German)
  11. Bethany, Bethanie: House of welcome, house of figs (Geek)
  12. Beverly, Beverley: Beaver clearing (English)
  13. Bianca, Bianka: White (Italian)
  14. Billie: Determination, resolute, protector (English)
  15. Birdie: Bird like (English)
  16. Blair, Blaire: Plain meadow or field (Gaelic)
  17. Blake: Dark hair (English)
  18. Bobbi: Diminutive Barbara or Roberta (English)

B Baby Girl Names That Are Unique

If you want a unique baby girl name that starts with B, you can find several great ones. Many of these names are popular choices in a variety of languages.

  1. Babita: Stranger (Greek)
  2. Baha: Splendid, glorious (Arabic)
  3. Baila: Dance (Spanish)
  4. Bailee, Baileigh, Bailey: Berry Clearing (English)
  5. Bairbre: Foreign woman, stranger (Gaelic)
  6. Banny: Kind (Australian)
  7. Bathsheba: Daughter of oath (Hebrew)
  8. Baylee, Bayleigh, Bayley, Bailee, Baylie: Law enforcer, bailiff, courtyard of castle (French)
  9. Bayler: Horse trainer (English)
  10. Beatriz: She brings happiness to others (Spanish)
  11. Becca: Tie or bind (Hebrew)
  12. Beckett: Cottage, shelter (English)
  13. Benedetta: Blessed (Spanish)
  14. Benetta, Bennetta: Blessed (Latin)
  15. Bentley, Bently, Bentlee: From meadow of bent grass
  16. Berdina: Glorious (German)
  17. Berenice: Bearer of victory (Greek)
  18. Bertille: Outstanding, amazing warrior (Teuton Tribe)
  19. Bexley: Woodland clearing (English)
  20. Biana: Variant of Bianca (Latin)
  21. Blayke: Fair hair (English)
  22. Blakely: Black, woodland clearing (Scottish)
  23. Blakelyn: Dark lake (English)
  24. Blanca: White (Spanish)
  25. Blanche: White (French)
  26. Bliss, Blyss: Joy, happiness (English)
  27. Blix: Cheerful, Joy (Swedish)
  28. Blondie: Blonde hair, caressing (English), (Latin)
  29. Blossom: To bloom (English)
  30. Blysee: Intense joy (English)
  31. Blythe, Blithe: Joyful, cheerful (English)
  32. Bo: To live (Scandinavian)
  33. Bowie: Yellow, fair hair, unisex name (Scottish)
  34. Bunny: Little rabbit (English)

Girl Names That Start With B Provide Many Choices

You can find numerous girl names that start with B as possible choices for your baby girl. You can review the names more than once to ensure you have thoroughly examined all possible names for your little girl.

117 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With B