119+ Girl Names That Start With P (From Playful to Poetic)

Published December 1, 2020
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If you're on the lookout for girl names that start with p, know that there are some great options available to choose from. Take your time picking the perfect name and have fun checking out their meanings.

Girl Names That Start With P

There are a ton of cute and unique girl names that start with P.

What Are Some Girl Names That Start With P?

Some girl names that start with P include:

  • Papillon: Butterfly
  • Pascala: Born near Easter and Passover feast
  • Percie: Piercing valley
  • Prima: First-born child
  • Pastora: Shepherdess
  • Pari: Fairy
  • Patrice: Noble
  • Pila: Protection
  • Paule: Small
  • Pierretta: Stone
  • Patia: High and leaf
  • Parina: Fairy
  • Polita: Intelligent
  • Preya: Loved
  • Preet: Love
  • Parrie: Son of Harry and also a type of duck
  • Pille: Wolf
  • Polika: Of Muslim origin with no known meaning
  • Parish: Nearby a church and near Paris
  • Pippin: One who travels
  • Philina: Love
  • Perlita: Little pearl
  • Pura: Pure
  • Parni: Leaf
  • Pavani: A type of Indian goddess
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Cool Names That Start With P

Cool names for girls that begin with P:

  • Pippa: One who loves horses
  • Panya: Crown
  • Pasha: Small
  • Prewitt: Brave
  • Pheodora: Gift
  • Paz: Peace
  • Pavla: Small
  • Petunia: Related to the French word for flower, type of flower
  • Prutha: Hand
  • Phoenix: Deep red and related to a mythical bird
  • Pali: Bird
  • Prina: Satisfied, happy
  • Perry: One who walks near the pear tree
  • Powell: Son of Hywel
  • Philomena: Friend
  • Prescott: Related to cottage and dwelling
  • Pru: Sound judgment
  • Polly: Loved and star of the ocean
  • Poppy: Red flower
  • Penny: One who weaves
  • Presley: Priest
  • Pixie: Fairy
  • Pola: Poppy
  • Poesy: Poetry
  • Priya: Loved
  • Portland: Near the port
  • Precious: Valued
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Baby Girl Names That Start With P

Baby girl names that begin with the letter P:

  • Peggy: Pearl
  • Phyllis: Foliage
  • Pella: Rock and God's wonder
  • Paula: Humble
  • Pernilla: Rock and stone
  • Pax: Peace
  • Pete: Rock
  • Penley: Meadow
  • Pip: One who loves horses
  • Pierce: Rock
  • Patrisha: Noble
  • Patterson: Son of Patrick
  • Payson: Peace
  • Pim: Protection
  • Palmer: Palm tree
  • Patton: Son of Patrick

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Unique baby girl name options:

  • Phoebe: Bright
  • Pia: Religious
  • Palmyra: City of Palm trees
  • Parson: Priest
  • Porcia: Guardian of pigs
  • Pearson: Rock
  • Petrina: Stone
  • Primrose: First rose
  • Prune: Plum
  • Promise: Virtuous
  • Pace: Peace
  • Prudence: Sound judgment
  • Petra: Rock
  • Pearl: Small bead
  • Priyanka: Lovable
  • Perla: Pearl
  • Pascale: Having to do with Easter
  • Priscilla: Respectable
  • Piper: Flute
  • Persephonie: Bringer of destruction from Greek mythology
  • Paden: Royal
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Goddess Names Starting With P

Goddess inspired P names for girls:

  • Pallas: Wisdom
  • Pele: Miracle
  • Pandia: Brightness
  • Parthenos: Virgin
  • Peltha: Referring to goddess of persuasion
  • Pestit: Referring to the sun goddess
  • Pestu: Referring to goddess of light
  • Peitho: Referring to goddess of persuasion
  • Paidia: Referring to goddess of play
  • Panatis: Referring to the goddess of weaving
  • Panacea: Referring to the goddess of curing
  • Penelope: In Greek mythology, she was Odysseus's wife and was known for being faithful and loyal

Girl Names That Start With PA

Girl names that begin with PA:

  • Paisley: Church
  • Patricia: Noble
  • Paxton: Peaceful town
  • Paulina: Humble
  • Panna: Wisdom
  • Pansy: Referring to a flower
  • Patsy: Noble
  • Paris: Wallet; referring to the city in France
  • Pat: Noble
  • Pam: Honey
  • Padma: Lotus
  • Parker: One who maintains a park
  • Pandora: Gifted
  • Paulette: Humble
  • Payton: A warrior's home
  • Paget: An attendant
  • Patrina: Noble
  • Patience: Patient
  • Paige: One who helps
  • Parisa: Fairy
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What Name Starts With the Letter P?

Picking out the perfect girl's name that begins with P can take some time. Enjoy the process and make sure your favorite name's meaning works for you.

119+ Girl Names That Start With P (From Playful to Poetic)