125+ Boy Names That Start With D (From Daring to Dreamy)

Published November 30, 2020
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Baby boy names that start with D can range from daring to dreamy. You can explore the meaning of each name to determine if it fits your little man.

Baby Boy Names Starting With D and Meanings

You can see the meaning of each name with a list of baby boy names that start with D. You may find new names that are intriguing and ideal candidates for your little boy's name.

  1. Dacey: From the south (Gaelic)
  2. Daegan: Black-haired (Gaelic)
  3. Daelan: Historical blacksmith with supernatural powers (English)
  4. Dag: Day (Norse)
  5. Dagen: Black-haired (Gaelic)
  6. Dagon: Fish, fish-god (Hebrew)
  7. Dagwood: From the shiny forest (English)
  8. Dai: Large (Welsh)
  9. Daileass: From the waterfall (Scottish)
  10. Daire: Fruitful or dark oak (Irish)
  11. Dakari: Happiness (African)
  12. Dakota: Friend (Native American)
  13. Dale: Lives in the dell or valley (English)
  14. Dallas: Meadow dwelling (Scottish)
  15. Dalton: From the town or settlement in the dale (English)
  16. Damarion: Of the sea (African)
  17. Damian, Damien: Powerful man of people (Greek)
  18. Damion: Tame (Greek)
  19. Damir: Peace (Russian)
  20. Damon: Subdue (Greek)
  21. Dandre: Brave, manly (French)
  22. Dane: God is my judge (Scandinavian)
  23. Daniel: God is my judge (Hebrew)
  24. Danilo: God is with us (Spanish)
  25. Danny: God is my judge (Hebrew)
  26. Dante: Everlasting (Latin)
  27. Dardanus: Founder of Troy (Greek)
  28. Darian, Darien: Gift (Greek)
  29. Dariel, Darrell: Open (French)
  30. Darius: Rich (Persian)
  31. Dionysus: Healer, god of wine (Greek)
  32. Dixon: Son of Richard (Anglo-Saxon)
  33. Doane: Rolling hills (English)
  34. Dolphus: Noble wolf (German)
  35. Donald: Ruler of all, world ruler (Gaelic)
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Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With D

You may want to pick a name that starts with D for your baby boy that is just as unique as he is. You can choose one that sounds great and has a really cool meaning.

  1. Dangelo: From the angel (Italian)
  2. Dario: Good, mighty (Greek)
  3. Dash: From the ash (English)
  4. Dawson: David's son (English)
  5. Dax: Roman town in French region of Gascony (French)
  6. Daxon: Water (French)
  7. Daxton: From town of Dax (French)
  8. Dichali: Speaks a lot (Native American)
  9. Diego: May God protect (Spanish)
  10. Diesel: People, race (English)
  11. Dino: From the dene (Italian)
  12. Dirk: Ruler of the people (Holland)
  13. Dohasan: Little bluff (Native American: Kiowa)
  14. Donato: Gift from God (Latin)
  15. Dontae, Donte: Enduring (English)
  16. Dov: Bear (Hebrew)
  17. Dovid: Beloved (Hebrew)
  18. Drake: Dragon (English)
  19. Draven: Of the raven (Gaelic)
  20. Duke: Leader; a royal title (English)
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Baby Boy Names That Start With De

If you like the way De sounds, there are quite a few names for you to consider. You may discover a few new names that intrigue you as potential names for your baby boy.

  1. Deacon: Servant, church official (Greek)
  2. Dean: From the valley (English)
  3. Deandre: Of Andrew (Latin)
  4. Deangelo: Of the angels (Italian)
  5. Dearborn: From the deer brook (English)
  6. Decker: Ditch digger (English)
  7. Declan, Deklan: Full of goodness, man of prayer (Irish)
  8. Deegan: Black-haired chief (Irish)
  9. Deion: God of wine and revelry (Greek), (American)
  10. Demarcus: Son of Marcus (Latin)
  11. Demari: Strong man (Roman)
  12. Demetri: Follower of Demeter (Latin)
  13. Demetrius: Devotee of Demeter (Greek)
  14. Dempsey: Proud (Gaelic)
  15. Denim: Strong cloth (French)
  16. Dennis: Follower of Dionysius (Greek)
  17. Denton: From the town or settlement in the den (English)
  18. Denver: Green valley (English)
  19. Denzel: From the high stronghold (Cornish)
  20. Deon, Deion: God, devotee of Dionysos (English)
  21. Derek, Derrick: People's ruler (English)
  22. Dermod: Free man (Gaelic)
  23. Dermott: Free man (Gaelic)
  24. Deron: One who belongs to God (Armenian)
  25. Derwin: Friend of the deer (English)
  26. Deshawn: God is gracious (African American)
  27. Desiderio: Desired (Italian)
  28. Desmond, Dezmond: Descendant of the man from Southern Munster (Irish)
  29. Destin: Destiny, fate (French)
  30. Devin: Poet, poetic (Celtic)
  31. Devon: Defender, poet (Irish) (Gaelic)
  32. Devonte: To fight for justice (Spanish)
  33. Devyn: Poet, young deer (Irish), (Gaelic)
  34. Dex: Variant of Dexter right-handed (Latin)
  35. Dexter: One who dyes clothes, right-handed (English), (Latin)
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Great Indian D Names for Boys

There are many great Indian boy names that start with D. The meanings of the names in this list are very uplifting and positive.

  1. Daha: Blazing, very bright
  2. Dayanidhi: Kind person
  3. Dayaram: Merciful
  4. Dayasagar: Sea of mercy
  5. Devang: Part of God
  6. Devarsh: God's gift
  7. Dhanu: Man of wealth
  8. Dhanvin: Hindu Lord Shiva
  9. Diliso: Beautiful sky
  10. Dinpal: Sun
  11. Durgesh: Lord of fort
  12. Dwijesh: Moon
  13. Dyaus: King of heaven, first man on Earth
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D Letter Names For Boy In Telugu

If you speak Telugu, you may prefer known Telugu boy names that start with D for your little guy. You can choose a name based on its meaning or the way it sounds when you speak it.

  1. Deepansu: Ray of light
  2. Denesh: The Lord of sun
  3. Deu: Morality, preserver
  4. Devarya: Divine belief
  5. Devasya: Like God
  6. Devdath: Son of God
  7. Dewa: Deity, divine being, angel
  8. Dhama: Ray, strength, majesty
  9. Dhana: Money, wealth
  10. Dhanu: Man of wealth, the bow
  11. Dixit: Intelligent, capable, brave
  12. Diyan: Legend, lamp, leader, bright light
  13. Dwaraka: Gateway, capital of Lord Krishna
  14. Dwijesh: River, Lord Brahma
  15. Dyanush: Concentration
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Baby Boy Names Starting With D In Sanskrit

There are several Sanskrit boy names that start with D. You might find one that describes his budding personality of your little boy or expresses how you feel about your baby boy.

  1. Dhruv: The Polar star
  2. Depak: Shining bright
  3. Dev: Divine, god
  4. Daha: Blazing, very bright
  5. Dama: Control of the senses
  6. Dhan: Wealth, riches
  7. Dhir: Wise, patient
  8. Dina: Day, Lord of the poor, protector
  9. Dipa: That which illuminates, light
  10. Dosa: Evening
  11. Dron: Teacher of Arjun in Hindu epic

Dreamy Baby Boy Names That Start With D

You can find from daring to dreamy baby boy names that start with D to consider for your little guy. When you take your time to go through each list, you can discover new names that are adorable candidates for your baby boy.

125+ Boy Names That Start With D (From Daring to Dreamy)