130+ Irresistible Girl Names That Start With I

Published December 2, 2020
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Girl names that start with I can give you some great choices for your baby girl's name. You may find it difficult to choose just one name.

What Are Some Girl Names That Start With I?

You may prefer one of the girl names that starts with I that has a spiritual meaning. Other potential candidates for your little girl's moniker include strength and warrior attributes. These and other meanings provide you with strong and powerful choices for your baby's potential personality.

  1. Ileana: Torch, bright (Greek)
  2. Ilhan: Precious, to have a beautiful voice (Turkey)
  3. Iliana, Ilianna, Ilyana, Illiana, Illyana: Bright (Greek)
  4. Ilka: Torch, beautiful (Greek)
  5. Ilsa: God is abundance (Hebrew)
  6. Ilse: Consecrated to God (German)
  7. Ily: I love you (Modern English)
  8. Irma: War goddess (German)
  9. Irmina: War goddess (German)
  10. Irmine: War goddess (German)
  11. Isa: Strong willed (German)
  12. Isabel, Isabell, Isabelle: God is my oath (French)
  13. Isabela, Isabella: Pledged to God (Hebrew)
  14. Isabis: God is my oath (Hebrew)
  15. Iyonna: Favor, grace (Greek)
  16. Izabel: God's promise (Hebrew)
  17. Izabela: God's promise (Hebrew)
  18. Izabell: God is my oath, my god is abundance (Spanish)
  19. Izabella: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  20. Izabelle: God's promise (Hebrew)
  21. Ize: Sun (Native American)
  22. Izel: Only one (Turkish)
  23. Izett: Gazed upon (English)
  24. Izusa: White stone (Native American)
  25. Izzabella: Loyal to God (Spanish)
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Girl Names That Start With I With Nature Meanings

Girl names that start with I and have nature meanings are often melodic and evoke images of flowering meadows and babbling brooks. You may find one of these beautiful names the ideal choice for your baby girl.

  1. Iaera: Nymph (Latin)
  2. Ibola: Flower (Latin)
  3. Ica: Light (Greek)
  4. Icelyn: Cold or icy (Norwegian)
  5. Idalia: Sun (Spanish)
  6. Ila: From the island (French)
  7. Ilana: Tree (Hebrew)
  8. Ilma: Air (Scandinavian)
  9. India: Noble, derivative of Indus River (Indian)
  10. Indra: Possessing drops of rain (Indian)
  11. Indya: From River Indus (Indian)
  12. Inola: Black fox (Native American)
  13. Iolana: Soar like eagle (Hawaiian)
  14. Iolonthe: Violet (Greek)
  15. Iona, Ionna: Island (Norse)
  16. Ireland: Land of abundance, fertile land (Celtic)
  17. Irelyn, Irelynn: Peace, lake of peace (Greek), (Gaelic)
  18. Iris: Flower, messenger of gods, personification of rainbow (Greek)
  19. Irisa: Rainbow (Greek)
  20. Irisia: Rainbow (Greek)
  21. Irvette: Sea friend (English)
  22. Isela: Island (Scottish)
  23. Islay: Bright as sun (Scottish)
  24. Isley: From the hazel grove (English)
  25. Italy: Land of young cattle/calf (Latin)
  26. Ituha: Sturdy oak (Native American)
  27. Itzel: Rainbow (Spanish)
  28. Ivee: Plant (English)
  29. Ivette: Yew (French)
  30. Ivey, Ivie, Ivy: Climbing plant (English)
  31. Ivyana, Ivyanna, Iyana: Flower (African)
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What Is a Unique Name for a Girl That Starts With I?

You may want to name your little princess with a unique name that starts with I. When you focus on selecting a unique name for your baby girl, you are ensured of giving her a name that will stand out.

  1. Ida: Labor, work (German)
  2. Idalina: Working noble (German Teuton tribe)
  3. Ideashia: Modern name for Ida and Aisha (English)
  4. Idetta: Hard working (French)
  5. Ilaria: Cheerful (Italian)
  6. Imelda: Warrior woman (Spanish/Italian)
  7. Imogen, Imogene: Innocent maiden (Latin)
  8. Imogena: Innocent (Gaelic)
  9. Ina: Home, to entertain (Anglo-Saxon)
  10. Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra (Hindi)
  11. Indrani: Goddess of sky (Indian)
  12. Indy: Independent, Indian (American), (Indian)
  13. Ines, Inez: Holy, pure (Spanish), (Portuguese)
  14. Inessa: Pure, holy (Greek/Spanish)
  15. Infinity: Endless, limitless (French)
  16. Isane: Strong willed (German)
  17. Isha: One who protects (Sanskrit)
  18. Ishani: Desire (Sanskrit)
  19. Ishanvi: Goddess of knowledge (Hindi)
  20. Ishika: Belongs to God (Hindi)
  21. Ishtar: Goddess of love (Persian)
  22. Isis: Woman of the throne (Egyptian)
  23. Isla: Brilliant, dynamic (Scottish)
  24. Izso: God's salvation (Hebrew)
  25. Izzy: God is my oath (Spanish)
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Faith and Gratitude Meanings for Girl Names That Start With I

You can find faith, grace and strength in many of the girl names that start with I. In fact, some of the meanings for these names reveal a strength in faith and gracious gratititude.

  1. Iman: Faith (Arabic)
  2. Imani: Faith (African)
  3. Inaaya: Gift from God (Indian)
  4. Inara: Ray of light (Arabic)
  5. Inari: Successful one, name of village (Japanese), (Nordic)
  6. Inaya: God answered, concerned (Hebrew), (Arabic)
  7. Inayah: Kindness, grace (Arabic)
  8. Inca: Goddess, light (Quechuan)
  9. Indi: Indian (Hindi)
  10. Indiana: Land of the Indians (American)
  11. Ioke: Joyful one (Hawaiian)
  12. Iqrq: Read (Arabic)
  13. Ira: Watchful (Hebrew)
  14. Iran-Dokht: Daughter of Iran (Persian)
  15. Irie: Happy, carefree (Jamaican)
  16. Irina: Greek goddess of peace (Greek)
  17. Isadora: Gift of Isis (Greek)
  18. Ismene: Knowledge (Greek)
  19. Isobail: Devoted to God (Gaelic)
  20. Itzayana: Gift of God (Mayan)
  21. Iva, Ivah: Overturning (Hebrew)
  22. Ivana, Ivanna: Gift from God (Serbian)
  23. Ivanka: God is gracious (Russian)
  24. Ivyonna: Love forever (Modern American)
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Ancient Girl Names That Start With I for Modern Girls

Girl names that start with I that are ancient stand the test of time, but are still used for modern baby names. You can give your little girl the gift of antiquity when you choose a name with ancient origins.

  1. Indie: India (Indian)
  2. Indigo: Blue dye from India (Greek)
  3. Indira: Splendid (Sanskrit)
  4. Inga: Guarded by Ing (Norse/Scandinavian)
  5. Inge: Belonging to Ing (Scandinavian)
  6. Ingeborg: Stronghold, protection (German)
  7. Ingrid: Beloved, beautiful (Norse)
  8. Iniko: Born during troubled times (African)
  9. Inka: Lover of horses (Greek)
  10. Irani: Modern place (Persian)
  11. Irayna: Peace (Greek)
  12. Ire: Goodness of God (Nigerian)
  13. Irena: Peace (Spanish)
  14. Irene: Peace (Greek)
  15. Isobel: My God is an oath, beautiful (French)
  16. Isoke: Gift from God (African)
  17. Isolda: Beautiful (Welsh)
  18. Isolde: She who is gazed upon (German)
  19. Isra, Israa: Journey or travel at night (Arabic)
  20. Israel: God contended, wrestles with God, triumphant with God (Hebrew)
  21. Issabella: Pledged to God (English)
  22. Italia: Italy (Italian)
  23. Ivonne: Ye, Archer (French)
  24. Ivory: White as elephant tusks (English)
  25. Iyanna: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  26. Iyla: Bright one (Greek)
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Choosing the Perfect Girl Names That Start With I

If you want to choose the perfect girl name that starts with I for your little one, you may want to review different lists. Ultimately, the meaning of the name may prove the deciding factor for your name selection.

130+ Irresistible Girl Names That Start With I