137 Middle Names for Girls (as Lovely as Them)

Published November 16, 2021
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There are so many amazing middle names for girls, so you're sure to find the perfect moniker for your daughter. You can opt for short and sweet, or lengthier and lovely names. Look to Greek mythology, to nature, or to unique locales throughout the world for middle name inspiration. Whether you gravitate toward traditional classics or rare picks, this ultimate middle name list is sure to have your girl's name on it.

Traditional Middle Names for Girls

You simply can't go wrong with a classic! These middle name options have stood the test of time. They have graced countless babies, and continue to be popular choices among parents who favor names that are timeless and traditional.

  • Ann - Hebrew name meaning "God has favored me"
  • Caroline - Old English name meaning "beloved" or "valuable"
  • Catherine - Latin name meaning "pure"
  • Elizabeth - Hebrew name meaning "God is my oath" Bonus: There are so many great nicknames for Elizabeth that parents can opt to use.
  • Jane -English name meaning "God is gracious"
  • Louise - English name meaning "famous female warrior"
  • Lynn - Welsh name meaning "lake"
  • Margaret -Greek origins, means "pearl"
  • Marie -Marie is of French origin and means "star of the sea"
  • Mary - Biblical name likely derived from the name Miriam. May mean "beloved" "bitter" or "rebellious"

Short and Sweet Middle Names for Girls

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If you have decided on a longer first name for your daughter, you might want to keep her middle name short. These short and sweet middle names are meaningful, even though they're succinct.

  • Ahsa - Arabic name meaning "alive and well"
  • Ara - Arabic name meaning "bringer of rain"
  • Cleo - Greek name meaning "to praise"
  • Dawn - English name meaning "daybreak"
  • Demi - French name meaning "half"
  • Emma - German name meaning "whole" or "universal"
  • Etta - French name meaning "keeper of the hearth"
  • Elin - Welsh name meaning "most beautiful woman"
  • Elsa - Hebrew name meaning "God's promise"
  • Eva - Latin name meaning "life"
  • Gia - Latin name meaning "God is gracious"
  • Hope - English name meaning "desire to be"
  • Ida - Greek name meaning "hardworking"
  • Ivy - Represents the plant of this name, as well as a symbol of fertility
  • Joni - Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious"
  • Lia - Greek name meaning "bearer of good news"
  • Mina - German name meaning "love"
  • Opal - Hindu and Sanskrit origin meaning "gem" or "jewel"

Stunning Goddess-like Middle Names

Your daughter is a goddess in your eyes. Give her a middle name that reflects her special status in your heart.

  • Andromeda - Greek mythological name meaning "to advise like a man"
  • Anthea - Goddess of flowers and wreaths (perfect for a nature-loving family)
  • Arete - Goddess associated with qualities such as excellence, courage, and knowledge
  • Athena - Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom
  • Asia - In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of the sea god, Oceanus.
  • Cassandra - Means "prophetess" in Greek
  • Cybele - According to Greek mythology, Cybele was the goddess of health, fertility, and nature.
  • Diana - Goddess of the moon and the hunt
  • Gaia - Means "mother earth" in ancient Greek
  • Hera - Hera means "queen" in Greek. She was the wife of Zeus and considered a queenly Goddess.
  • Phoebe - Greek meaning is "bright" or "shining"
  • Selene - Greek Goddess of the moon

Darling Single Syllable Middle Names for Girls

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Sometimes less is more! These names have only a single syllable, yet they are giants when it comes to meaning and beauty.

  • Joy - Latin name meaning "happiness"
  • Kate - English name meaning "pure"
  • Liv - Scandinavian name meaning "defense"
  • Mae - English name meaning "bitter" or "pearl"
  • Noor - Arabic name meaning "light"
  • Rose - Latin for a flower
  • Ruth - Hebrew name meaning "friend"
  • Wren - English name meaning "small bird"

Long and Lovely Middle Names for a Daughter

If your daughter has a short first name, you might want to try a longer middle name on for size. These lengthy middle name choices are long and lovely possibilities for your daughter.

  • Alessandra - Italian name meaning "defender of man"
  • Anastasia - Greek name meaning "resurrection"
  • Antoinette - French name meaning "girl of flower and bloom"
  • Aubrianna - Means "noble" and "gracious"
  • Clementine - French and Latin name meaning "mild" or "merciful"
  • Evangelina - Greek name meaning "good news"
  • Gwendolyn - Welsh name meaning "white ring"
  • Hermione - Greek name meaning "messenger"
  • Josephine - Hebrew name meaning "God will increase"
  • Mirabella - Latin name meaning "wonderful"
  • Temperance - English name meaning "moderation"
  • Wilhelmina - German name meaning "protection"

Middle Names Inspired by Nature

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There is little more beautiful than what is found in nature, which is why nature inspired middle names are popular choices among parents. These names derived from nature are divine.

  • Aurora - Latin name meaning "dawn"
  • Ayla - Hebrew or Turkish origins, Means "oak tree" "halo" or "moonlight"
  • Briar - English name meaning "a thorny patch"
  • Chloe - Greek name meaning "young, green shoot"
  • Daphne - Greek name meaning "laurel tree"
  • Flora - Latin name meaning "flower"
  • Hazel - English name referring to a hazelnut tree
  • Iris - Greek name meaning "rainbow"
  • Lennox - Scottish name meaning "elm grove"
  • Luna - Latin for "moon"
  • Meilani - Heavenly name meaning "heaven's flower"
  • Paloma - Spanish name meaning "dove"
  • Poppy - English name meaning "red flower"
  • Sylvie - French name derived from the Latin name "Sylvia," means "from the forest"
  • Willow - English name referring to a willow tree
  • Yara - Brazilian or Arabic origins, means "small butterfly"

Exotic and Unique Middle Names for Females

If you're looking for a middle name that is as unique and special as your daughter, these exotic and interesting names are perfect selections.

  • Adora - French name meaning "the beloved one"
  • Amandine - French name meaning "loved one"
  • Arlette - French name meaning "lion of God"
  • Bita - Persian name meaning "unique"
  • Brielle - French name meaning "hunting grounds"
  • Calliope - Greek name meaning "beautiful voice"
  • Danica - Slavic name meaning "the morning star"
  • Esme - French or Persian origins, means "esteemed" or "beloved"
  • Freja - Old Norse name meaning "lady"
  • Gemma - Latin name meaning "precious gem"
  • Haelyn - Hebrew name meaning "the gift from God"
  • Harlow - Germanic name meaning "army"
  • Nadira - Arabic name meaning "rare"
  • Sabiha - Turkish name meaning "beautiful"
  • Siobhan - Irish name meaning "gracious"
  • Shola - African name meaning "one who is blessed"
  • Sutton - English name meaning "from the homestead"
  • Taya - Japanese name meaning "young, valley field"
  • Vera - Russian name meaning "faith"
  • Zion - Hebrew name meaning "highest point"

Middle Names Inspired by Places Around the World

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One great way to decide on a magical middle name is to consider special locales that inspire you. Is there a place in the world you hold dear? Might it make a lovely middle name for your little lady?

  • Adelaide - Country in Australia
  • Alessandria - City in Italy
  • Aspen - City in Colorado, United States
  • Chelsea - Area in both London and New York
  • Cheyenne - City in Wyoming, United States
  • Geneva - City in Switzerland
  • Helena - City in Montana, United States
  • Nevada - State in America
  • Odessa - City in Ukraine
  • Regina - City in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Savannah - City in Georgia, United States
  • Sydney - City in Australia
  • Valencia - City in Spain
  • Victoria - City in both Canada and Australia
  • Virginia - State in America

Perfect Middle Names for Your Strong Beauty

You are determined to raise a warrior of a daughter, a strong queen who can hold her own, no matter what trials or tribulations she might face. These middle names signify power, strength, and courage, qualities every parent wants for their girl.

  • Amira - Arabic name meaning "princess" or "commander"
  • Andra - Greek name meaning "brave" and "feminine"
  • Audrey - Old English name meaning "noble strength"
  • Bernadette - German name meaning "brave as a bear"
  • Bree - Irish name meaning "power"
  • Bridget - Irish name meaning "vigor" and "power"
  • Carla - German name meaning "warrior"
  • Charlotte - French name meaning "free"
  • Colette - French name meaning "victory"
  • Fallon - Irish name meaning "leader"
  • Gabriella - Italian name meaning "God is my strength"
  • Jara - Slavic name meaning "fierce"
  • Kendra - Old English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic roots. Name means "born on fire"
  • Leona - Italian name meaning "loyal as a lion"
  • Maude - German name meaning "battle mighty"
  • Matilda - English name meaning "strength in battle"
  • Meredith - Welsh name meaning "protector of the sea" or "great ruler"
  • Millicent - German name meaning "strong"
  • Myla - Latin for "solider"
  • Orva - Anglo-Saxon name meaning "brave friend"
  • Sharla - English name meaning "warrior"
  • Thaddea - Greek name meaning "brave"
  • Valerie - English or German origins, means "to be strong"

Choosing a Middle Name

Choosing the perfect first and middle name for your daughter can feel like a daunting task. You want to land on something you and your child will love. While there are certainly some naming guidelines you'll want to consider; the most important thing is that you love the name you choose. Whether you go short or long, traditional or unique, as long as the name makes you smile, it will surely be a winner.

137 Middle Names for Girls (as Lovely as Them)