150+ Short Middle Names for Girls Full of Personality

Published November 14, 2021
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Naming your baby daughter is a monumental task. Both her first name and middle name deserve plenty of thought, as all parents want to land on the most perfect name for their little lady. These short middle names for girls are sweet and meaningful. One of these monikers is bound to be the winning middle name you choose!

One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls

When it comes to a middle name for your daughter, sometimes less is more. These pretty names are certainly succinct, only having one syllable. But they aren't short on beauty or meaning.

  • Bea - Latin for "happy"
  • Belle - Latin for "beautiful"
  • Claire - Latin name meaning "bright"
  • Elle - French name meaning "woman" or "girl"
  • Eve - Hebrew name meaning "life"
  • Faye - French name meaning "fairy"
  • Gem - Hebrew name meaning "jewel"
  • Gwen - Welsh name meaning "white circle"
  • Hope - Old English name meaning "faith"
  • Joy - Latin name meaning "joyous"
  • Lane - Old English name meaning "narrow road"
  • Paige - English name meaning "young servant"
  • Pearl -Latin name meaning "jewel"
  • Sage - French name meaning "wise one"
  • Shea - Irish name meaning "esteemed"
  • Skye - English name for "eternal life"

Classic and Elegant Middle Names for Girls

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There are countless interesting and unique names to consider as a middle name for your daughter. You can go with something outside the box, or you can turn to a timeless classic. These elegant names are forever popular, and it is easy to see why.

  • Anne - Hebrew for "Gift of God's favor"
  • Ella - Hebrew name meaning "Goddess"
  • Jane - Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious"
  • Jean - French name meaning "God is gracious"
  • Kate - Greek name meaning "pure"
  • Lee - English name meaning "meadow" or "clearing"
  • Lynn - Welsh name meaning "lake"
  • Mary - Hebrew name meaning "beloved" or "wished for child"
  • May - Sanskrit name meaning "the fifth month"
  • Renee - French name meaning "reborn"'
  • Rose - Latin name meaning "flower"
  • Sue - Latin name meaning "to follow"

Lovely Literature-Inspired Middle Names for Girls

Turn to your favorite literary work for middle name inspiration. Does a character in a book guide you to the perfect middle name?

  • Ada - Character in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain
  • Alice - Based on the character in the famous book, Alice in Wonderland
  • Celie - Character in Alice Walker's The Color Purple
  • Dion - Character in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale
  • Enid - Character in Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch
  • Iris - Character in the literary work The Tempest
  • Jo - Character in Louisa May Alcott's famous work, Little Women
  • Juno - Character in The Tempest
  • Lucy - Based on the character in C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
  • Lyra - Based on a character from Philip Pullman's literary work, His Dark Materials
  • Nelly - Based on a character in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights
  • Polly - Based on the character from Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna
  • Scout - Character in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Tess - Character in Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

Beautiful Biblical Middle Names for Girls

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Those who turn to a higher power in their quest to live a devout life might choose a middle name with biblical connotations for their daughter. These names truly reflect what a gift from above a baby girl really is.

  • Bess - Hebrew name meaning "consecrated by God"
  • Dot - Greek name meaning "gift from God"
  • Grace - Latin for "blessing"
  • Elsa - Means "consecrated to God"
  • Elise - French name meaning, "God is my oath"
  • Ina - Irish name meaning "Christian Queen"
  • Isla - Spanish name meaning "devoted to God"
  • Jael - Hebrew name meaning "one who ascends"
  • June - Latin name meaning "young"
  • Kiah - Means "God is my strength"
  • Liz- Hebrew name meaning "God is my oath"
  • Ziv - Hebrew name meaning "light of God"

Short Female Middle Names as Lovely as Your Daughter

While these short middle names for girls have different origins and meanings, they all have one thing in common: they are truly lovely choices for any little girl.

  • Amy - French name meaning "to love"
  • Asha - Swahili, Hindi, Sanskrit origin meaning "hope" or "life"
  • Cleo -Greek name meaning "acclaim"
  • Cara - Latin name meaning "dear"
  • Cora - Greek name meaning "filled heart"
  • Jia - Chinese name meaning "family"
  • Mila - Slavic name meaning "gracious"
  • Mina - German name meaning "love"
  • Nell - Greek name meaning "light"
  • Noa - Hebrew name meaning "movement"
  • Ruby - Latin name referring to a ruby or a jewel
  • Ruth - Hebrew name meaning "friend"
  • Vera - Latin name meaning "true"
  • Zoe - Greek name meaning "life"

Short Middle Names That Stem From Nature

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Nature is packed with beautiful elements that might serve as inspiration for a middle name. Which one of these names brings peace and tranquility as only natural elements can?

  • Ava - Latin name meaning "like a bird"
  • Ayla - Turkish name meaning " halo of light around the moon"
  • Blair - Gaelic name meaning "field" or "plain"
  • Brynn - Welsh name meaning "hill"
  • Daisy - Refers to a flower
  • Dell - English name meaning "small valley"
  • Dove - Name of a bird
  • Eira - Welsh name meaning "snow"
  • Esta - Hebrew name that refers to the stars
  • Fawn - Latin name meaning "young deer"
  • Fern - Name that refers to a leafy, green plant
  • Gaia - Greek name meaning "earth"
  • Iris - Greek name meaning "rainbow"
  • Ivy -Greek origin referring to an ivy plant
  • Lea - English name meaning "meadow" or "weary"
  • Lily - Name of a flower
  • Maple - Referring to a maple tree
  • Rain - Means "abundant blessings from above"
  • Rhea - Greek name meaning "river"
  • Sol - Spanish name referring to "the sun"
  • Zara - Arabic name meaning "flower"

Short, Unique Middle Names Packed With Personality

If it's originality and personality you are aiming for, these names will surely hit the mark. They are divine and different, just as your daughter is sure to be.

  • Ada - Germanic name meaning "nobility"
  • Bindi - Australian aboriginal name meaning "little girl"
  • Blake - Old English name meaning "dark" or "black"
  • Dara - Hebrew name meaning "compassion"
  • Delta - Greek name meaning "born fourth"
  • Demi - French name meaning "small"
  • Diem - Latin name meaning "day"
  • Eden - Hebrew name meaning "delight"
  • Greer - Greek name meaning "watchful"
  • Holly - English name referring to a "holly tree"
  • Kai - Hawaiian name meaning "ocean"
  • Lana - Irish name meaning "child"
  • Lark - English name for "bird"
  • Maeve - Irish name meaning "cause of great joy"
  • Mercy - English name meaning "compassion"
  • Niamh - Irish name meaning "radiance"
  • Nora - French name meaning "light"
  • Nova - Latin name meaning "new"
  • Pax - Latin name meaning "peace"
  • Reese - Welsh name meaning "enthusiasm"
  • Remi - Means "oarsman"
  • Rue - Greek name meaning "regret"
  • Sky - Meaning "the sky" or "the heavens"
  • Tai - Chinese name meaning "extreme"
  • Thea - Greek name meaning "goddess"
  • Wynn - Welsh name meaning "fair"
  • Zuri - Swahili name meaning "beautiful"

Short Pop Culture Middle Names for Girls

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Television shows and movies are filled with characters who have amazing names. All of these pop-culture perfect names are short, relevant, and excellent choices for a little girl.

  • Aria - From the hit series Pretty Little Liars
  • Betty - Based on the character from the television series Mad Men
  • Briar - Based on the name of Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose
  • Deja - Based on the character in the series This Is Us
  • Esme - Inspired by a character in Twilight
  • Fleur - Based on a character in Harry Potter
  • June - Based on the character in The Handmaid's Tale
  • Luna - Based on a Harry Potter character
  • Lux - Based on a character in the movie Virgin Suicides
  • Mia - Based on the character from the movie La La Land
  • Opal - Based on a character in the movie Artemis Fowl
  • Penny - Based on a character from the television series The Big Bang Theory
  • Rey - Based on a character in the movie Star Wars

Middle Names for Your Strong and Fierce Female

You want your girl to grow up strong and fierce. These middle names are short in letters but giant in meaning. Each one signifies strength and power.

  • Ailia - Scottish name meaning "from the strong place"
  • Amira - Arabic name meaning "commander"
  • Asta - Greek name meaning "divine strength"
  • Bree- Gaelic name meaning "power and strength"
  • Carla - Means "army" or "warrior" in several languages
  • Ebba - German for "fortress of riches" or "strength of boar"
  • Enyo - In Greek mythology, it means "war goddess"
  • Gesa - Dutch name meaning "strength of a spear"
  • Isa - German name meaning "strong-willed"
  • Jade - Spanish name meaning "stone of the lion"
  • Liv - Scandinavian name meaning "defense"
  • Lola - Spanish name meaning "strong woman"
  • Maud - German name meaning "powerful battler"
  • Mia - Scandinavian name meaning "ocean goddess" or "queen"
  • Minka - Polish name meaning "strong-willed warrior"
  • Myla - English name meaning "soldier"
  • Nika - Greek name meaning "victory"
  • Oma - Arabic name meaning "thriving"
  • Quinn - Irish name with roots meaning "chief"
  • Sarah - Hebrew name meaning "princess"
  • Selah - Hebrew name for "rock"
  • Tori - English name meaning "triumphant"
  • Tyra - Scandinavian name meaning "Thor's warrior"
  • Udele - Anglo-Saxon name meaning "prosperous"
  • Wren - Welsh name meaning "ruler"

Choosing a Middle Name for Your Daughter

Just as you would when choosing a first name for your daughter, be sure to put time and thought into her middle name as well. Pick a middle name that pairs beautifully with the first and last name, has special meaning to you, and is inoffensive. Remember, plenty of loved ones will have an opinion regarding what you name your baby. While you can consider the opinions of others, yours is the one that matters the most. If you love the middle name, then it is sure to be the perfect choice.

150+ Short Middle Names for Girls Full of Personality