174 Hindu Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Published October 1, 2019
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Hindu baby names for boys and girls are typically selected with great care and must come with positive meanings. The term "Hindu" can be used to describe people from India or followers of Hinduism. Even if you don't fit within these groups of people, you can choose a meaningful Hindu name for your baby.

Gender Neutral Hindu Baby Names

Hindu names are ideal for parents looking and unisex names because there are so many great options available. Most Hindu names are derived from the Sanskrit language where many names are spelled the same in their masculine and feminine forms.

Popular Unisex Names In India

Some names that work for either boys and girls are trending and popular in India or with those who love Hindu names.

  • Abishai - Gift of the father
  • Amal - Pure
  • Anupam - Incomparable
  • Bhanu - Sun
  • Chaitanya - Krishna
  • Deepal - One of light
  • Harpreet - God's love
  • Harsha - Happy
  • Mehal - Cloud
  • Sonu - Beloved
  • Vanhi - Fire

Unisex Baby Names From Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology, legends, and ancient stories are deep in their roots and include hundreds of unique names, some of which are used for both male and female characters.

  • Ananta - Infinite; Descriptive name for god Vishnu or goddess Parvati
  • Aruna - Reddish-brown; Hindu god who drives the sun god across the sky
  • Bala - Young; Masculine and feminine form of minor Hindu goddess name
  • Chanda - Fierce; Descriptive name for goddess Durga
  • Isha - Master; Descriptive name for god Shiva
  • Jaya - Victory; Several Hindu characters bear this name
  • Kali - The black one; Goddess name typical used as a masculine name in India
  • Kamala - Lotus; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Kanti - Beauty; Alternate name for goddess Lakshmi
  • Mitra - Friend; Masculine and feminine form of god Mithra
  • Mohana - Bewitching; Descriptive name of several gods
  • Padma - Lotus; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Radha - Success; Name of one of Krishna's favorite spouses
  • Shakti - Power; Female counterpart of a god
  • Shyama - Dark; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Sushila - Good tempered; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Uttara - North; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Vijaya - Victory; Name of several Hindu characters
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Meaningful Hindu Baby Names for Girls

If you're looking for an exotic and beautiful baby name, Hindu names for girls provide great inspiration. Girls names that are popular or common in India tend to be short and heavy on vowels. When you see "aa" in a name it is often pronounced "ah" like the vowel sound in the word "on."

Popular Hindu Names for Girls

A look at popular Hindu names for girls in 2019 and popular modern Hindu girl names gives you dozens of great name options that mostly end in "a." While these names may be common baby names in India or other places with strong ties to Hinduism, they are unique baby names in other parts of the world.

  • Advika - World
  • Ahana - Immortal
  • Bhavna - Purity
  • Chhaya - Life
  • Dhriti - Courage
  • Disha - Direction
  • Estaa - Loving
  • Ekiya - Kindness
  • Falak - Brave
  • Geetika - Beauty
  • Hemal - One with good brain
  • Jiera - Beautiful
  • Kashvi - Shining
  • Krisha - Divine
  • Maira - Beloved
  • Miksha - Gift of love
  • Ruhi - Soul
  • Sahana - Queen
  • Saira - Princess

Most Popular Names in India for Girls

While the most popular baby girl names in India from 2018 aren't necessarily Hindu, many are.

  • Aadhya - The beginning
  • Aahana - Dawn
  • Diya - Light
  • Fatima - To abstain
  • Inaaya - Gift from God
  • Kiara - Bright, famous
  • Myra - Beloved
  • Naina - Eyes
  • Pari - Angel
  • Prisha - To give
  • Riya - Singer
  • Saanvi - Follower of Lakshmi
  • Samaira - Enchanting
  • Siya - Furrow
  • Zahra - Beautiful
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Hindu Mythology Names for Girls

Feminine characters in Hindu mythology tend to be strong and specific. Look for a character name that describes exactly what you wish for your little goddess.

  • Aditi - Freedom; Mother of the gods
  • Aparna - Leafless; Alternate name for goddess Parvati
  • Arundhati - Not restrained; Name of a star and the woman who discovered it
  • Arushi - Reddish; Used in the Rigveda to describe red horses
  • Bhumi - Soil; Earth goddess
  • Damayanti - Subduing; Princess from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Devi - Goddess; Mother goddess
  • Gargi - Unknown; Philosopher from the Upanishads
  • Gauri - White; Alternate name for goddess Parvati
  • Gayatri - Type of song; Goddess who is the personification of this specific song
  • Indira - Beauty; Alternate name for Lakshmi
  • Indrani - Queen of Indra; Goddess of jealousy and beauty
  • Kalyani - Beautiful; Alternate name for goddess Parvati
  • Kamakshi - Love eye; Fertility goddess
  • Kausalya - Of the Kosala people; Mother of hero Rama
  • Kunti - Spear; Character from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Lalita - Playful, charming; Friend of Krishna
  • Maya - Illusion; Alternate name for goddess Durga
  • Mina - Fish; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Minakshi - Fish eye; Alternate name for goddess Parvati
  • Mohini - Infatuating; Vishnu's name when he took woman form
  • Parvati - Of the mountains; Goddess of love and power
  • Pritha - The palm of the hand; Alternate name for Kunti
  • Priya - Beloved; Daughter of King Daksha
  • Rama - Wife; Alternate name for Lakshmi
  • Rati - Rest, pleasure; Wife of love god Kama
  • Reva - One that moves; Alternate name for goddess Rati
  • Rukmini - Adorned with gold; Wife of Krishna
  • Sandhya - Twilight; Daughter of god Brahma
  • Sati - Truthful; Wife of Shiva, reborn as Parvati
  • Savitri - Relating to the sun; Daughter of sun god
  • Shanta - Pacified; Character from the epic "Ramayana"
  • Shri - Radiance; Alternate name for Lakshmi
  • Sumati - Wise; Character from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Tara - Star; Astral goddess
  • Ushas - Dawn; Goddess of the dawn
  • Vidya - Knowledge; Alternate name for goddess Saraswati
  • Yami - Twin; Name of the first woman
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Expressive Hindu Baby Names for Boys

Baby boy names with Hindu origins also tend to be short and heavy on vowels. Baby boy name meanings in Hindu focus on positive attributes straight from the heart.

Popular Hindu Boy Names

The most trendy and popular Hindu baby boy names from 2019 feature a variety of meanings all associated with being a generally good person. Unlike many ancient Hindu names, these modern Hindu boy names don't end in vowels, but favor a consonant sound at the end so they sound more like typical strong boy names.

  • Aakesh - Lord of the sky
  • Aakil - Intelligent
  • Aryan - Noble
  • Daksh - Precious son
  • Ekansh - Whole
  • Hredhaan - One with great heart
  • Inesh - Strong King
  • Ishaan - The sun
  • Jairaj - Victorious ruler
  • Jihan - The universe
  • Manbir - Brave of heart
  • Nehal - Handsome
  • Onir - Shining
  • Onkar - Purest one
  • Parth - Ruler, star
  • Pranjal - Honest
  • Pranit - Leader
  • Simar - God's favorite
  • Vaidik - Spiritual
  • Vedant - Ultimate wisdom
  • Viaan - Full of life

Most Popular Names for Boys in India

Generally, the most popular names for boys in India in 2018 include the letter "a," but you'll find they start with almost every letter of the alphabet.

  • Aarav - Peaceful
  • Advait - Not dual
  • Advik - Unique
  • Arjun - White
  • Atharv -God Ganesh
  • Ayaan - Path
  • Dhruv - Star name
  • Ivaan - God's gift
  • Kabir - Leader
  • Rayyan - Luxuriant
  • Reyansh - Ray of light
  • Shaurya - Brave
  • Shivansh - Part of Lord Shiva
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Hindu Mythology Names for Boys

Most Hindu mythology names for boys end in a vowel sound and are tied to specific natural phenomena or attributes. A few of these are common Hindu names for boys, but most are more rare as names for boys.

  • Aditya - Belonging to Aditi; Name of several gods
  • Agni - Fire; Fire god
  • Anil - Air; Wind god
  • Aniruddha - Ungovernable; Krishna's grandson
  • Arjuna - White; Son of god Indra
  • Baladeva - God of strength; Brother of Krishna
  • Bharata - Being maintained; Alternate name for god Agni
  • Bhaskara - Shining; Alternate name for god Shiva
  • Brahma - Growth, creation; Creator of the universe
  • Devaraja - King of gods; Alternate name for god Indra
  • Dilipa - Protector of Delhi; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Dinesha - Day lord; Name of the sun
  • Dipaka - Exciting; Alternate name of god Kama
  • Drupada - Wooden pillar; Character from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Dushyanta - Destroyer of evil; Legendary king
  • Ganesha - Lord of hordes; God of wisdom and good luck
  • Girisha - Lord of the mountain; Alternate name for god Shiva
  • Gotama - The best ox; One of the seven sages
  • Hari - Brown, yellow; Alternate name for Krishna and Vishnu
  • Indra - Having drops of rain; God of sky and rain
  • Indrajit - Conqueror of Indra; Alternate name of Meghanada
  • Jagadisha - Ruler of the world; Alternate name for Vishnu
  • Jayanta - Victorious; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Kama - Love; God of love
  • Krishna - Dark, black; Supreme deity
  • Kumara - Son; Alternate name of Agni and Skanda
  • Lakshmana - Having lucky marks; Companion of hero Rama
  • Madhava - Of springtime; Name for several gods
  • Mahesha - Great lord; Alternate name for Shiva
  • Mani - Jewel; Character from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Manoja - Born of the mind; Alternate name for Kama
  • Manu - Wise; Progenitor of the human race
  • Murugan - Youth; War god
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  • Nagendra - Lord of snakes; King of snakes
  • Nanda - Joy; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Narayana - Path of man; God of creation
  • Prabhakara - Light-maker; Name of sun
  • Purushottama - The best man; Alternate name for Krishna and Vishnu
  • Raghu - Swift; Heroic epic king
  • Ravi - Sun; God of sun
  • Sanjaya - Triumphant; Character from the epic "Mahabharata"
  • Shani - Saturn; Celestial god
  • Shankara - Luck maker; Alternate name for Shiva
  • Sundara - Beautiful; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Surendra - Lord of gods; Alternate name for Indra
  • Vasanta - Brilliant; Personification of spring
  • Vasu - Excellent, bright; Name of several Hindu characters
  • Viraja - Ruling; Brahma's child
  • Vishnu - All-pervasive; Protector of the universe
  • Yama - Twin; First mortal being

The Meaningful Gift of a Hindu Name

Hindu naming traditions include hosting a naming ceremony weeks or even months after a baby is born so the child's name can be carefully chosen to fit his or her specific attributes and personality. Hindu baby names for boys and girls are highly regarded as an integral part of who your baby is and will become. If baby name meaning is important to you, choose carefully with meaningful names like those inspired by Hindu people.

174 Hindu Baby Names for Boys and Girls