20+ Sensational Nicknames for Sarah

Published February 24, 2021
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Choosing a baby name is a big deal, and if you have chosen Sarah, then congrats! You have landed on a great name. The next steps in the baby name game are to choose a middle name and possibly a nickname for Sarah. There are lots of nickname options for Sarah, ranging from traditional to cute and creative to homages to pop culture.

Pretty Nicknames for Sarah

These nicknames are lovely and commonly used as pet names for the name Sarah.

  • Sally
  • Sadie
  • Sarie (rhymes with beary)
  • Sar
  • Sari
  • Ara (Taken from ending of "Sarah")
Sensational Nicknames for Sarah

Sarah in Other Languages Makes for Stunning Nicknames

Try a twist on this stunning S name by using the version of the name from another language as a second name or a nickname for your child.

  • Sarita- Sarah with a Spanish twist
  • Sarrey- Translates to Sarah in Hungarian
  • Sassa- Means Sarah in Scandinavian
  • Sorcha- Gaelic form of Sarah that means "bright and radiant"
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Cute and Creative Nicknames for Sarah

Sarah is a beautiful name with traditional undertones. Just because the name is sometimes considered old-fashioned doesn't mean that the nickname you choose has to be anything but cute and creative. These fun choices might just make the grade.

  • Sar-bear
  • Sarah Sunshine
  • Sarabi (Name of a character in the Lion King)
  • Sassy Sar
  • Rah-Rah
  • Saroni
  • Serendipity- Meaning "happy accident," makes a fun choice for a baby who was a complete surprise addition to the family
  • Sarafina- This name means "angelic"

Sarah Songs to Inspire

Lots of great artists have paid homage to the name Sarah over the years. See if any of these tunes help you land on a nickname for your sweetie.

  • Sarah Jane (Inspired by a Genesis song)
  • Sara Smile (Hall and Oates song)
  • Sarah Maria (James Taylor song)
  • Sarah Swan Sleepy Head (nursery rhyme)

Sarah Nicknames Containing Popular Middle Names

Some middle names just seem to click with the first name Sarah. These names are one-stop-shops and include first names, middle names, and a built-in nickname!

  • See-Bee (Nickname for Sarah Beth)
  • S.J. (Used with the name Sarah Jane)
  • Sar-Sue (Created from Sarah Sue)
  • Saree (Made up of the name Sarah Elizabeth)
  • Sarlynn (Combination of Sarah and Lynne)
  • S.K. (Use initials for full names like Sarah Kate)
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Celebrities Who Named Their Children Sarah

Celebrities love the name Sarah just as much as anyone else! Check out these famous parents who chose Sarah as the name for their child.

  • Musician and actor Harry Connick Jr. and his wife, model Jill Goodacre Connick have a daughter named Sarah Kate
  • Musician and reality television star M.C. Hammar has a daughter named Sarah
  • Artist and photographer Annie Leibovitz gave birth to her daughter Sarah in 2001
  • Actress Katey Sagal has a daughter whom she named Sarah
  • Actress and former model Andie MacDowell gave birth to her Sarah in 1995

Sarah Is Steeped in Several Cultures

The name Sarah belongs to many cultures and languages including English, Arabic, and dozens of European nations. In Hebrew, the name means princess, lady, or noblewoman and in Arabic, it translates to joy and delight. The name Sarah became popular in England following the Protestant Reformation. Its popularity in this region of the world has continued throughout the years. In the United States, the name Sarah shot to popularity in the decades between 1970 and 2000 but has since tapered off, making room for more unique names.

Sarah is steeped in biblical connotations as well. According to the Old Testament, Sarah was the beautiful and barren wife of Abraham and was considered the matriarch of the Jewish people.

Nicknames Are Fun Ways to Express Your Creative Side

If you are not quite brave enough to choose an unusual and unique name for your daughter, middle names are a great way to express a bit of creativity without putting it directly on the birth certificate. Try a few choices out and change your mind if the nickname doesn't stick well. That is the great thing about nicknames, they can be easily changed up!

20+ Sensational Nicknames for Sarah