21 Baby Announcement Board Ideas to Capture Anyone's Heart

Published May 20, 2021
"Hello Pumpkin" Fall Pregnancy Announcement

Announcing a new baby using a letter board is one of the most popular ideas available to expectant parents. As far as announcement ideas go, letter boards are easy, inexpensive, and reusable for other events and situations. When it comes time to spell out your big news, use one of these creative sayings on your baby announcement board.

Using a Baby Announcement Board

Letter boards and letters can be purchased at a wide array of brick and mortar stores and online. They have standard designs but vary a bit in color and style. Some are more modern looking, and others have a script or rustic appeal to them. For under fifty dollars, you can have a board and letters that will work for your new baby announcement and beyond.

Funny Ideas for a Baby Announcement Board

Work a bit of humor into your letter board baby announcement with one of these smile-inducing ideas.

Baby and Blind Date Saying

On your letter board, write: Labor is the only blind date where you are sure to meet the love of your life.

It's so true. There is simply no love like the love you have for your baby. Place your sweet baby in front of this sign and snap some images. Send it out to loved ones who are waiting on pins and needles to get a peek at your new sweetheart.

Woman holding felt letter board

Meet Out Sleep Stealer

Babies are notorious stealers of shut-eye. Your life is about to be packed with snuggles and kisses, but not so much rest. Using your letter board, spell out the saying: Meet our sleep stealer. You can add a name, a weight, and a birthdate here, depending on your preference and the size of your board.

The One Where We...

The hit sitcom Friends is one of the most noted shows to have ever aired. Their episodes are entitled, "The one where..." Play on this. On the letter board, write out: The one where we have a baby! Dress your new infant in a correlating onesie and make your big baby reveal to the world.

Welcome to the Jungle

Write: Welcome to the jungle on your letter board. If you have other children and a new baby, your home certainly feels like a wild world at times. Dress the kids in jungle vibes and place them all next to their new baby sibling and the letter board. This announcement is funny and creative and, oh, so relatable.

Hilarious Irish Twins Letter Board

Irish twins aren't true twins. The saying signifies two children born within a short time span; think 2 babies less than 11 or 12 months apart! Yikes. Play around with the Irish twins concept, channel your zombie mom and drooling, unruly dad vibes, and capture what this stage of parenthood really looks like.

  • Week 1 of raising Irish twins: Yeah, it's going great.
  • Week 1 with Irish twins. Send coffee and help.
  • Week 1 with Irish twins. Should have asked about a return policy.
Two babies brothers lying down on a white carpet

Using Iconic Song Titles and Lyrics to Announce a Baby

These iconic song lyrics are perfect sentiments for how parents feel when they welcome their new baby into the world. Any one of them would be perfect additions to a letter board announcement for a new baby.

Isn't She Lovely

Why yes, she is. No one would argue otherwise. Stevie Wonder's song, Isn't She Lovely, makes for the perfect announcement of a daughter. Song artists certainly have a way with words, so borrow a bit of their genius for your birth announcement.

All American Girl

This hit song by country singer, Carrie Underwood, would be perfect for country-loving parents wanting to announce that their daughter is finally here. Dress the baby in patriotic colors and add red, white, and blue decor to the sign and surroundings.

Beautiful Boy

This song by the great John Lennon doesn't mince words. Put the words up on a letter board and showcase your greatest achievement to date, your baby son.

The Sweetest Gift

Singer/songwriter Sade wrote the song, The Sweetest Gift for her own daughter. Put these words on a letter board and announce to the universe that your own sweetest gift has finally arrived.

Little Star

Little Star wasn't Madonna's biggest hit song, not by a long shot, but it is one of her most emotional and heartfelt ballads. She penned the song for her oldest child, Lourdes. Showcase your own little star by putting the song title on a letter board and dressing him/her up in a fitting outfit.

Sweet and Heartfelt Ideas for a Baby Announcement Board

If you have prayed, waited, and worked your tail off to bring a child into the world, then choose to show him off with one of these heartfelt messages.

One More to Adore

You have recently added another baby to your growing family. Write: One more to adore on your letter board. When it comes to parents and babies, there is always plenty of love to go around.

Play on Faith

For families who have prayed and worked for a baby and leaned heavily on their faith, express your deepest gratitude and joy that he/she has finally arrived into the world safe and sound. On your letter board write:

  • For this child, we have prayed
  • Our little miracle
  • Little baby, major blessing

Promotion in Progress

If your former only child has now advanced to older sibling status, write: Promotion in Progress on a letter board and showcase your two children next to it.

Child tries to kiss the belly of pregnant women

Use a Classic Poem With a Twist

Poems for pregnancy hit all the right notes. On your letter board, write:

  • Roses are red; violets are blue. First, there was us. Now there is you!
  • Roses are red; violets are blue. The world is much sweeter because we have you!
Pregnancy announcement with a poem, with a pacifier and toy

Welcome Home Ideas

A baby really does complete your life and your home. Use your letter board to welcome your bundle home with one of these sweet announcements.

  • Welcome home baby
  • A house is now a home
  • You complete our family
  • Home is where this family is

Simple Ideas for a Baby Announcement Board

Sometimes simple really is better. You don't have to overthink your baby announcement. You might choose to go with a simple saying that introduces your son/daughter to the world.

Big Brother/Big Sister

If you have a son or daughter and have recently added a sibling to the bunch, form the words "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" on the letter board. Sit your older child down next to the board, holding his/her new baby brother or sister, and you have a touching announcement and family moment.

I've Arrived!

Create the words: I've arrived, on your letter board. Underneath those, write your newborn baby's name, birth date, and measurements.

New born baby with letter board

Welcome Sunshine

Dress your darling in a sunny and bright outfit and write something sunny on your letter board.

  • Hello Sunshine!
  • Welcome sunshine!
  • Sunny days ahead!
  • You are my sunshine.

1 + 1 = 3

Math can be confusing, but there is nothing perplexing about this equation on a letter board. First, it was just the two of you, and now you are a family of three.

Back to Basics

Letter boards are easy, classic, and creative ways to share your baby's new name and weight with those you love. Don't overthink it, just write down the most important details and have the focus be on what is truly important...the beautiful baby.

Sleeping one month old newborn baby girl laying between letter board and teddy bear

Party of Three

Where once there was only two of you, now there are three! Snap some photos of your new little family with the words: Party of three, on the letter board.

Creative Ideas for a Letter Board Post Baby Announcement

The great thing about letter boards is that you can utilize them in a wide array of different situations and scenarios after your announcement. They are versatile tools that any family can find a use for outside of announcing a new baby.

  • Announce future pregnancies
  • Post inspirational messages for the day
  • Use it for evening menu announcements
  • Sayings for New Year's Eve, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo parties
  • Learning tools for spelling
  • Baby's "first" moments (birthdays, holidays, first day of school)
  • Special countdowns (vacations, summer break, ANOTHER baby)

Personalize Your Announcement

The single most important thing in announcing your pregnancy via letter board is to personalize the message. If you and your partner are into jokes and banter, pick something funny and lighthearted. If you and your significant other have tried for years to become parents, perhaps a more heartfelt announcement would be appropriate. Make sure that the announcement meshes with your personality and style.

21 Baby Announcement Board Ideas to Capture Anyone's Heart