21 Nicknames for Amelia (Graceful & Playful)

Published February 23, 2021
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The name Amelia has been growing in popularity over recent years, and it's easy to see why that is. It's a lovely name to give to your child and while it stands alone just fine, it also comes with a boatload of sweet and fun nicknames. If Amelia is at the top of your baby name list, consider one of these nicknames to go along with it.

Origins of Amelia

The name Amelia stems from the Germanic word "Amal," which means to work. It signifies industriousness and fertility. In English-speaking countries, Amelia has grown exponentially in popularity, ranking among the top ten female names in the U.S. in 2018, although it is not a new name by any stretch of the imagination. Dating back to the 18th century, Amelia was the name of daughters sired by both George I and George II, members of the Royal House of Hanover.

Nicknames for Amelia

Amelia is a pretty "A" name that comes with a bevy of equally pretty and versatile nicknames.

  • Minnie- Minne is an adorable nickname for Amelia. Parents won't be able to help comparing their little girl to one of the most famous Disney characters in the world.
  • Meelie- Cute nickname for Amelia. Was the pet name that famous aviator Amelia Earhart went by.
  • Millie- Millie is one of the more commonly used nicknames for Amelia and has risen in recent popularity as a stand-alone name.
  • Amy- Amy is a name that can stand on its own but can also be used as a short nickname for Amelia.
  • Lia- This nickname stems from the last three letters in the name Amelia.
  • Mia- Channel your love of Princess Diaries!
  • Mila- Mila is becoming extremely popular in its own right, so we can see why parents might choose it as a stand-in for Amelia. Two great names in one.
  • Mimi- Mimi is a common nickname for Marilyn, Miriam, Maria, and yes, even Amelia.
  • Ami- Similar to "Amy" but with a bit of French flair. In French Ami means friend.
  • Amilita- Cute Spanish variation of Amelia.
    Nicknames for Amelia (Graceful & Playful)
  • Emmie- Emmie is a darling nickname for either Emily or Amelia.
  • Aims- This pet name is sometimes used for both Amy or Amelia.
  • Lily- Lily is both a nickname and a full name. American activist, Amelia Bloomer, went by Lily.
  • Mel- This is a short, sweet, and a common nickname for Amelia, Melody, and Melanie.
  • Meli- It's less common than some others, but still an easily recognizable nickname for Amelia.
  • Melia- Melia is very close to the full name, clipped in the front.
  • Oatmeal- This is a funny play on Amelia.
  • Milly-Moo- This cute nickname might be best suited for young Amelias.
  • Mel Bel- It's especially cute if your Amelia's nickname has a middle name such as Isabelle, Elizabeth, or Annabelle.
  • Em- Em is a short and sweet pet name for Amelia.
  • Amelia Bedelia- This is the name of a popular children's book character.
  • Ama- Ama is Polish for Amelia.
  • Milka- This is a variation of Amelia in Czechoslovakian.

Fictional Characters Named Amelia

Several popular television series, movies, and books have used the name Amelia for their characters.

  • Amelia Bones- Character in Harry Potter series
  • Captain Amelia- Female lead in Disney's 2002' movie Treasure Planet
  • Amelia Bedelia- Children's book character
  • Amelia Thermopolis- Main character in Princess Diaries
  • Amelia Voght- Comic book character in Marvel's X-Men
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Historical Figures Named Amelia

Several famous women in history have donned the name Amelia.

  • Minnie (Amelia) Driver- American actress
  • Amelia Earhart- Famous female aviator
  • Amelia Van Buren- Famous American photographer born in the late 1800s
  • Amelia Lily- English pop star who was featured in the popular reality television show, X-Factor
  • Amelia Warner- English actress and musician
  • Amelia Vega- Winner of Miss America in 2003

The Fun of Nicknames

While choosing a birth name is often thought of as serious business, choosing a nickname can be a bit more lighthearted. Birth names are hard to change, and something that most parents choose and then live with, regardless of how their feelings vary throughout the years. Nicknames don't have to stick. If you choose one during the baby years, it doesn't have to follow your kid forever. They are easily changed and dropped as kids grow and different nicknames suit your child better.

21 Nicknames for Amelia (Graceful & Playful)