220 Polish Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated March 7, 2022
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Polish baby names are rooted in deep meaning and have an old-world feel for both boy and girl options. Whether you're of Polish descent or just looking for an exotic baby name, there are plenty of choices for you to ponder.

Beautiful Polish Girl Names

All Polish girl names end in "a," so they are clearly distinguished from the Polish boy names. Most Polish names for girls are feminine versions of boy names with the "a" added onto the end. Whether you go with a traditional Polish name for your daughter or a rare Polish name for your girl, your choices will all have one thing in common: they are all so very stunning.

Pretty Popular Polish Girl Names

Popular baby girl names in Poland include some that are trendy on an international scale and some that are Polish variants of more common names.

  • Alicja (a-LYEE-tsya): variant of Alice, "noble type"
  • Hanna (KHAN-na): grace
  • Lena (LEH-na): torch
  • Maja (MA-ya): variant of Maia, "good mother"
  • Owliwia (aw-LEE-vya): variant of Olivia, "olive"
  • Pola (PAW-la): unknown
  • Zuzanna (Zoo-ZAN-na): variant of Susanna, "lily"

Common Names for Girls in Poland

These names are fairly common in Poland today. They make beautiful choices for any baby girl.

  • Aleksandra (a-leh-KSAN-dra): variant of Alexandra, "to defend men"
  • Amelia (a-MEH-lya): work
  • Antonina (an-taw-NYEE-na): priceless
  • Iga (EE-ga): war battle
  • Marcelina (mar-tseh-LYEE-na): male
  • Natalia (na-TA-lya): Christmas Day
  • Wiktoria (vyeek-TAW-rya): variant of Victoria, "victory"

Polish Versions of Common Names for Girls

If you love an English name but want to make it more unique, you can try out the Polish version for a different sound and spelling.

  • Brygida (bri-GYEE-da): Bridget; exalted one
  • Dorota (daw-RAW-ta): Dorothea; gift of God
  • Elzbieta (elzh-BYEH-ta): Elizabeth; my God is an oath
  • Estera (eh-STEH-ra): Esther; star
  • Hania (KHA-nya): Hanna; grace
  • Ilona (ee-LAW-na): Helen; torch
  • Iwona (ee-VAW-na): Yvon; yew
  • Judyta (yoo-DI-ta): Judith; Jewish woman
  • Melania (meh-LA-nya): Melanie; dark
  • Ruta (ROO-ta): Ruth; friend
  • Weronika (veh-raw-NYEE-ka): Veronica; true image
  • Wioleta (vyaw-LEH-ta): Violet; purple flower
  • Zaklina (zhak-LYEE-na): Jaqueline; supplanter
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Short and Cute Polish Names for Girls

Short Polish names for girls are both strong and pretty. If you like the idea of using a nickname for a first name, almost all Polish girl names have a common shortened version.

  • Ada (A-da; "a" as in "cat"): noble
  • Agatka (a-GAKH-ta): good
  • Aldona (al-DAW-na): unknown
  • Aneta (a-NEH-ta): grace
  • Asia (A-sha): Yahweh is gracious
  • Basia (BA-sha): foreign
  • Bogna (BAWG-na): given by God
  • Dosia (DAW-zya): giving to God
  • Edyta (eh-DI-ta): war fortune
  • Gaja (GA-ya): earth
  • Gosia (GAW-sha): pearl
  • Iza (EE-za): my God is an oath
  • Jola (YAW-la): violet
  • Kasia (KA-sha): pure
  • Kinga (KYEENG-ga): family war
  • Ola (AW-la): defender of men
  • Zyta (ZIH-ta): little girl

Long Polish Names for Girls

Long Polish names for baby girls are unique and elegant options for parents to consider. Beyond sounding beautiful, many of these monikers have deep, resounding meanings as well.

  • Adelajda (a-deh-LIE-da): noble type
  • Agnieszka (ag-NYEH-shka): chaste
  • Aniela (a-NYEH-la): messenger
  • Benedykta (beh-neh-DIK-ta): blessed
  • Danuta (da-NOO-ta): God is my judge
  • Dobromila (doh-broh-mil-uh): good dear
  • Ewelina (eh-veh-LYEE-na): desired
  • Gwenoefa (geh-naw-VEH-fa): unknown
  • Grazyna (gra-ZHI-na): beautiful
  • Halina (kha-LEE-na): calm
  • Jagienka (ya-GYEHN-ka): chaste
  • Leokadia (leh-aw-KA-dya): bright
  • Michalena (myee-kha-LYEE-na): who is like God

Old-Fashioned and Traditional Polish Names for Girls

Naming trends in Poland change over the years, just like anywhere else in the world. These names were common in decades past. While they no longer make a most popular list, they are all excellent Polish baby girl names for parents to muse over.

  • Agata (a-GA-ta): good
  • Beata (beh-A-ta): blessed
  • Bronisława (braw-nyee-SWA-va): protection and glory
  • Elżbeta (elzh-BEH-ta): my God is an oath
  • Jadwiga (yad-VYEE-ga): battle war
  • Katarzyna (ka-ta-ZHI-na): being pure
  • Renata (reh-NA-ta): born again
  • Władysawa (vwa-di-SWA-va): rule glory

Medieval Slavic Names for Girls

Slavic culture includes Poland, and these medieval names are about as original as names can get.

  • Bozhena (bah-jen-ah): divine
  • Desislava (deh-see-slah-vah): ten glory
  • Elena (i-LYEH-nə): torch
  • Lyudmila (lyuwd-MYEE-lə): gracious people
  • Militsa (mee-lit-sah): gracious
  • Radoslava (ra-DAW-swaf-a): happy glory
  • Tomislava (toh-mee-SLA-və): torture and glory
  • Yaroslava (yi-ru-SLA-və): fierce and glorious

Rare Polish Names for Girls

Names get lost or mistranslated throughout history, but you can bring them back when you choose a unique baby name, such as rare Polish names.

  • Alfreda (al-FREH-da): elf counsel
  • Augustyna (ow-goo-STI-na): exalted
  • Boleslawa (baw-leh-SWA-va): greater glory
  • Eligia (eh-LEE-gya): to choose
  • Eunika (ew-NYEE-ka): good victory
  • Felicyta (feh-lee-TSI-ta): good fortune
  • Filipina (fee-lee-PEE-na): friend of horses
  • Izolda (ee-ZAWL-da): fighting the ice battle
  • Jagusia (ya-GOO-sha): chaste
  • Jaroslawa (ya-raw-SWA-va): fierce and glorious
  • Kunegunda (koo-neh-GOON-da): family war
  • Lada (Leh-dih): Slavic fertility goddess, meaning unknown
  • Morana (mor-an-na): goddess of death, "death"
  • Mokosh (MOH-kosh): Slavic goddess of weaving, women, water, and fertility, "wet"
  • Ziva (Zee-vah): Slavic goddess of life, "alive"
  • Zula (zwla): lily

Polish Middle Names for Females

These Polish middle names are often utilized by parents native to this country.

  • Anna : grace
  • Ewa: full of life
  • Helena: bright
  • Julia (YOO-lya): downy-bearded
  • Magdalena (mag-da-LEH-na): from Magdal
  • Małgorzata (mow-gaw-ZHA-ta): pearl
  • Maria (MAR-ya): unknown
  • Zofia (Zaw-fya): variant of Sophia, "wisdom"

Handsome Polish Names for Boys

Polish boys' names rarely end in a vowel. The hard-sounding endings to the names give them all a strong and powerful vibe. The most popular Polish names over time tend to be Polish derivatives of Christian baby names and Hebrew baby names.

Most Popular Polish Boy Names

These popular Polish male names represent a bit of the old and the new. Many of them include plenty of nickname options as well.

  • Aleksander (a-leh-KSAN-dehr): variant of Alexander, "to defend men"
  • Filip (FYEE-lyeep): variant of Philip, "friend of horses"
  • Franciszek (fran-CHEE-shehk): variant of Francis, "Frenchman"
  • Jakub (YA-koop): variant of Jacob, "supplanter"
  • Leon (LEH-awn): lion
  • Mikolaj (myee-KAW-wie): variant of Nicholas, "victory of the people"
  • Stanislaw (sta-NYEE-swaf): become glory
  • Szymon (SHI-mawn): variant of Simon, "he has heard"

Common Names for Boys in Poland

Although these names aren't in the country's top spots, they are all relatively common Polish boy names that parents seem to adore.

  • Adam (AD-əm): man
  • Ignacy (eeg-NA-tsi): fire
  • Kacper (KATS-pehr): variant of Jasper, "treasurer"
  • Marcel (MAR-tsehl): male
  • Nikodem (nyee-KAW-dehm): victory of the people
  • Tymon (TI-mawn): to honor
  • Wojciech (VOI-chekh): original Slavic name, "soldier's joy"
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Polish Versions of Common First Names for Males

Keep the meaning of your favorite common boy name, but give it an uncommon twist by choosing the Polish spelling and pronunciation.

  • Andrzej (AN-jay): Andrew; "manly"
  • Brajan (BRIE-an): Brian; strong
  • Dawid (DA-vyeet): David; beloved
  • Eliasz (EHL-yash): Elijah; my God is Yahweh
  • Grzegorz (GZHEH-gawsh): Gregory; watchful
  • Iwan (EE-van): Ivan, Yahweh is gracious
  • Janusz (YA-noosh): John, Yahweh is gracious
  • Jerzy (YEH-zhi): George; farmer

Short and Strong Polish Names for Boys

Short Polish names for boys sound strong because they tend to start and end with a consonant. If you are going with a longer first name for your son, consider a short Polish middle name for your mighty male.

  • Aleksy (a-LEH-ksi): defender
  • Alojzy (a-LOI-zi): famous battle
  • Anatol (a-NA-tawl): sunrise
  • Bartek (BAR-tehk): son of Talmai
  • Blazej (BWA-zhay): lisping
  • Borys (BAW-ris): short or wolf
  • Darek (DA-rehk): to possess good
  • Gawel (GA-vew): rooster
  • Iwo (EE-vaw): yew
  • Jacek (YA-tsehk): hyacinth
  • Julek (YOO-lehk): downy-bearded
  • Kamil (KA-myeel): unknown
  • Krzys (KSHISH): bearing Christ
  • Kuba (KOO-ba): supplanter
  • Lew (LEHF): lion
  • Leslaw (LEH-swaf): glory
  • Lucjan (LOO-tsyan): light
  • Narcyz (NAR-tsis): sleep
  • Olek (AW-lehk): defender of man
  • Raclaw (RA-tswaf): happy glory
  • Roch (RAWKH): rest
  • Tytus (TI-toos): unknown
  • Wit (VYEET): life
  • Zenon (ZEH-nawn): shine

Long Polish Names for Boys

Rulers, saints, and other powerful men tended to have long names that described their personality, traits, and leadership style. These long Polish names for boys can say a lot about your little guy.

  • Apolinary (a-paw-lyee-NA-ri): strength
  • Boguslaw (baw-GOO-swaf): glory of God
  • Bonifacy (baw-nyee-FA-tsi): good fate
  • Czeslaw (CHEHS-waf): honor and glory
  • Felicjan (feh-LYEE-tsyan): lucky
  • Hipolit (khee-PAW-lyeetv): freer of horses
  • Ireneusz (ee-reh-NEH-oosh): peaceful
  • Jaropelk (ya-RAW-pewk): fierce people
  • Kajetan (ka-YEH-tan): from Gaeta
  • Kondrat (KAWN-drat): brave counsel
  • Maurycy (mow-RI-tsi): dark-skinned
  • Mieczyslaw (myeh-CHI-swaf): sword glory
  • Przemek (PSHEH-mehk): trick
  • Remigiusz (reh-MYEE-gyoosh): oarsman
  • Ryszard (RI-shart): brave power
  • Walenty (va-LEHN-ti): strong

Old-Fashioned and Traditional Polish Boy Names

Polish boy names that were popular in the past were often passed down from generation to generation as a family name. Maybe one of these old-fashioned baby names can become a new tradition in your family.

  • Bolesław (baw-LEH-swaf): greater glory
  • Dariusz (DA-ryoosh): to possess good
  • Henryk (KHEHN-rik): home ruler
  • Józef (YOO-zehf): he will add
  • Kazimierz (ka-ZHEE-myesh): to destroy peace
  • Krzysztof (KSHI-shtawf): bearing Christ
  • Ludwik (LOOD-vyeek): famous battle
  • Maciej (MA-chay): gift of Yahweh
  • Marian (MA-ryan): male
  • Mariusz (MA-ryoosh): male
  • Stefan (STEH-fan): crown
  • Tomasz (TAW-mash): twin
  • Walerian (va-LEH-ryan): to be strong
  • Władysław (vwa-DI-swaf): rule glory
  • Zdzisław (ZHJEE-swaf): build glory
  • Zygmunt (ZIG-moont): victory protector

Medieval Slavic Names for Boys

Bring out the inner warrior in your baby boy with a medieval Slavic name. If these names are too uncommon for you, but you still want to pay homage to your Polish heritage, consider one as an interesting Polish middle name for a baby.

  • Athanasi (ah-tah-nah-zee): immortal
  • Blazh (Blahj): blessed, happy
  • Bogdan (BAWG-dan): given by God
  • Borivoi (boh-jee-voy): battle soldier
  • Bozho (boh-joh): divine
  • Chedomir (cheh-doh-mir): peaceful child
  • Dragomir (drah-goh-mir): precious world
  • Georgei (unknown): variant of George, "farmer"
  • Kresimir (KRE-shee-mir): spark peace
  • Liudevit (lyee-uh-deh-vit): master of the people
  • Milosh (mee-lohsh): gracious
  • Mirche (MEER-cheh): peace
  • Moimir (MOY-mir): my world
  • Pridbor (PREED-bor): first battle
  • Tikhomir (tee-ho-mir): quiet world
  • Vasilli (VUH-see-lee): king
  • Vitislav (veet-ee-slahv): master glory
  • Vladimeru (vlad-ee-meh-roo): variant of Vladimir, famous rule
  • Yarognev (ih-ar-ohg-nehv): fierce anger
  • Zbignev (ZBYEEG-nyehf): to dispel anger
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Slavic Mythology Names for Boys

Slavic mythology features many male characters with intriguing names. Start your baby boy off with ultimate power by giving him a god-inspired name. These options make interesting and unique Polish first names for male babies.

  • Byelobog (beye-ell-uh-bohg): Slavic god of the sun, "the white god"
  • Chernobog (chair-nuh-bohg): Slavic god of darkness, "the black god"
  • Dazhdbog (dazz-d-bohg): Slavic god of light, "the giving god"
  • Lech (LEKH): Slavic legendary founder of the Polish people
  • Perun (Pah-roon): Slavic god of lightning, "thunder"
  • Stribog (stree-bohg): Slavic god of wind, "flowing god"
  • Svarog (svah-rohg): Slavic god of the sky, "bright"
  • Svetovid (sveh-toh-veed): Slavic god of war, "blessed view"
  • Volos (vah-lohz): Slavic god of cattle, "ox"

Rare Polish Names for Boys

Rare Slavic baby boy names tend to have a softer, more feminine sound to them. If you're looking for a gender-neutral name, these might be great options since there are no unisex Polish names.

  • Ambrozy (am-BRAW-zhi): immortal
  • Bazyli (ba-ZI-lyee): king
  • Bratumil (bra-TOO-meew): dear brother
  • Cibor (CHEE-bawr): honor battle
  • Cyprian (TSI-pryan): from Cyprus
  • Dobrogost (daw-BRAW-gawst): good guest
  • Donat ( DAW-nat): given
  • Jozafat (yaw-ZA-fat): Yahweh has judged
  • Lubomierz (loo-BAW-myesh): love world
  • Metody (meh-TAW-di): with road
  • Milogost (mee-WAW-gawst): gracious guest
  • Serafin (seh-RA-fyeen): fiery ones
  • Uriasz (OOR-yash): Yahweh is my light

Polish Middle Names for Males

These names are commonly called upon by Polish parents in need of fetching middle names for young men.

  • Antoni (an-TAW-nyee): variant of Anthony, priceless
  • Jan (YAN): "Yahweh is gracious"
  • Marcin (MAR-cheen): male
  • Marek (MA-rehk): male
  • Paweł (PA-vew): humble
  • Piotr (PYAWTR): stone
  • Tadeusz (ta-DE-oo-sh ta) - Gift of God

Polish Names and Meanings for Baby Boys and Girls

While Polish naming traditions and laws dictate strict guidelines about baby names, you are free to adapt these names to your customs and preferences. Because of their strong name meanings, Polish names are great options for anyone in need of a special name.

220 Polish Baby Names for Boys and Girls