25+ Exquisite Girl Names That Start With X

Published December 3, 2020
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Girl names that start with X are unique and exquisite. You can find many possibilities that offer you a good choice of names for your baby girl.

Greek Girl Names That Start With X

You can add a flavor of ancient Greece when you choose a Greek name for your little goddess. Each name conjures up images of an ancient Greece when the 12 gods and goddesses ruled from the top of Mount Olympus in Greece. Greek mythology is filled with love, war and conflict between the gods and goddesses and how they interacted with their human subjects. These names and their meanings offer an added dimension to your selection process with a greater insight to some of the stories behind the names.

  1. Xandra: Defender of the people (Greek)
  2. Xandria: Defender of mankind (Greek)
  3. Xaniya, Xaniyah: Blonde (Greek)
  4. Xanthe: Blonde haired (Greek)
  5. Xavierre: Fair horse (Greek)
  6. Xena: Immortal horse of Achilles endowed with speech (Greek)
  7. Xhosa: Unique voice (Greek)
  8. Xia: Stranger (Greek)
  9. Xiamara: Welcoming, cordial, hospitable (Greek)
  10. Xylona: Lives in the forest, loves being in the forest (Greek)
Exquisite Girl Names That Start With X

Girl Names That Start With Z From Basque, Spanish and Aztec Cultures

Of all the people of the Iberian peninsula region that existed during Pre-Roman conquest, the Basques are the only culture that survived and remains today. The basque culture is interwoven with the Spanish culture as well as the French. The Mesoamerica culture of the Aztec thrived during the post-classic period (1300 to 1521) in the Central Mexico region. Just as the Basque and Spanish cultures, the Aztec names and their meanings provide you with details that might reflect their ideology and what their focus was in life. All three of these cultures offer unique and beautiful girl names that start with X.

  1. Xavia: Bright, splendid (Basque)
  2. Xaviera: The new house (Spanish)
  3. Xenia: Namesake for Saint James (Basque)
  4. Ximena, Ximenna, Ximmena: Hearkening (Basque)
  5. Xitlali, Xitlalli: Star or comet (Aztec)
  6. Xochi: Flower (Aztec)
  7. Xuxa: Harken, listen (Spanish)

Girl Names That Start With X From Around the World

You can find girl names that start with X from all around the world. Each of the cultures listed have girl names that start with X. You can get a feel for the culture when you pronounce each name and read the meaning. Some of the meanings are for places while others reflect a station in life or a mythological being. As though awakening from a sleeping ancient culture, these names present you with timeless choices for girl names that start with X.

  1. Xabrina: From the wine forest (English)
  2. Xahria: Flower (Netherlands)
  3. Xara: Princess, flower (Arabic)
  4. Xarames: Blackberry place (Native American)
  5. Xareni: Princes of woods (Mexican)
  6. Xariah: Princess (Filipino)
  7. Xiana, Xienna: Fairy of the forest (Scottish)
  8. Xinyi: Happy, delighted, joyful (Chinese)
  9. Xolani: Please forgive, peace (African)
  10. Xyleena: Hearkening, listening (Hebrew)
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Finding Girl Names That Start With X

It's fun to browse lists of girl names that start with X. You can try a few on your baby to see how she reacts to the sound of each name before making your decision.

25+ Exquisite Girl Names That Start With X