27 Pregnancy Announcements for Baby #2 That Are Irresistibly Cute

Published May 13, 2021
little girl kissing her mother's pregnant belly

There is little that is more exciting than letting the world know a new baby is about to join your family. You'll want to share your news in the most creative way possible, and these pregnancy announcements for baby #2 are perfect ways to do that!

Involve Your Kids in Pregnancy Announcements for Baby 2

When you are ready to tell the world your family is expanding, use your best prop, your kid! Get baby number one in on the announcement action using one of these fun and adorable pregnancy announcements.

Post an Eviction Notice

Up until this point, your baby has been the one and only in your family. With your second pregnancy underway, a new kid is going to be in town. Hang an eviction notice on your little one's crib, letting everyone know that his days as an only child are soon going to be up.

Post an Eviction Notice

And Then There Were Four

Make a sign that reads, "And Then There Were Four," and use it in a family photo shoot. Capture pics of the three of you together, along with the sign, telling everyone looking on that the number "3" is going out of style really fast.

Big Bro, Big Sis T-Shirts

There is no mistaking the message when the only child in your family sports a shirt that says, "Big Bro" or "Big Sis." Everyone will quickly catch onto the fact that you are expecting another bundle of beautiful in the upcoming months.

Thing 1, Thing 2

Dr. Seuss is the king of childhood reads, so use one of his classics in your pregnancy announcement. Put your tot in a Thing 1 shirt or costume. Buy a shirt for yourself that says Thing 2 in the center of the belly region. It will soon become pretty apparent that your family is rapidly expanding.

Super Hero and Sidekick Photoshoot

All little superheroes need a trusty sidekick. Dress your son or daughter up as their favorite superhero. Make a sign that says, "Number One Sidekick: Arriving (Date.)." How exciting that your little one will soon have a permanent best friend and buddy for the rest of his/her life.

Everybody Show Those Bellies

Line up yourself, your partner, and your tot. On your bellies, write one word. The kid's tummy can read something like "apple juice" or "chicken nuggets." Your partner's midsection can read his/her favorite indulgent treat, like beer, ice cream, or pizza. Yours should read "baby." When it is time to snap a picture, everyone lifts their shirts up to reveal the words written on the bellies.

Capture a Future Sib Reading Up on New Duties

Cuddle up with your only child and read a story that has a clear message: a new baby is on the way. Make sure that the cover of the book is visible and obvious. Have someone nearby capture the moment so that you can use it to announce to the world that you are with child again.

Only Child Promotion Sign

Until now, your kiddo has been an only child. Things are about to change, however, big time. In a few short months, their only child status in the family will be promoted to oldest sibling status. Make a sign that says "Only Child" and then cross out the word "Only," replacing it with "Oldest." Set a tiny pair of booties out next to your kid and his/her telling sign.

Only Child Promotion Sign

The Belly Kiss

Belly kisses are sweet memories to capture, so make one into a pregnancy announcement. Have your child give you a big hug, placing a smack-a-roo on your belly bump. Hang a sign nearby announcing the impending arrival of baby #2. This photo will certainly have no problem finding a place in your home, and friends and family will go gaga over the love and sweetness of the announcement.

Play on Holidays and Major Events

The holidays are a time to celebrate and be thankful, making them a prime time to tell the world that you are adding a baby to the brood. These holiday-inspired pregnancy announcements will be the highlight of any major holiday, getaway, or birthday.

Two Turkeys This Thanksgiving

If you are announcing a second child around Thanksgiving time, dress your kid in a turkey costume and get crafting. Have them help you make a turkey handprint on a white t-shirt for you to wear. Snap some pictures for an announcement declaring that this family is soon to have two little turkeys.

A Family of Pumpkins

Fall is such a fun time to announce a new baby is on the way. Play around with pumpkins for your reveal. Set up one or two parent pumpkins, depending on the makeup of your family, with names on them. Have a medium-sized pumpkin with your first child's name printed on it and then a little pumpkin that says baby #2 on it with an estimated arrival date. You can also set up four pumpkins for your family of three in varying sizes with a sign that reads: Adding a Pumpkin to Our Patch!

A Family of Pumpkins

Dear Santa...

Tell everyone that Santa is bringing your child a super special gift this year. For this announcement, put your darling in his/her finest holiday wear. Have them hold a nicely wrapped box, with a telling phrase like "big brother" or "big sister" on the front.

Share Your Sweet News With Candy

There is nothing sweeter than announcing another baby around Valentine's Day. Take your ultrasound picture and place it in a sea of candy. Using candy hearts with letters or small block letting of any kind, spell out the words "baby number two." This will make a wonderful and delicious announcement.

The Easter Bunny Brought an Extra Basket

Easter announcements are fun to create. Make an Easter basket for your child to find, and make a second basket full of little baby supplies and an ultrasound photo. Hide it somewhere in the house and tell your child that there is a second basket to find this year. Older kids will make the connection between the basket and the fillings fairly easily, giving everyone a pretty big Easter surprise.

One More Stocking for the Mantle

Stockings by the fire are a timeless and classic way to announce your pregnancy. Hang your stocking, your partner's stocking, and your child's stocking up for the season. Hang a fourth stocking with the word "Baby" on it.

One More Stocking for the Mantle

Bake a Special Birthday Cake

People love to gather to celebrate birthdays, so use this special time to tell your loved ones that you have another baby on the way. Bake a birthday cake for the guest of honor, but bake a second cake decorated with the words, "We're Pregnant!" on it. It will take guests a minute to put everything together, but when they realize what is going on, the look on their faces will be priceless.

Say It in the Sand

Is your family planning a getaway to a sandy, beachy location? Consider announcing you are pregnant on your trip. Write your announcement in the sand and gather with your family for a picture. Make as many memories as possible as this could be your last vacation before the newest addition arrives.

New Year, New Addition

There are tons of ways to tell your friends and family that you are pregnant. Everyone is down for a fun celebration to ring in the New Year, so think about announcing your news with a New Year's Eve pregnancy announcement. There are countless ways to do this, but if you want to work an existing child in, think about filling matching champagne flutes with apple juice and a quote or caption that reads: Apple juice for the both of us this New Year's Eve!

Creative Announcements for a New Addition

These baby announcements are great ways to express your joy and excitement and your creative side. They aren't as obvious as some others on this list, and it might take loved ones a minute to get the message, but they are fun nonetheless.

Safety Pin Art Announcement

Create an awesome announcement using only safety pins and a pretty background. You will need several differently sized safety pins, one representing each member of your family. Organize them in a line, leaving nobody out. Inside of the pin representing the family member carrying the baby, place the smallest pin. Snap an artsy picture and send it to loved ones.

Safety Pin Art Announcement

Use Balloons

Balloons are easy and cheap and always make for a cute pregnancy announcement. Have your son or daughter hold up a bundle of pink and blue balloons and snap some sweet images. Another idea is to hold a family photo shoot with a number 2 balloon. This will subtly tell everyone that 2 is the soon-to-be number of kids.

Work a Love of Video Games In

Video game lovers can use gaming controllers to announce another kid is entering the game. Have your whole family sit on the couch, each with a gaming controller in their hand. The announcement here should read something along the lines of: Enter Player 4. This is a fun way to involve a slightly older child into the announcement.

Bun in the Oven Announcement

A bun in the oven is a classic way to let the world in on your tiny secret baking away. Place a bun in your oven and pose your family of three around the open oven. You can pair this with a saying such as:

  • Look what we have been cooking up!
  • Announcing our latest baby bun.
  • Look who has a bun in the oven!

Birthdates and Shoes

Pairing shoes and birthdates is a simple and lovely way to share the big news. Set up shoes for each member of your family. Write their birth year in front of each pair. Set a pair of tiny shoes up for your newest baby along with the expected due date.

Pregnancy announcement with sneakers

Funny Baby #2 Announcements

Use humor to make your pregnancy known to the world. These funny means of announcing a pregnancy will have everyone giggling.

Hilarious Shirt for Mom

There are countless shirts made for someone expecting that are telling and hilarious. Choose a shirt that says something like:

  • Don't eat watermelon seeds.
  • If you are reading this shirt, then you probably know by now that I am pregnant.
  • Mommy-in-progress: Loading.
  • All I wanted was a back rub.

Capture a Funny Reaction From Baby Number 1

Babies, tears, and a new baby on the way sign makes for hilarious pregnancy announcements. Choose a time when your little one is particularly cranky. Pop a sign next to him or her that reads: I'm Going To Be a Big Brother/Sister and turn this image into a funny announcement. It will look like your child is less than pleased to be booted from his/her only child status.

Angry little girl

Play on the Woes of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings along some unpleasant woes, including nausea. Have mom pose over the potty as if she is tossing her cookies. Have mom's partner snap a selfie holding the existing child with mom in the background. Pair this image with a comment like: "Round 2 in Full Effect" or "Excited About Baby #2, Not Excited About This Part!"

Play on Pun

There are so many cute and puny ways to announce your pregnancy. One of the easiest ways is to pose with your family for a fun photo. Give your child a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce to hold. On the count of three, smile and have the picture snapped.

Make Memories With Your Announcement

Whatever way you choose to announce your second baby is on the way, make sure it suits your personality and your family, and make sure it stands as a memory for all the days. Pregnancy announcements truly are once (or twice) in a lifetime experience, so choose one that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

27 Pregnancy Announcements for Baby #2 That Are Irresistibly Cute