30+ Cute & Classy Nicknames for Charlotte

Published February 18, 2021
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You've learned that you are having a baby girl, and you and your partner have settled on naming her Charlotte. Your mind might immediately move over to nicknames for your daughter. You're in luck because there seems to be no shortage of nicknames for Charlotte.

Pretty Nicknames for Charlotte

Charlotte comes with a variety of nicknames ranging from feminine and sweet to ambiguous and interesting.

  • Lottie - A sweet and playful nickname for Charlotte that is popular in France. Means "tiny and feminine"
  • Lola - A fun nickname for babies named Charlotte
  • Charlie - One of the most popular nicknames for Charlotte, plays to those seeking a nickname that isn't overly feminine
  • Charla - Similar to Charlie, but with a feminine twist
  • Tottie - Common English nickname for Charlotte
  • Lotte - Pretty, shortened portion of Charlotte
  • Char - Try taking just the first syllable of Charlotte for a simple nickname
  • Carley - Carley is an often underlooked nickname for Charlotte; it's a name that can stand on its own, giving your daughter two great names to go by
  • CeCe - Cece is an adorable choice in nicknames for babies named Cecelia or Charlotte
  • Cat - Commonly used in place of Catherine, Cat also makes an excellent nickname for Charlotte
  • Coco - Coco is an increasingly popular and name to call baby girls; if it's a bit too trendy for a first name choice, consider it as a nickname
  • Arlie - A fun play on the common nickname Charlie
  • Arlo - Makes a superb nickname choice for parents wanting something interesting and less feminine in nature
  • Lo - Plucked straight from the full version of Charlotte
  • Ari - Ari is a cute choice
  • Chuck - Chuck is a nickname for Charlie and a less feminine choice compared to many others on the list
  • Carla - Dainty and feminine choice for parents looking for a nickname that little girls can easily go by
  • Harley - Similar to Carley, but with a change to the initial letter.
  • Lolly - Lovely twist on the classic name
  • Otte - Taken from the end of the name Charlotte
  • Sharlee - Fun and creative way to nickname any Baby Charlotte
  • Arla - Similar to Arlo but feels slightly more feminine with an "a" on the ending
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Cute and Creative Nicknames for Charlotte

Nicknames don't have to be derived from the original name. Try these creative and cute nicknames on and see if any stick!

  • Care Bear - Cute, cuddly, and perfect for your baby girl
  • Charmander - Something fun and interesting to set her apart from the many other "Charlottes"
  • Char-Star - She is your shining star, so why not call her Char-Star
  • Chuckles - A Play on the nickname Charlie
  • Chickie - Baby animals always make a great nickname
  • Cherry - A sweet, colorful name to inspire your nickname pick
  • Otter - A fun animal nickname that stems from the nickname "Otte"
  • Spud - Fun play on the Charlotte potatoes
  • Sweet Char Russe - Charlotte Russe is the name of a dessert bread filled with cream
  • Princess Char - As there are many princesses who have gone by Charlotte
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Charlotte: Timeless Yet Trendy

Charlotte is an interesting name because it is classic and steeped in history, but it's also considered to be trendy and rising in popularity. It's the perfect "C" name.

Charlotte, a diminutive variation of the male name Charles, has its origins in France and means "free." It was first introduced to Britain in the 17th century and has remained a constantly used name in the region much in thanks to royal family members choosing to bestow the name upon their offspring. In the states, the name has seen a massive spike in popularity, and parents of young children will be hard-pressed to find a classroom full of kids without at least one Charlotte seated at a desk. To give some context into the name's spike in usage, Charlotte barely made the top list of 300 girl names before the year 2000. Fast forward twenty years later and it is consistently one of the most chosen names for baby girls.

Famous Faces Sporting the Name Charlotte

Check out these famous ladies for naming inspiration:

  • Charlotte Church - Famous opera singer
  • Charlotte Bronte - Famous novelist
  • Princess Charlotte - Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham
  • Charlotte Ross - Famous daytime actress who starred in Days of our Lives
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Civil Rights leader

Celebrities Who Named Their Babies Charlotte

Several famous celebrities have jumped in the "Charlotte" bandwagon.

  • Actor/musician Harry Connick Jr. and his wife, model Jill Goodacre Connick, have a daughter named Charlotte.
  • Actor Pierce Brosnan has a grown daughter by the name of Charlotte.
  • Dylan McDermott and actor Shiva Rose gave birth to Charlotte Rose in 2005.
  • Former U.S. President Bill Clinton's granddaughter is named Charlotte.
  • Actors Sarah Michelle Prinze Freddie Prinze gave birth to their Charlotte in 2009.

Fictional Characters Named Charlotte

There are plenty of fictional references to the name Charlotte in well-known books, movies, and television shows.

  • Charlotte LaBouff - Character in Disney movie The Princess and the Frog
  • Charlotte - Spider in the famous children's book Charlotte's Web
  • Charlotte York - Main character in Sex and the City
  • Charlotte Pickles - Character in animated television series Rugrats
  • Charlotte Collins - Character in Pride and Prejudice
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Non-Committal Nicknames

The fantastically fun thing about nicknames is that they are non-committal. Parents can feel free to try out as many nicknames as they like until they find one that sticks. Furthermore, you can never have enough nicknames. Plenty of children go by one nickname liked by one parent, another favored by a different parent, and yet another nickname adopted by friends.

30+ Cute & Classy Nicknames for Charlotte