30+ Uparalelled Girl Names That Start With U

Published December 3, 2020
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Finding the perfect baby name can take some time, and for some, the process may feel a bit overwhelming. If your heart is set on finding girl names that start with U, know that there are some great options out there to choose from.

Girl Names That Start With U

While girl names that start with U may feel tricky to find, rest assured that there are plenty of adorable options to choose from. When picking a baby name, take your time and try not to rush the process. Sometimes it's best to sleep on a few of your favorite options before making a decision.

Famous Names That Start With U

While there aren't a ton of famous U names, there are some great choices available for you to explore as potential name options for you little one. Some famous U names include:

  • Uma: Nation, the nation, and tranquil
  • Urmila: Billowy and waves
  • Ursula: Female bear and little bear
  • Uhm: No known meaning
  • Uee: No known meaning
  • Una: Truth and beauty, as well as one, and lamb
  • Ulla: One who is determined
  • Uldouz: The northern star
  • Uzo: The road is good
  • Urvashi: Referring to a nymph in Hindu mythology and also meaning one who is in charge of the hearts
  • Usha: Dawn and the sun rising
Uparalelled Girl Names That Start With U

Baby Girl Names That Start With U

If you're hoping to name your baby girl a sweet U name, there are some incredible choices available. Make sure the meaning works for you once you pick a favorite name. Some include:

  • Uri: God is light
  • Uria: Jehovah is my light
  • Undine: Wave and little wave
  • Urbi: Princess
  • Ulla: One who has determination
  • Ugne: Fire
  • Ursel: Bear and little bear
  • Uriel: Look to God and God is my light
  • Usha: Dawn
  • Ulyana: Youthful and young
  • Ursulina: Little bear
  • Unida: United
  • Uli: Prosperous and powerful
  • Umi: Life
  • Ugolina: Unknown meaning
  • Uliana: Young
  • Ursa: Bear
  • Usoa: Dove

Girl Names Starting With U Indian

If you're looking for an Indian baby girl name, there are some meaningful options available to choose from. Take your time looking through these names, and their meanings. Some choices include:

  • Ujas: Bright
  • Ulka: Powerful and strong ruler
  • Unnati: Progress
  • Upasana: To worship and sit close to
  • Urja: Energy
  • Ushma: Spring time and passion
  • Udita: Tall, sunrise, and ascended
  • Ujas: Shining
  • Umika: Referring to an Indian goddess
  • Upama: One who is incomparable to others
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U Girl Names

It may feel stressful or overwhelming to pick a name that seems to suit your baby girl. Trust your gut and be sure to check out your favorite names' meanings to ensure that you love that as well. While it may take some time to find the few names that you truly love, know that the perfect name for your baby girl is out there.

30+ Uparalelled Girl Names That Start With U