300+ Scandinavian Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated February 27, 2022
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Scandinavian baby names for boys and girls come mainly from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and from Finland and Iceland as well. These countries are most often considered the parts of Scandinavia and include cool Viking names. Whether you're of Scandinavian descent or fascinated by this strong culture, there's a perfect name for your baby.

Gender Neutral Scandinavian Names

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The Scandinavian culture contains a large selection of gender-neutral baby names, which works great for parents who choose not to gender-identify at birth or who decide on a name without knowing their baby's gender. Many of these Scandinavian unisex names are short, cute, and strong, making them perfect for parents bent on raising cool kids.

Unisex Names From Scandinavia

Gender-neutral names are popular name choices for many parents around the world. These monikers are beautiful, full of meaning, and are of Scandinavian descent.

  • Ale (AH-leh): to defend
  • Alex (A-lekhs): to defend
  • Hanne (HAN-neh): Yahweh is gracious
  • Inge (ING-eh): ancestor; from Germanic god Ing
  • Kris (Kriz or Kriss): a Christian
  • Manu (MAH-noo): God is with us
  • Marie (mah-REE): unknown
  • Mille (meel): rival
  • Robin (RAWB-in): bright or fame
  • Storm: weather name
  • Vanja (von-yah): Yahweh is gracious
  • Vieno (VEE-eh-no): gentle
  • Vivian (vi-vee-ahn): alive

Viking Words to Use As Unisex Names

Viking culture is cool and unique, and the language itself is full of interesting word choices that make catchy and unique baby names for infants of any gender.

  • Bjorn (bee-yoorn): bear
  • Keld (kehld): spring
  • Kirkja (kee-air-j-kah): church
  • Orm: snake
  • Rune (roon): secret
  • Selby (sehl-bee): the Village with Willows
  • Ulf (uhlf): wolf
  • Whitby (whit-bee): white farm

Scandinavian Baby Girl Names

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Choosing an amazing baby girl name can be difficult because parents have so many options to consider. Let the Scandinavian countries and cultures inspire your exotic baby name choice. Select from popular names, names with interesting meanings, or ancient, mythological names for your little girl.

Top Girl Names in Norway

Popular Norwegian names for baby girls reflect both modern trends and traditional names. Judging from the lovely picks on this list, it's easy to see why parents chose them for their babies in mass numbers.

  • Aurora (OW-ro-rah): dawn
  • Ella (ehl-lah): unknown
  • Emelie (EHM-eh-lee): rival
  • Emma (EHM-mah): whole/universal
  • Frida (free·duh): peace and protection
  • Ingrid (Ing-rid or Ing-ri): Ing (the god) is beautiful
  • Leah (L-EE-uh): delicate or weary
  • Maja (mah-yah): diminutive of Maria or Maia
  • Nora (noh-rah): honor
  • Olivia (Oh-lee-vee-ah): olive
  • Sara (SAH-rah): lady/noblewoman
  • Sophie (SO-fee-ah): wisdom
  • Sofia (Soh-fee-yah): wisdom

Beautiful and Strong Norwegian Names for Girls

Beautiful Norwegian baby names for girls tend to have hard, strong sounds and don't often end in a vowel. Their meanings can vary from traits/characteristics to nature and otherwise.

  • Ågot (aw-got): good
  • Andrine (awn-dreen-ah): masculine
  • Annbjorg (Awn-bYORG): eagle rescue
  • Anniken (awn-ee-ken): grace
  • Åshild (aws-hil): god battle
  • Audhild (owd-il): fortune and battle
  • Bergljot/Bergliot (bahr-glee-ot): protection and light
  • Brit: exalted one
  • Dagrun (d-eye-roon): day secret lore
  • Guro (groo): god's secret lore
  • Ingvild (ing-vil): god Ing battle
  • Kari (kahr-ee): unknown
  • Kine (keen-uh): a Christian
  • Margrete (mar-greh-teh): pearl
  • Marte (mar-teh): the lady
  • Mathea (mah-tay-ah): gift of Yahweh
  • Reidun (ree-ah-dun): billowing nest
  • Sissel (sees-ehl): blind
  • Solfrid (sohl-freed): beautiful sun
  • Solvi (SOOL-vie): sun strength
  • Sunniva (soo-neh-veh): sun gift
  • Tiril (tee-rihl): unknown
  • Trude (troo-duh): strength
  • Unni (oo-nee): new love
  • Veslemoy (vess-leh-mehy): little girl

Top Girl Names in Sweden

Sweden's most popular baby names feature lots of vowels, short sounds, and varying meanings. Any of these would make sweet choices for your sweet baby girl.

  • Alice: noble type
  • Alma (AL-mə): nourishing
  • Astrid (o-stree)/Estrid: beautiful goddess
  • Ebb (ehb): countercurrent/tide
  • Elsa (EHL-sah): my God is an oath
  • Lilly (LIL-ee): flower name
  • Wilma (VIL-mah): desire protection

Cute and Meaningful Swedish Names for Girls

These Swedish baby girl names will set your little dear apart from the rest. All are adorable choices for parents who want to tap into their Swedish heritage without going with a common and overly popular name choice.

  • Agneta (ang-NEH-ta): chaste
  • Annelie (A-neh-lee): grace and God is an oath
  • Aslög (aws-lug): betrothed woman
  • Barbro (BAR-bro): foreign
  • Bengta (BENKT-ah): blessed
  • Cajsa (KIE-sa): unknown
  • Carita (cah-ree-tah): love
  • Charlotta (sha-LO-ta): warrior
  • Edit (EH-dit): fortune war
  • Gittan (GIT-tahn): exalted one
  • Hjördis (YUUR-dis): sword goddess
  • Kai (KIE): unknown
  • Kia (KEE-ah): a Christian
  • Liselott (lees-ay-lodd): unknown
  • Lova (loh-uh-vah): famous battle
  • Merit (meh-reet): pearl
  • Moa (MOO-ah): mother
  • Ottilia (oot-TEE-lee-ah): fatherland wealth
  • Pernilla (peh-NIL-la): unknown
  • Sassa (sah-sah): diminutive of Astrid, Sarah, or Alexandra
  • Svea (SVEH-ah): personification of Sweden
  • Tessan (teh-sahn): unknown
  • Ulrica (ool-ree-kah): wolf power
  • Vendela (VEHN-deh-la): a vandal

Top Girl Names in Denmark

Some of the more popular baby girl names in Denmark are short and sound similar to other popular names from around the world. Others make unique choices for parents in parts of the world outside of the Scandinavian regions.

  • Alba (ahl-bah): elf
  • Eva (EH-va): to breathe
  • Freja/Freya: lady; Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, death
  • Hannah (HA-na): grace
  • Ida (EE-dah): work
  • Mynte (mihn-deh): mint
  • Vilma (VEEL-mah): desire protection

Adorable Danish Names for Girls

Danish girl names are typically short in letters, cute in nature, and commonly feature double consonants.

  • Abelone (ah-beh-loh-neh): strength
  • Alvilda (ahl-veel-deh): elf battle
  • Benthe (BEHN-teh): blessed
  • Bine (BEE-nə): supplanter
  • Cille (see-leh): blind
  • Ditte (dee-teh): unknown
  • Dorit (dor-wit): gift of God
  • Gyda (gee-dah): beautiful god
  • Lissi (liss-iy): my God is an oath
  • Lykke (lyoo-keh): happiness
  • Rikke (REEK-keh): peaceful ruler
  • Vigga (VEE-ah): war

Top Girl Names in Finland and Iceland

Sometimes Finland and Iceland are also considered as part of Scandinavia. Check out the most popular names in Finland and Iceland for even more Scandinavian girl name choices.

  • Aino (IE-no): the only one
  • Aada (ah-dah): adornment
  • Alexandra (a-leh-KSAN-drah): defending men
  • Anna (AHN-nah): grace
  • Bríet (bree-et): exalted one
  • Eevi (EH-vee): to breathe
  • Ellen (EH-lən): unknown
  • Embla (EHM-blah): elm; first human woman created by the Norse gods
  • Hekla (HEHH-kla): cloak
  • Júlía (YOO-lee-ah): downy-bearded
  • Linné (lin-NEH): flower name
  • Saga (SA-gha): seeing one; Norse goddess of poetry/history

Ancient Scandinavian Names for Girls

Medieval and ancient Scandinavian names were documented from the 1300s to the 1600s and feature Old High German elements. These names range from commonly used, like Cristina, to rarely heard, like Alfhildr.

  • Alfhildr (al-fihl-der): elf battle; legendary maiden who disguised herself as a warrior to avoid a marriage
  • Åse (AW-sah): god
  • Ásdis (aws-dees): goddess
  • Brynja (PRIN-ya): armor
  • Cecelia (seh-SEEL-yah): blind
  • Cristina (kree-STEE-na): a Christian
  • Dagny (DAHNG-nuy): new day
  • Edda (eh-dah): great-grandmother
  • Eydis (Ay-dees): island goddess
  • Gulla (goo-lah): god
  • Guðlaug/Gudlaug (gewl-thuh): god betrothed woman
  • Guðríðr/Gordidr (gew-three-th): beautiful god
  • Hallþóra (hall-thaw-rah): Thor's rock
  • Helena (heh-LEH-nah): torch
  • Ingeborg (ING-ə-bawrk): the god Ing saves
  • Ingegerd (ING-eh-yehrd): the god Ing enclosure
  • Ingunn (een-goon): love the god Ing
  • Katarina (ka-ta-REE-na): unknown
  • Ketil (kyeh-teel): cauldron
  • Margareta (MAHR-gah-reh-tah): pearl
  • Ragna (rahg-nah): counsel
  • Ragnfrid (rahn-free): beautiful advice
  • Pone (pah-neh): new Thor
  • Þórdís (thor-dees): Thor's goddess
  • Þýri (thyoor-ih): holy Thor
  • Tófa (toh-vuh): beautiful Thor
  • Unnr (oo-ner): to love
  • Valdís (vahl-dees): the dead goddess
  • Vígdís (vihg-diss): war goddess

Norse Mythology Names for Girls

Stories and legends from Norse mythology feature tons of amazing characters with unique names that parents can use for their little girl. Unlike many other mythologies found throughout the world, Norse mythology celebrates and includes women almost as much as men.

  • Borghild (borg-hihl): fortification battle; wife of Sigmund
  • Eir (ay-rh): mercy; Norse goddess of healing/medicine
  • Frigg: beloved; goddess of the earth and wife to Odin
  • Gerd (YAD): enclosure; frost giant fertility goddess
  • Grid: peace; frost giantess with son by Odin
  • Gudrun (gah-droon): god's secret lore; wife of Sigurd who killed her second husband
  • Hel (hay-el): to conceal; daughter of Loki and ruler of the underworld
  • Hulda (hewl-dah): secrecy; Norse myth sorceress
  • Iðunn/Idun (ee-thuhn): to love again; goddess of spring
  • Siv (seev): bride; wife of Thor
  • Skaði/Skadi (skah-thee): harm; mountain giantess associated with skiing
  • Urd (oord): fate; goddess of destiny responsible for the past
  • Verdandi (vair-dahn-dee): becoming; goddess of destiny, responsible for the present

Viking Warrior Names for Girls

If you want to raise a strong and adventurous little girl who is full of spirit, you should give her a name to match those qualities. Few cultures encompass power and tenacity like the Viking people, so choose a Viking name for your future warrior princess.

  • Arnora (ahr-nah-rah): Thor and eagle
  • Aud (ah-ood): one of the first settlers in Iceland
  • Bodil (boh-dihlh): penance and fight
  • Brinhild (bree-en-heeld): chainmail fighter
  • Fastvi (vahst-vee): unknown
  • Freydis (fray-ee-DIS): fertility goddess
  • Frida (free-duh): peace
  • Gunhild (goon-eel): fight
  • Halldis (hawl-dihs): rock goddess
  • Inga (een-ya): of the god Inge
  • Kolfinna (kahl-finn): unknown
  • Liv (leev): of life
  • Ragnhild (rawng-lee): council fight
  • Sigrid (sig-ee-ree): beautiful woman victory
  • Thora (toor-ILL): mighty Thor beautiful woman
  • Thurid (tor-id): Thor and peace
  • Thyre (tyoor-eh): unknown
  • Tola (tah-lah): unknown
  • Tove (TOO-veh): dove
  • Viborg (vih-bahrg): unknown

Scandinavian Baby Boy Names

baby boy in snow Scandinavian name

If you're thinking of going with a strong baby boy name, Scandinavian language and culture provide plenty of name options with strong sounds and meanings. Choose from popular picks, ancient options, and wonderful warrior names for your son.

Top Boy Names in Norway

The most popular baby boy names in Norway include trends from around the world and nods to traditional Norse culture.

  • Filip (FEE-leep): friend of horses
  • Håkon (hoh-kon): a prominent family
  • Isak (EE-sak): he will rejoice
  • Jakob (YAH-kawp): supplanter
  • Lukas (LOO-kas): from Lucania
  • Mohammed (moo-hah-mehd): praised
  • Noah (NO-ə): rest or comfort
  • Oskar (AWS-kar): God's spear

Strong Norwegian Names for Boys

Norwegian boy names are steeped in deep and strong meaning. Check out these names that all have a powerful meaning and sound to them.

  • Andor (ahn-dor): eagle and Thor
  • Arild (ahr-ihld): army leader
  • Arnfinn (arn-feen): eagle and person from Finland
  • Asgeir (ow-ss-gehr): god spear
  • Atle (aht-leh): little father; Norwegian name for Atilla the Hun
  • Bendik (ben-deek): blessed
  • Eindride (eye-n-dree-deh): to ride alone
  • Even (eh-ven): island victor
  • Gaute (goh-teh): great

Top Boy Names in Sweden

Popular baby boy names in Sweden commonly feature biblical names and trendy short names from around the world.

  • Adam: man
  • Alexander (A-lehk-san-tehr): defending men
  • Elias (EH-lee-ahs): my God is Yahweh
  • Hugo (HOO-goh): heart/spirit
  • Liam (lee-em): desire protection
  • Oliver (O-lee-vehr): ancestor's descendant
  • William: desire protection

Short Swedish Names for Boys

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Names for boys with Swedish origins favor an ending "n" sound and average about only six letters in length. While these names might be short in length, they are big in the meaning department.

  • Bengt (BENKT): blessed
  • Börje (BUR-yeh): help/rescue
  • Bosse (boh-seh): to live
  • Claes (KLAHS): victory of the people
  • Elov (EH-lov): always descendent
  • Gösta (YUUS-ta): unknown
  • Greger (gray-eh-gehr): watchful
  • Halsten (hahl-stehn): rock stone
  • Jörgen (yor-gehn): farmer
  • Krister (KRIS-tehr): a Christian
  • Lelle (leh-leh): brave lion
  • Love (LOO-veh): famous battle
  • Melker (mehl-kyehr): king light
  • Olof (OO-lawf): ancestor's descendant
  • Östen (awston):island stone
  • Pelle (PEHL-leh): stone
  • Roffe (roh-feh): fame wolf
  • Sixten (siks-ton): victory stone
  • Stellan (steh-lahn): calm
  • Torgny (torgnee): Thor's noise
  • Viking (VEE-king): bay raider

Top Boy Names in Denmark

Many of the popular baby boy names in Denmark are similar to those in other Scandinavian countries. This selection includes interesting finds full of meanings that parents can get behind.

  • Agner (ow-nah): terror warrior
  • Bent: blessed
  • Bjark (beeyark): bear
  • Ejvind (eye-vin): island victor
  • Flemming: from Flanders
  • Hagen (hah-gin): high son
  • Jannik (yah-neek): Yahweh is gracious
  • Keld: cauldron
  • Lauge (l-ow-geh): fellow
  • Milas (mee-lah): soldier
  • Mogens (mohns): great
  • Nels: victory of the people
  • Sigurd (SEE-gurd): victory guardian
  • Steen (stee-en): stone
  • Thor (tor): thunder
  • Villum (vee-luhm): resolute protection

Top Boy Names in Finland and Iceland

If you count the countries of Finland and Iceland to be parts of Scandinavia, as some experts do, both regions offer beautiful baby boy names for parents to consider using.

  • Aron (AH-rawn): unknown
  • Brynjar (breen-yar): armor warrior
  • Daniel (DAH-ni-yəl): God is my judge
  • Eino (AY-no): unknown
  • Emil (EH-mil): rival
  • Edvin (EHD-veen): rich friend
  • Elliot (EHL-ee-ət): my God is Yahweh
  • Guðmundur (gawth-moon-door): god protection
  • Ilmari (EEL-mah-ree): air; Finnish mythology creator of sky and magic
  • Johannes (yo-HAN-əs): Yahweh is gracious
  • Jökull (yo-kool): glacier
  • Leo (LEH-o): lion
  • Onni (ON-nee): happiness
  • Väinö (VIE-nuu): wide and slow river

Ancient Scandinavian Names for Boys

Old High German and medieval naming practices are the inspiration behind these ancient Scandinavian baby boy names. Many have been modified throughout history, and some are still popular in different parts of the world today.

  • Aghi (ahg-hee): edge of a sword
  • Áki (OW-kyi): father
  • Alfvin (ahl-veen) : elf friend
  • Aðalsteinn/Athelstan (ah-thahl-stain): noble stone
  • Brandr: sword/fire
  • Egill (EH-gee): awe/terror
  • Eysteinn (aystin): island stone
  • Félagi (fee-ay-lahg): partner/fellow
  • Hallbjǫrn (hal-bawrn): rock bear
  • Hávarðr/Håvard (hoh-vahrd): high guardian
  • Herleifr (hare-layf-er): army descendent
  • Hróarr/Roger (hrahr): famed spear
  • Hugleikr (hoo-lay-ker): heart/spirit play
  • Jarl (YAHRL): chieftan/nobleman
  • Mundi (moon-dee): protection
  • Ragnvaldr/Reynold (ran-veld-er): powerful advice
  • Snorri (snor-rree): attack
  • Stigr/Stig (steeg-er): path
  • Þórir (thoh-ree): Thor's warrior
  • Vragi (vrah-gee): mooring post

Norse Mythology Names for Boys

Norse mythology and legend feature dozens of unique male characters with short, powerful names no one will soon forget. These whimsical name choices work for parents wanting something steeped in Norse culture.

  • Alvis (ahl-vees): all wise; dwarf who Thor turned to stone
  • Ask (ahsk): ash tree; first man created by the gods
  • Balder (bahl-air): prince; son of Odin and Frigg
  • Bragi (Brah-yee): first/poetry; Norse god of poetry
  • Fenrir (fayn-reer): Odin's wolf
  • Freyr (FRAYR): lord; Norse god of fertility, rain, and sunlight
  • Loki (loh-kee): unknown meaning; evil trickster god
  • Njord (nyor): strong; Norse god of the sea
  • Oden/Odinn/Odin (oh-din): inspiration/frenzy; highest Norse god
  • Orvar (or-vahr): arrow; legendary Norse hero
  • Trym (treeim): noise; king of the giants who stole Thor's hammer
  • Vidar (VEE-dahr): wide warrior; son of Odin who will avenge father's death at end of the world

Viking Warrior Names for Boys

Parents can look into Viking culture and draw upon names that were commonly used by this group of people. These monikers make good options for anyone searching for a name that exudes strength, courage, and a warrior spirit.

  • Ake (AH-ke): ancestor
  • Anwend (ahn-wayn): unknown; a Viking King
  • Arne (ar-neh): eagle
  • Aslak (ahs-lahk): god play
  • Asgot (ahs-goht): great god goth
  • Asvald (Ahs-vahld): god ruler
  • Bjarni (byahr-nih): bear
  • Bran: raven
  • Cnut (kə-NYOOT): knot; name of many Danish kings
  • Einar (AY-nahr): one warrior
  • Eirik (eh-rik): the unique prince
  • Floki (floh-kih); outspoken man; one of first settlers in Iceland
  • Frodi (froh-idh): unknown; name of many Danish kings
  • Gamli (gahm-lee): God is my reward
  • Geirstein (gayr-stayn): spear stone
  • Harald (hah-rahld): lord and ruler
  • Hove (hoh-veh): temple
  • Illugi (ig-loo-ih): evil/bad spirit/thought
  • Ivar (ee-var): coniferous tree worrier
  • Kjeld (Kehl): cauldron
  • Knud (KNOODH): knot
  • Leif (life): property/inheritance
  • Olaf (oh-lahv): ancestor's descendant
  • Ragnar (RAHNG-nahr): advice army
  • Rolf (throhlf): honor wolf
  • Sven (SVEHN): boy
  • Toke (toh-keh): Thor and helmet
  • Wulfstan (wohlv-stahn): wolf stone

Embrace Scandinavian Cultures

Some parents turn to Scandinavian baby names because they are of a particular lineage and want to honor their roots through the naming process. Other parents find they are fascinated with Scandinavian culture and choose to reflect their interests by naming their baby something that stems from the land of deep fjords, high mountains, and Viking heritage. Whatever your reason is for giving your baby a Scandinavian name, be sure that you love the moniker above all. As long as you adore your baby's name, it will always be the perfect choice for your infant.

300+ Scandinavian Baby Names for Boys and Girls