41 Thoughtful Thank You Messages for a Baptism or Christening

Published May 4, 2021
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For people of certain belief systems, baptism day is a day full of significance. The parents celebrate their child's commitment to the Lord and invite loved ones to join in their joy. After a baptism, be sure to send thank yous to the people who helped make the day possible. Thank the priest, the Godparents, and the attendants who celebrated the day with you.

Ways to Convey Thank You Baptism Messages

After a baptism, reach out to the guests, the Godparents, and the priest and thank them for their part in the event. Consider sending a small gift to major christening participants along with your thank you message or a lovely card. Guests should receive acknowledgment for their attendance as well. Send a handwritten note or, at the very least, include a heartfelt thank you message in an email or a text message. There are many ways to express gratitude following baptism, and the most important thing is that you take the time to thank loved ones for spending the day with you and your child.

Short and Sweet Thank You Notes for Baptism

These short and sweet notes are simply ways to send a thank you to the people who supported your baby on his/her big day. These baptism thank yous can go into a card or even a text message.

  • Thank you for joining in our special day of baptism.
  • We are grateful for your love and time in celebrating this baptism.
  • Thank you for being a part of this special moment in our child's life.
  • We thank you for coming to (Name's) baptism from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Your presence at our baby's baptism warmed our hearts.
  • Much love and appreciation for attending our child's baptism.
  • Much love for sharing in our special baptism day.
  • Kindest regards to your family for being with us on (Name's) day of Baptism.
  • We were blessed with a beautiful baptism shared with beautiful friends. Thank you for attending.
  • Thank you for your support, love, and prayers at (Name's) baptism.
  • We are forever grateful for your support at our baby's baptism.
  • We feel blessed that you were able to attend (Name's) baptism.

Long and Lovely Thank You Messages for Baptism Guests

For some, the attendance of their child's baptism truly means the world to them. Express how dear they are to you and your child with deep messages of thanks.

  • What a wonderful day our baby's baptism was. Having you there made the experience feel complete. We are deeply grateful that you took the time to celebrate with us.
  • Having you at our child's baptism is a memory that we will cherish forever. You are a gift and a blessing to our entire family.
  • Seeing you at our baby's baptism put smiles on our faces and warmed our hearts. Thank you for loving our child and spending the day with our family.
  • Your attendance at our baby's baptism reminded us that he/she is loved by so many. Wherever he/she goes in life, she will never be alone.
  • The family and friends who attended our baby's christening made it one of our most cherished days. Thank you for supporting our child as she/he walks with the Lord.
  • Nothing made us more joyful than gazing out into the pews and seeing so many wonderful people supporting our family. Thank you from the bottom of our souls for spending this time with us.
  • Baptism is a beautiful moment in time made special by the commitment to the Lord. Our day was made even more beautiful and more special because you were there to celebrate it with us.
  • The people who surround us on the most special days are the people who make life so beautiful. Thank you for coming to (Name's) baptism day.
  • Friends are the flowers in our lives. Thank you for making our baby's baptism such a beautiful and wonderful experience. Your love and support were so appreciated.
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Thank You Notes for Baptism for a Priest or Pastor

Thanking the priest or pastor who oversees your baby's baptism is customary. You will want to extend your gratitude to the person who helped make the day possible. Thank the clergy member who conducted the baptism by using one of these thoughtful messages. Consider donating to the church where your child was baptized. This is also a common thank you practice involved in baptisms.

  • We can not thank you enough for performing our baby's baptism.
  • Please know that you hold an exceptional place in our hearts for being such a wonderful part of our baptism day.
  • To have such a loving, faithful church leader perform our son/daughter's baptismal rights was an honor that we will never forget.
  • You blessed our family so deeply at (Name's) christening. Please accept our deepest gratitude.
  • Our child's baptism was made all the more special because you were the one who performed it. Thank you for helping us bring our child up in the faith.
  • Having you perform our son/daughter's christening made us feel honored. Thank you for your guiding light, love, and wisdom.
  • We want to express our sincere gratitude to you for helping make (Name's) baptism day so special. Please know that you are forever in our prayers.

Thank You Notes for Baptism Godparents

You likely put much effort into choosing the Godparents of your child. Godparents play an important role in a child's religious upbringing and have key responsibilities in the baptism ceremony. They will likely have many duties moving forward, remaining involved with your child long after the baptism takes place. Thank them kindly and sincerely for agreeing to be a part of your child's religious journey and life in general.

  • When we chose our child's Godparents, we looked to someone strong, faithful, and inspiring. You were the only choice for our child, and we are honored that you shared in our day.
  • It filled my heart with joy to see you stand beside my child on his/her baptism day.
  • Knowing that you were there to be a part of this chapter in our lives reminds us of how dear you are to our family. You are a special friend and a wonderful Godparent. Thank you for your love and support.
  • Deepest and most sincere thank you to our child's Godparents. We know that you will lead with light and love and set a beautiful example for our little one.
  • Your involvement at our son/daughter's baptism meant the world to us. Thank you for your commitment to helping us raise our beautiful baby.
  • Thank you to the very best Godparents a child could ask for. In picking you, we instantly felt a calm and peacefulness, knowing that you would forever be a part of our child's life.
  • Thank you for agreeing to be our child's Godparent. You led them through their baptism day with beauty and grace, and we know that you will continue to lead him/her through life with that very same spirit.
  • Our baby's baptism was one of the most special days so far, and you helped make it that way. We hold you dear in our hearts and cherish you in our home.
  • The commitment that you made to be our baby's Godparents honors us. Thank you for choosing to be such a major part of his/her life.
  • We hit the jackpot in the Godparent department! We could not have asked for a better christening day or a better Godmother/Godfather. Thank you for taking on this role.
  • How lucky is our child that he/she has you as a Godparent?! He/She is certainly blessed to have you in his/her life, and so are we!
  • You didn't have to step up and be (Name's) Godparent, but we are so grateful that you did. Thank you for blessing our family in this way.
  • It was so moving to see you hold (Name) at the alter as we committed him/her to the faith. Thank you for being his/her Godparent.
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The Importance of Thank You

Saying thank you through a note is a special way to let the people celebrating you or your children know that you appreciate their time, love, and support. When sending out thank you messages, be sure that the tone of the note matches the event. Personalize your thank you messages as much as you possibly can and be specific about what you are thanking someone for. Oftentimes, a simple few words of gratitude go a very long way.

41 Thoughtful Thank You Messages for a Baptism or Christening