43 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

Published April 8, 2021
Baby on Board

Being pregnant can be an exciting process from start to finish. It is amazing how much can get packed into nine short months! One of the most fun parts of expecting is telling your loved ones that a baby is on the way. One of these creative pregnancy announcements for grandparents is bound to be the perfect way to let your family know that the best is yet to come.

Crafty Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

Consider telling mom and dad that life is about to get really busy with crafts. Make them something cute and catchy that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Baby clothes with ultrasound picture of the baby

Make a T-Shirt

Fashion a t-shirt for yourself and your partner that makes news of a baby on the way very clear. You can have this done for you through any number of websites or Etsy shops, or you can make your own design. Wear it to go visit your parents and wait for them to realize that this is no everyday piece of fashion that you are sporting.

Create a Due Date Ornament

If you are expecting and want to announce to your parents that a baby is coming their way, utilize the holidays for announcement inspiration. Purchase a simple ornament and scribe the important deets down. Choosing simple sayings like, "Baby Thompson, Due 2021," or "Grandma Mitzi Est. 2021" can be lovely ornament adornments.

Make a Calendar With a Special Date Marked

Personalized calendars are functional and creative gifts for grandparents. If you already have children, use fun pictures of your kids with their grandparents to decorate the pages of the calendar. On the page of the month that your baby is due to arrive, circle the date and add a generic image of a baby.

Frame Your Precious Early Pictures

Wait until you have your first sonogram and then frame pictures of your tiny bean for Grandma and Grandpa. No doubt this picture will sit atop their mantle for the rest of their days.

Create a Onesie

Gifting your mom and dad a onesie will leave little room for wonder as to what is going on. Choose to have something sweet and grandparent specific printed on the onesie like:

  • Coming Soon: Granny's Baking Buddy
  • Grandpa's Fishing Friend On The Way
  • Littlest Family Member: Due 2021
  • Grammy and Grampy's Little Blessing: Due 2021

Make a Granny Starter Kit

Purchase a gift box and fill it with all the starter items that Grandma and Grandpa will need to embark on their first grandparenting journey. Consider adding books, pacis, bibs, bottles, and other baby-related items to the starter box.

Use Your Kitchen

Food is the way to a person's heart and soul. When breaking big news to mom and dad, take to the kitchen to create a culinary experience that no one will soon forget.

Senior couple opening fortune cookies

Mug Bottom Meanings

Custom order coffee mugs that say Grandma or Grandma at the very bottom of the cup. Invite your parents over for coffee and wait for them to sip down the last drop of java. The look on their faces will undoubtedly be priceless when they read the words on the bottom of the coffee mug.

Invite Your Parents for Chinese Food

Serve up Chinese food and end the meal with unique fortune cookies. Fortune cookies with a note announcing your pregnancy can be the best ending to a meal.

Wrap up a Meal With Cake

Bake cupcakes or a cake and stick a pacifier or baby rattle inside of the treat. When mom and dad cut into the desert, they will get the sweetest surprise ever!

Break Open a Bottle of Wine

You might not be able to sip vino for a few months, but that doesn't mean that you can not pop a cork for your parents. Have a custom label put onto a bottle of wine announcing the baby on the way. Everyone will have a blast celebrating with a special toast to the future.

Make a Special Dessert

Bake a batch of cookies and decorate them with baby-related themes. Think duckies, and bottles, and pacis. You can also get a bit of help in the baking department, having someone who specializes in desserts create baby-on-the-way cookies or chocolates to serve the grandparents-to-be.

Order Pizza

Keep your announcement low-key and casual with a pizza night. Ask the pizza place to use veggies or pepperoni to write the word baby on a large pizza. Ask your parents to help you serve it, just make sure they pay attention to the wording before they begin slicing!

Use Kids and Pets

If this isn't your first baby, enlist the help of grandma and grandpa's favorite little people to help spread the word of a baby on the way. If you have a pet, they can serve as excellent, cuddly pregnancy announcement props.

A mom and her two kids showing the birth order including a 3rd one on the way.

Say It With a Photoshoot

If you and your family are expecting a new addition, hold a creative photo shoot to highlight the big news. Use tiny shoes, signs, or other pregnancy announcement means to make the photoshoot uniquely yours. Frame your photo for your parents to hang in their home or send it as an email attachment/pregnancy announcement.

Hang an Eviction Notice

Next time Grandma and Grandpa visit, ask them to put your little one down for a nap. When they walk into the nursery and see an eviction notice hanging on the firstborn's crib, they will soon figure out that another baby is coming!

Find Fun in Outfits

If you already have a few kids and want to tell your parents that you are adding another baby to your nest, dress the excited little ones up in shirts that reflect their birth order. The youngest child sporting a "soon-to-be-big bro" shirt is unmistakable.

Dress Up Doggies

Up until now, your dogs have been like children to you. Create a bandana for your pup or a special doggie shirt and let them break the news to Grandma and Grandpa that a human baby is making its way into the brood.

Consider Making the Announcement an Event

Big news sometimes deserves big announcement platforms. If you are the kind of couple who tend to do everything in a major way, think about incorporating your baby news into an event.

Young couple raising a toast with announcement of pregnancy to family during event

Reveal the News at a Sporting Event

If your parents love a good ball game or hockey match, think about announcing their status change on a jumbotron. The entire crowd will likely join in your joy and excitement!

Host a Game Night With a Finale to Remember

Game nights are fun ways to bond for many families. Choose a family game night to spread your baby news. Charades or Pictionary are perfect games to set the stage for letting the cat out of the bag.

Say It in the Sky

Everyone has seen a plane fly by with a sweet birthday message for a loved one on it. Hire a flight company to soar through the sky with a message like, "Welcome Baby Robinson," "Or Sue and Rick are Going to be Grandparents." This might be a bit over the top, but really, how many times in life do you get to announce a pregnancy?

Make a Special Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt that ends with the greatest surprise of all, a grandbaby! Your parents will have a blast hunting down clues and arriving at life's greatest prize.

Words to Remember

The words that you choose to tell parents a little one is baking away are important. Choose to incorporate your news into poems, cards, or special items that will be cherished forever.

We're Pregnant! Written in beach sand

Write a Fun and Catchy Poem

If poetry is something that you excel at and enjoy, pour your thoughts onto paper and write a baby announcement poem for your mom and dad.

Send the Most Meaningful Card Ever

A beautiful card sharing the big news might feel like a small gesture, but for many aging people, it is sweet, sentimental, and intimate.

Scratch Off the Big News

You can purchase faux lottery tickets for your parents and have a bit of fun as they scratch away in hopes of winning the big prize. They won't receive a million dollars, but they will hit the jackpot.

Incorporate Your Announcement Into Jewelry

Sometimes one important word is all you need to make a statement. A word like "Grandma" or "Grandparent" engraved on a watch or a locket is a beautiful mesh of precious letters and precious materials for life's most precious gift.

Gift Grandparents With a Special Book

There are countless books out there geared for a grandma and a grandpa. Gift your parents with one that they will be able to read to your children for years to come. Write a sweet message to your parents on the book's dedication page.

Fashion Something for the Home

Fun and functionality can be achieved when you announce your pregnancy in the form of home goods.

Decorative baby cushions

Catch Them off Guard With a Throw Pillow

Give your parents something for their home that helps announce this big step in life. A throw pillow with a saying like "Grandma's Baby Est. 2021" will warm their hearts every time they cozy up on the couch to shop for grandbaby clothes.

Give Them Wonderful Memories to Wrap Themselves With

Personalize a throw blanket with your baby's due date and last name. The baby's grandparents can wrap themselves up in their joy as they count the days down until the baby is born.

Catchy Kitchen Utensils

You can have spoons made that discreetly say Grandma, Est. 2021. Take Grandma and Grandpa out for ice cream and have the server swap a normal spoon out for the monogrammed one. Your parents can keep the spoon in their collection for the rest of their days.

Get Outside and Be Active

Are you and your parents the type of family who are always on the go and doing something fun and active? Use one of your favorite active pastimes to share your news.

Couple and senior parents smiling during a mountain walk

Go Golfing

Have goofballs or tees made up with hints about a new baby. When Grandpa figures out the big news, his golf game will for once come in second place!

Throw the Term "Grandma" Out There on a Frisbee

Throw a frisbee around in a park on a beautiful day. Make sure that Grandma and Grandpa read the inscription on the frisbee, announcing their major life promotion.

Hike Somewhere Special

Hike with your parents to a special space. Perhaps take a day trip to a spot where you used to visit or camp with them when you were a kid. Tell them that they are about to do the whole experience all over again with a new generation.

Plan a Picnic

Plan a picnic for your parents and only pack tiny foods. Think baby carrots, baby corn, mini sandwiches, and tiny bottles of water. It might take a minute for everyone to figure out that all the food is pint-sized for a reason, but the sentiment will be remembered for years to come.

Bring Special Flies Fishing

If your parents love to spend their golden days fishing, attend a fishing trip with them and make sure that you bring the flies. Have a few made that say, "Grandpa." This will undoubtedly the best fishing day that your father has ever had.

Sweet and Simple Announcements

Sometimes, simple really is best. These easy ways to announce a pregnancy are just as meaningful as major ordeals.

Woman holding baby colored balloons out of a car

Balloon Announcements

A few pink or blue balloons are simple and suggestive ways to let your parents know a baby girl or boy will be joining the family in a matter of months. Another idea is to have an announcement message put into a balloon. Pop the balloon and ask your parents to read the message inside aloud.

Chalky Memos

When you know your parents will be away from home, and the weather is expected to be sunny, decorate their driveway with all sorts of pictures and messages making your baby news clear. They will never forget rolling up on your artwork!

Put Up a Very Obvious Sign

Make your own signs or have a sign company help you out. Post signs in your parents' yard that say things like:

  • Club Grandparent
  • Promoted to Grandma and Grandpa
  • Congrats Granny and Gramps

Announcing Grandparenthood From Afar

If you live far away from your parents, you can still connect with them and share a magical moment. Here are some easy and memorable ways to tell your parents that they are soon going to be grandma and grandpa.

couple video calling using a tablet to share the news that they expecting a baby at home

Hold a Zoom Call

When you live far from loved ones, sharing big news can feel a bit disconnected. Get your parents on a FaceTime or Zoom call so that they can get up close and personal with your baby bump.

Send a Specially Made Gift Box

Send a specially designed gift box to Grandma and Grandpa full of cute baby-on-board items. Think matching Grandma and Grandpa mugs, coordinating t-shirts and picture frames for all of their upcoming memories.

Catch Feelings With Flowers

If you recently discovered that you are expecting a baby girl or bouncing boy, send your parents a bouquet of pink roses or a bundle of blue flowers. In the card, write something like, "Can you guess why these flowers are all pink?" or "Hey mom and dad, wonder why we went with all blue here?"

Use Emojis on Text Message

Older generations might be behind on their emoji game, but think about sending some baby-inspired emojis their way if texting is the best possible means to communicate with your busy parents.

Snap a Picture of Your Pregnancy Test

Snap a picture of your telltale pregnancy test and send it as an email or text message attachment. This method of sharing the news is straightforward, simple, and to the point, which might suit plenty of grandparents just fine.

Send a Meaningful Quote on Parenthood

Find a beautiful quote on parenthood and send it in an email announcing your pregnancy to your parents. Emails can feel informal, but special quotes and words can help to make this type of announcement more personal.

Send a Puzzle

You can purchase a puzzle for your parents to complete that reveals your pregnancy in the final product. With a pandemic raging on, people are continuing to hunker down and stay isolated and safe. Puzzles have become popular activities for plenty of homebound people.

Send a Video via Email

Videotape a fun poem, a family dance, or a song that reveals your big news. Send the video to your parents via email. It will definitely be the best piece of mail they ever receive.

The Key to a Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

There are a million different ways to tell your parents that they are being promoted to grammy and grampy. When deciding on how best to break the news, first choose a manner that speaks to you. Of course, the announcement is geared towards the grandparents, but they are your memories too, so choose something that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Put some thought into your parents' personalities. If they are quiet introverts, don't announce the news at a baseball game in front of thousands of strangers. Likewise, if your parents don't like games and surprises, opt for a smaller, more subdued announcement.

43 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents