5 Tricks to Get Your Baby to Fall Asleep

sleeping baby

Baby sleep - the elusive holy grail of all things in parenthood in the first few first months. You've tried every trick in the book. . .or so you thought. It's now time to push on to newfound territories and try some fresh tricks to get your little bundle of joy to sleep. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you're all out of ideas, why not try one of these baby sleep hacks.

1. Tissue Time Zzzzzzzs

tissue on baby face

There's nothing like a gentle relaxing face massage to help lull us adults into a state of blissful relaxation. So why shouldn't this apply to babies too? Try coaxing your baby into the land of nod by stroking his face ever-so gently with a piece of white tissue paper. So you may feel like a sandwich short of a picnic doing this, but who cares if it means both baby and you get some sleep? The trick is to have faith and take it beyond the first few strokes. . .some parents have got their babies off to sleep in under a minute using this trick! Incredible.

2. Bouncing Ball Baby

Look at that unsuspecting exercise ball which is sitting lonely in the corner of a room. Could it really be the answer to your baby's sleep? In some cases - yes! Hold your baby safely close to one shoulder, gently ease yourself down and lightly bounce rhythmically on the ball. Some parents have found this brings their baby into a zen-like state, deliciously enticing them into a peaceful slumber.

3. Blow, Blow, Blow to Sleep

blowing on baby's face

Why not take a leaf out of nature's book and make like a gentle summer breeze blowing on your baby's face? We, as adults, love to close our eyes and experience a soothing waft of sweet summer air, so it's no wonder that blowing gently in your baby's face - especially around the forehead - has the exact same calming effect. Although initially your baby may blink in surprise at this action, the calming influence will soon prevail, as your baby's eyes begin a sequence of telling blinks until they blissfully close for sleep.

4. Call It a Night Tick-Tock Clock

Digital clocks may reign supreme these days, but dig out that fusty old ticking clock from the back of beyondstorage or buy one online here for this trick! Some babies respond beautifully to the soft metrical sound of ticking which somewhat resembles the sound of mom's heart beating. Try wrapping a clock in a small blanket and laying it close to baby to give her a comforting passage to sleepy time.

5. Create a Water Way to Slumber

Mother and baby listening to water running in kitchen

The sound of gentle running water has long been used as sleep and meditation aids to help people relax. Although not quite as decadent as chilling out by a waterfall, simply stand by a running faucet with your baby in your arms and let the relaxing sound of water calm her to a snoozy state.

Remember, every baby is different, so it's about finding out what works for your child. May the sleep force be with you!

5 Tricks to Get Your Baby to Fall Asleep