56 Inspiring Boy Names That Mean Hope

Published July 21, 2020
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Baby boy names that mean "hope" have personal meaning for parents who've had a hard time conceiving. Hopeful boy names also provide inspiration for your little guy and the world as he grows up.

Sweet Boy Names That Mean Hope

You can find names from all around that world that simply mean "hope." Use the original pronunciation or make the name your own by pronouncing it in your native tongue.

  • Amal (ah-mahl)
  • Arman (awr-mahn)
  • Elpidius (ehl-pih-dee-oos)
  • Imeda (ih-may-dah)
  • Omid (oh-meed)
  • Tesfaye (tess-fah-yeh)
  • Themba (them-bah)
  • Toivo (toy-voh)
  • Umid (oo-mihd)
  • Ümit (oo-meet)
  • Von (vahn)
Baby boy names that mean hope

Strong Boy Names That Mean Hope and Something Else

If hope isn't enough on its own, you can also find masculine names that mean more than just "hope." You can also invent your own hopeful names by combining names that mean "hope" with names that have other important meanings.

  • Kazuki (kah-zoo-kee) - one hope
  • Kōki (koh-kyee) - light or happiness and hope
  • Vilmantas (vihl-mahn-tahs) - hope and intelligent
  • Viltautas (vihl-tow-tahs) - hope and nation
  • Yūki (yoo-kyee) - gentleness and hope

Words for Hope in Different Languages to Use As Boy Names

Many languages have known names that mean "hope," but they also have standard words that mean "hope" and the two may be different. Learn to say "hope" in different languages, then turn these words into unique baby names.

  • Dóchas (doh-hahss) - Irish
  • Espero (ess-pair-oh) - Esperanto
  • Gobaith (goh-bath) - Welsh
  • Håber (hoh-buh) - Danish
  • Hoppas (hoh-pahss) - Swedish
  • Ithemba (ih-them-bah) - Zulu
  • Matumaini (mah-too-mah-ee-nee) - Swahili
  • Mong (mong) - Vietnamese
  • Pag-asa (pahg-ah-sah) - Filipino

Inspiring Boy Names That Mean Bringer of Good

"Bringer of good" and "bringer of good news" are name meanings that very closely resemble "hope."

  • Bashar (ba-shahr) - bringing good news
  • Evangelos (ee-van-geh-lohss) - bringing good news
  • Lucifer (loo-sih-fur) - bringing light
  • Olukayode (oh-loo-ka-yoh-deh) - God brings happiness
  • Răzvan (rahz-vahn) - bringer of good news
  • Télesphore (tay-lehs-for-ay) - bringing fulfillment
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Boy Names That Mean Inspiration or Miracle

You can also look for inspirational baby names, like rainbow baby names, that mean "miracle" or something similar.

  • Abner (ab-ner) - father of light
  • Alinafe (ah-lee-nah-fay) - he is with us
  • Emmanuel (ee-man-yoo-ehl) - God is with us
  • Ilham (eel-ham) - inspiration
  • Ithiel (ih-thee-ehl) - God is with me
  • Navdeep (nahv-deep) - new light
  • Odin (oh-dihn) - inspiration (among many other meanings)
  • Tamrat (tahm-raht) - miracle
  • Tinashe (tihn-ah-shay) - we are with God

Boy Names That Mean Faith

Along with hope comes faith. If you haven't found a name meaning hope that you love, a name that means "faith" could be perfect.

  • Amnon (ahm-nohn) - faithful
  • Besim (bay-sihm) - faith, trust
  • Besnik (bays-nihk) - faith
  • Fidel (fee-dehl) - faithful
  • Fido (fee-doh) - I am faithful
  • Iman/Imani (ee-mahn/ee-mahn-ee) - faithful
  • Rutendo (roo-tehn-doh) - faith
  • Tumelo (too-may-loh) - faith
  • Usko (ooss-koh) - faith

Boy Names That Mean Trust

Another word that goes hand-in-hand with hope and faith is trust. These strong boy names all mean some form of the word trust.

  • Ami (ah-mee) - trustworthy
  • Kenshin (kehn-shihn) - humble trust
  • Mamun (mah-moon) - trustworthy
  • Nobu (noh-boo) - trust
  • Traugott (tow-got) - trust God
  • Truman (troo-man) - trusty man
  • Wafi (wah-fee) - trustworthy

Hope for Your Little Miracle

Names with deep meaning and well wishes show your love and future dreams for your son. Use an online tool like BehindtheName's search by meaning tool to find names that match your desired meaning. If you love meaningful baby names, check out names that mean love or magical and mystical baby boy names for more inspiration.

56 Inspiring Boy Names That Mean Hope