65+ Creative Girl Names That Start With Z

Published November 30, 2020
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If you are looking to get creative with the naming of your child, you can't go wrong by choosing girl names that start with Z. These names are guaranteed to be a bit unusual and have special meanings. Explore a variety of popular, unique, and biblical names that start with Z for girls.

Unique Girl Names That Start With Z and Meanings

Z is a unique letter to start your child's name with. Therefore, it comes as no surprise you can find abundant unique names for girls that start with Z. Explore the different meanings of a few unique Z girl names.

  1. Zada - good luck (Arabic)

  2. Zasha - defender of humankind (Russia)

  3. Zaylia - empowerment (Greek)

  4. Zayna - beautiful (English)

  5. Zeffa - rose (Portuguese)

  6. Zelda - warrior (Yiddish)

  7. Zemira - song (Hebrew)

  8. Zina - winter (Slovak)

  9. Zora - beautiful aurora (Slavic)

  10. Zudora - hardworking (Sanskrit)

  11. Zuleika - bright (Persian)

  12. Zuri - beautiful; light complexion (Swahili)

  13. Zverda - star (Slavic)

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Z Girl Names in the Bible

When looking for a girl name that is full of meaning, you can't go wrong with a biblical name. Especially if your family is looking for an old name with a meaning or is religious. Check out these biblical Z names for a girl.

  1. Zaccai - pure meat

  2. Zair - little

  3. Zanoah - forgetfulness

  4. Zatthu - olive tree

  5. Zeboiim - deer

  6. Zelotes - zealous

  7. Zenan - weapon

  8. Zenas - living

  9. Ziha - brightness

  10. Zilthai - my shadow

  11. Ziz - flower

  12. Zorobabel - a stranger to Babylon

  13. Zuzims - splendor

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Indian Girl Names Starting With Z

Indian and Hindi names have deep meanings. Plus, you can find a variety of them that start with Z. Give your girl a beautiful, strong, or lovely name with a powerful meaning like sweet stream water or beautiful dancer.

  1. Zachni - beautiful dancer

  2. Zaina - lovely

  3. Zakhi - smart and strong

  4. Zala - shininess

  5. Zanie - God's grace

  6. Zarna - sweet water stream

  7. Zee - happy

  8. Zeeya - radiance

  9. Zhiel - waterfall

  10. Zil - river

  11. Zinal - loving

  12. Zohra - love

  13. Zvika - the life source

Native Girl Names Starting With Z

Do you have Native American roots? Then you might want to consider a Native American name that starts with Z for your sweet baby girl. Give these Native American Z names for girls with means a gander to find out if one is perfect for your precious little girl.

  1. Zaltana - high mountain

  2. Zihna - she spins

  3. Ziracuny - water monster

  4. Zitkaduta - red bird

  5. Zitkala - bird

  6. Zonta - honesty trust

  7. Zuni - beauty

  8. Zyanya - forever always

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Popular Girl Names With Z

While these are popular names for girls, they aren't the run of the mill Jennifer or Chloe. Instead, these popular Z names are still original, but people like them. Find out if you want to name your child "Zahara" because she is a beautiful flower or possibly a name that lets the world know the princess that she is.

  1. Zadie - prosperous (Arabic)

  2. Zahara - flower (Swahili)

  3. Zaire - river (African)

  4. Zara - princess (Hebrew)

  5. Zarah - bright blossom (Arabic)

  6. Zaria - princess (American)

  7. Zayda - fortunate (Arabic)

  8. Zayla - dark beauty (Arabic)

  9. Zelena - goddess of the moon (Greek)

  10. Zelie - solemn (French)

  11. Zella - blessed (Yiddish)

  12. Zena - friendly; hospitable (Greek)

  13. Zephyr - west wind (Greek)

  14. Zinnia - flower (Latin)

  15. Zipporah - bird (Hebrew)

  16. Ziva - brilliance (Hebrew)

  17. Zoe/Zoey - life (Greek)

  18. Zofia - wisdom (Slavic)

  19. Zola - earth (Latin)

  20. Zoya - loving; alive (Russian)

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It's All in the Name

When it comes to naming your child, it might just be you like the name. Or you could be looking for a name with a powerful meaning. Sometimes, you are even trying to keep a letter scheme going. Whatever the case, you can find an array of unusual and cute baby names for girls with the letter Z.

65+ Creative Girl Names That Start With Z