65+ Girl Names That Start With Y (Unique & Beautiful)

Published December 3, 2020
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Girl names that start with Y can be a bit tricky to find. But, rest assured, if you're on the lookout for the perfect Y name, there are some great options available to choose from. Although not as common when it comes to names, names that begin with y can make for beautiful options for your baby girl.

Girl Names That Start With Y

Picking the perfect name can feel overwhelming. Take your time exploring some great options when it comes to girl names that begin with the letter y.

Baby Girl Names That Start With Y

Some baby girl names that start with Y include:

  • Yoanna: God is gracious
  • Yadira: Worthy
  • Yaelette: Unknown meaning
  • Yanna: God is gracious
  • Yanet: God grants mercy
  • Yaneth: Merciful
  • Yashika: Intelligent
  • Yareni: God's gift
  • Yoshie: Virtuous and pretty
  • Yara: Butterfly
  • Yilia: One who is friendly
  • Yosselin: God increases
Unique & Beautiful Girl Names That Start With Y

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Indian baby girl name options to consider:

  • Yadvi: Referring to the goddess Durga
  • Yameni: South
  • Yahavi: Bright
  • Yasti: Slender
  • Yahvi: Heaven
  • Yashi: Saviour
  • Yochana: Grace of God
  • Yosana: Young
  • Yahavi: Bright
  • Yatri: One who travels
  • Yema: Happiness
  • Yash: Success
  • Yaad: Purpose
  • Yanu: Gifted
  • Yas: Jasmine flower
  • Yutika: Flowering
  • Yuva: Young
  • Yuvi: Young woman
  • Yaja: One who worships

Names That Start With Y Girl

Y girl name options to think about:

  • Yasmeen: Jasmine flower
  • Yasmina: Referring to the Jasmine flower
  • Yolande: Violet flower
  • Yuriko: Lily child
  • Yvette: Archer
  • Yael: Strength of God and mountain goat
  • Yuri: Lily
  • Ysabella: The promise of God
  • Yana: God is gracious
  • Yasmine: Jasmine
  • Yazmin: Jasmine flower
  • Yohanna: God is gracious
  • Yuki: Snow flower
  • Yuvina: Young woman
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Unique Girl Names

Unique names for girls that begin with Y to consider:

  • Yatziri: Moon
  • Yamilet: Beautiful
  • Yaneli: Leader
  • Yelena: Light
  • Yessica: God beholds
  • Yasiman: Referring to a white flower
  • Yeva: The evening
  • Yepa: Princess of winter
  • Yona: Dove
  • Yaeko: Child
  • Yalgonata: Pearl
  • Yusra: Success
  • Yesenia: Palm tree
  • Yamka: Blossoming flower
  • Yahaira: Light

Famous Y Names

Famous Y names include:

  • Yoko: Sunshine
  • Yami: Twin and darkness
  • Yoo: Willow tree
  • Yulia: Young
  • Yolanda: Violet
  • Yancy: One who is from the North
  • Yandy: No known meaning
  • Yaris: Beauty
  • Yasmi: Jasmine flower
  • Yuna: One who is wanted
  • Yukta: Skillful

Y Girl Names

From longer names to shorter ones, there are some amazing Y names for baby girls to choose from. Be mindful that finding that perfect name can take some time. Be patient with yourself and be sure to check out the meanings of your favorite names to make sure you truly love them.

65+ Girl Names That Start With Y (Unique & Beautiful)