70 Powerful Names That Mean Life for Boys or Girls

Published October 13, 2020
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Names that mean life can be powerful choices for boys or girls. When you choose a name that means life, then you can have confidence your boy or girl has a unique name.

Names That Mean Life for Boys or Girls

Powerful names that mean life include those that mean alive, to live and new life. The word soul is often used to describe being brought to life and is used for a name that means life. A couple of names are gender neutral.

  1. Aisha: Alive (Arabic, girl)
  2. Beathan: Life (Scottish, boy)
  3. Bibiana: Alive (Greek, girl)
  4. Bindhas: Enjoy life (Indian, boy)
  5. Bophelo: Life (South African, girl)
  6. Can: Life (Turkish, boy)
  7. Chai: Life (Hebrew, boy)
  8. Chiva: Life (Cambodia, boy)
  9. Chivy: Life (Cambodia, girl)
  10. Daxon: Life-giving drink (French, boy)
  11. Eloma: Life (Finnish, gender neutral)
  12. Enid: Soul, life (Old Welsh, girl)
  13. Eshe: Life (Egyptian, girl)
  14. Evette: Life (French, girl)
  15. Ha: Kiss of Life (Vietnamese, girl)
  16. Haya: Alive (Hebrew, girl)
  17. Jivanta: Giver of Life (Indian)
  18. Phoenix: New life (Greek, gender neutral)
  19. Vidal: Life (English, boy)
  20. Vita, Vida: Life (Latin, girl)
Powerful Names That Mean Life for Boys or Girls

Names That Mean Life for Girls

You can find an appropriate name for your girl that means life. Chose from a list of names from all cultures.

  1. Anastasia: Resurrection, new life (Greek, girl)
  2. Asha: Life (Arabic, girl)
  3. Ava: Life (German, girl)
  4. Beatrix: Life explorer/voyager (English, girl)
  5. Betha: Life (Hebrew, girl)
  6. Eba: Life (Hebrew, girl)
  7. Eva, Evita, Evie: Life
  8. Evalyn: Life (English, girl)
  9. Gorno: Full of life (English, girl)
  10. Hisa: Person with a long-lasting life (Japanese, girl)
  11. Jilian: Enjoys youthful life (English, girl)
  12. Kiena: Prosperous life (Japanese, girl)
  13. Langhuie: Long life (English, girl)
  14. Lina, Life (Native American, girl)
  15. Liv: Life (Nordic, girl)
  16. Lizette: Life, oath to God (Hebrew, girl)
  17. Myiesha: Life (American, girl)
  18. Oriella: Full of life (Latin, girl)
  19. Taisha: Life (American, girl)
  20. Viviana: Full of life (Italian, girl)
  21. Ziva: Full of life (Hebrew, girl)
  22. Zoe: Life (Greek, girl)
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Names That Mean Life for Boys

A few boys' names that mean life may also describe someone who has a brave or happy life. These can be very positive choices for your baby boy's name.

  1. Adamo: First life (Hebrew, man)
  2. Adem: Brave life (Hebrew, man)
  3. Ankur: New life (Hindi, boy)
  4. Antarbhuti: Life, soul (Indian, boy)
  5. Asher: Happy life (Hebrew, boy)
  6. Bo: To live (Old Norse nickname, boy)
  7. Calian: Life warrior (Native American, boy)
  8. Chaim: Life (Hebrew, boy)
  9. Jan: Life, soul (Muslim, boy)
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Names That Mean Breath of Life for Boys or Girls

It is written in the Bible that God breathed life into Adam, making the breath of life sacred. For many cultures, the breath of life is the equivalent of the soul. Choose one of these names to exalt your child throughout life.

  1. Abel: Breath of life (Hebrew, boy)
  2. Abella: Breath of life (Hebrew, French, girl)
  3. Ahelia, Ahelie: Breath of life (Hebrew, girl)
  4. Andras: Breath of life (Norwegian, girl)
  5. Anemone: Breath of life (Greek, girl)
  6. Apela: Breath of life (Hawaiian, boy)
  7. Avabelle: Breathing in life; beautiful breath of life (English, girl)
  8. Avalyn: Beautiful breath of life (English, girl)
  9. Etan: Breathing out (Hindi, boy)
  10. Ettan, Breath of life (India, boy)
  11. Eve: Breath of life (Hebrew, girl)
  12. Hava: Breathing (Hebrew, girl)
  13. Kahanu, The breath of life (Hawaiian, gender-neutral)
  14. Keeaola: Breath of life (Hawaiian, girl)
  15. Nefes: Breath of life (Turkish, girl)
  16. Pran: Breath of life (Sanskrit, boy)
  17. Psyche: Soul, breath (Greek, girl)
  18. Spirit: Breath of life (Latin/English, gender-neutral)
  19. Sulya: Breath of life (Indian, boy)

Choosing From 70 Powerful Names That Mean Life

When it's time to select a powerful name for boys or girls, you may decide a name that means life is the most powerful choice. You may decide to choose a name to honor a specific culture.

70 Powerful Names That Mean Life for Boys or Girls