70+ Best Male Witch and Warlock Names

Updated March 13, 2022
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Many parents are drawn to the fantastical realm of dragons, fairies, spells, witches, and wizards, and their love of mystical wonders might spur their baby name journey. Finding male witch names can be a bigger challenge than coming across witchy girl names. Scour history and pop culture to find witchy boy names for your little wizard or warlock.

Witchy Boy Names With Magical Meanings

If you want a unique baby boy name, look for monikers with magical meanings like other words for "witch." These interesting occult boy names are inspired by the mystical realm.

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  • Drudner (German) - male witch
  • Gramarye (Middle French) - book of sorcery
  • Kallikrates (Ancient Greek) - beautiful power
  • Mage - a magician or wizard
  • Maleficus (Latin) - person who committed evil deeds using magic
  • Ngawang (Tibetan) - powerful speech
  • Philokrates (Ancient Greek) - friend of power
  • Shaman - medicine man who acts as a medium between the visible world and spirit world
  • Uzzi (Hebrew) - my power

Boy Names That Mean Powerful

Male witches, wizards, and warlocks are often seen as all-powerful beings, capable of incredible, magical undertakings. Give your little sorcerer a great source of power with a strong name that means "powerful."

Young boy dressed as a wizard
  • Azziz (Arabic)
  • Decebal (Romanian)
  • Denzel (Old Cornish)
  • Gideon (Hebrew)
  • Jabbar (Arabic)
  • Kano (Japanese)
  • K'Awil (Mayan)
  • Kedar (Arabic)
  • Oswald (Old German)
  • Oz (Hebrew)
  • Prabhu (Sanskrit)
  • Qiang (Chinese)
  • Trumble (English)
  • Ulric (English)

Real Male Witch Names

Most witches portrayed in popular media are women. That said, history is full of male "witches" who were persecuted for their perceived and taboo craft. Honor one of the men accused of witchcraft by choosing one of these names.

Little halloween witch on black
  • George (Burroughs) - man associated with witchcraft in Salem
  • Giles (Corey) - accused witch in Salem
  • John (Willard and Proctor) - men associated with witchcraft in Salem
  • Jon (Jonsson) - famous man prosecuted for witchcraft in Iceland
  • Samuel (Wardwell) - man associated with witchcraft in Salem
  • Wilmot (Redd) - man associated with witchcraft in Salem

Fictional Wizard and Warlock Names

You'll have no problem finding wizards and warlocks in books, TV shows, movies, and video games to inspire your baby name. Do any of these wizard or warlock names cast a spell over your heart?

Little newborn baby boy with a magic wand, black background and scarf
  • Albus - powerful wizard from Harry Potter
  • Allanon - druid from the World of Shannara
  • Caleb - male witch from The Covenant
  • Elminster - Dungeons & Dragons wizard
  • Gandalf - good grey wizard from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  • Geralt - monster hunter from The Witcher
  • Harry - famous wizard boy from Harry Potter
  • Jareth - mystic goblin king from The Labyrinth
  • Magnus - warlock from the Shadowhunter Chronicles
  • Merlin - legendary wizard of lore and literature
  • Pogue - teenage warlock in The Covenant
  • Raistlin - magician Majere from Heroes of the Dragonlance
  • Rand - channeler from The Wheel of Time
  • Saruman - evil male wizard name from Lord of the Rings
  • Willow - sorcerer's apprentice in Willow

Male Wiccan Names

The natural or spiritual world often inspires Wiccan names, and so many of these make stunning baby names for a son. Check out pagan names and baby names inspired by nature to find more great Wiccan names for boys.

Little wizard in the ancient hut
  • Blaze - outburst of flames
  • Clay - person who worked with or lived near clay
  • Drake - dragon
  • Jet - jet aircraft
  • Lumin - light
  • Omen - something that predicts the future
  • Oshun - alternate spelling of "ocean"
  • Smolder - to smoke and burn slowly
  • Wicce - old version of the word "Wicca"

Popular Male Names That Sound Witchy

If you prefer more commonly heard names that contain the essence of warlock magic, check out some of the more popular baby names in the United States. These choices are common names with interesting sounds and meanings. They are all strong, powerful, and a bit mystical.

Little boy in pointed hat and black cloak playing with magic wand outdoors
  • Amari - eternal
  • Asher - blessed
  • Atlas - enduring
  • Aziel - God is my power
  • Callum - dove
  • Chance - luck
  • Cohen - priest
  • Damian - to tame
  • Declan - full of goodness
  • Elias - Lord is my God
  • Ezekiel -strength of God
  • Ezra - help
  • Gael - my father is joy
  • Holden - deep valley
  • Joaquin - lifted by Yahweh
  • Kai - sea
  • Legend - to read; story of the past
  • Luca - light
  • Malachi -my messenger
  • Mateo - gift of God
  • Maverick - independent
  • Orion - boundary
  • Phoenix - dark red
  • Thiago - unknown
  • Roman - of Rome
  • Walker - to walk
  • Waylon - skilled
  • Xander - man's defender
  • Zayden - growth, increase
  • Zayn - grace

Awesome Witch Names for Boys

You don't have to own a broom and a cauldron to get inspired by witchy names. Whether you're naming your child after a fictional character, a video game character, or otherwise, witchy boy names sound strong and confident, are unique and interesting, and will set your son apart from the rest. Check out names from various cultures associated with paganism, like Celtic baby names, or dive into pop culture to help you find the perfect witch name for your magical little man.

70+ Best Male Witch and Warlock Names