75 Cool Swedish Boy Names for Your Little Pojke

Published July 21, 2020
Newborn Swedish baby boy

Finding cool Swedish boy names makes your decision in choosing the perfect baby name an easier task. You can choose from the most popular Swedish boy names to the more traditional names for an excellent variety of baby names.

Most Popular and Cool Swedish Boy Names

The most popular modern Swedish boy names may surprise you. These top names should please any mom wanting a strong name for her little man.

  • Adam
  • Adrian
  • Alfred
  • Elias
  • Hugo
  • Leo
  • Liam
  • Lucas
  • Ludvig
  • Nils
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Oscar
  • Walter
  • William
Swedish boy names for your little pojke

Swedish Boy Names That Are Animal Names

There are many animals that are viewed by various cultures as spirit animals. If you love animals, then a name that carries an animal's spirit energy to your baby boy might be the ideal choice.

  • Adolf (A-dolf) - Nobel wolf
  • Ame (Ah-Meh) - Eagle
  • Björn (Byawn) - Bear
  • Ingolf (In-gawlf) - Ing's wolf
  • Lennart (Len-nert) - Lion
  • Roffe (Rawf-feh) - Legendary wolf
  • Torbjorn (Tawr-byawrn) - Bear of Thor
  • Ulf (Oolf) - Wolf man

Swedish Boy Names That Imply Strength or Nobility

You may want a Swedish boy's name that will imbue the strength or nobility to your little dynamo. Any of these names will give your little man a solid sense of being grounded or inspired to lead.

  • Alrik (Al-rick) - Noble leader
  • Alarik (Al-ler-Rick) - Noble leader
  • Borg (Bawg) - Castle, fort
  • Egil (Ee-yeh-gil) - Respected and feared
  • Folke (Fawl-keh) - Belongs of the people
  • Göran (yer-Run-yer) - Highlander or mountain man
  • Karl, Kahl (Kah-rl, Kahl) - Free man
  • Klas (Klahs) - People's triumph
  • Lars (La-ars) - Victory
  • Leif (Layf) - Heir, beloved
  • Niklas (Nik-lahs) - People's triumph
  • Olav (ow-Laa-V) - King
  • Pelle (Pel-le) - Rock
  • Per, Peer (Pehr) - Rock
  • Peder (Peh-dehr) - Rock
  • Stefan (Ste-fahn) - Man wears crown
  • Sten (Sten) - Small rock or stone
  • Ville (Vil-leh) - Strong mind and protection

Swedish Boy Names That Mean Warriors or Fighters

A warrior name can be a cool moniker for any boy. Your little fighter's imagination can soar with the power behind any of these names.

  • Alexius (ə-Lek-sis) - Protector of humanity
  • Alvar (Ahl-vahr) - Elf warrior
  • Einar (Ie-nahr ) - Lone warrior
  • Gerhart (Gare-heart) - Strong with spear
  • Gunne (Goon-neh) - Army
  • Halvar (Hahl-vahr) - Defender of the rock
  • Harald (Hah-rahlt) - Powerful warrior
  • Hjalmar (Hyal-mahr) - Fighter wearing helmet
  • Iver (ee-Vair) - Fighter using bow, bow fighter
  • Lothar (Lo-taaR) - Famous army
  • Ludde (Lood-deh) - Famous fighter
  • Niklas (Nik-lahs) - Victory for the people
  • Rainer (ray-Near) - Strong
  • Sigge (Sig-gen) - Victorious protection
  • Torgny (Tor-gny) - Thor's loud weapon, Thor's noise
  • Vidar (Vee-dahr) - Fighter of the forest or woods
  • Viggo (Vig-go) - Battle fighter
boy dressed as a medieval knight

Swedish Boy Names Inspired by God and Legendary Gods

You can give your son the strength of the gods or the reverence of the one God. Some names evoke the protection of the divine.

  • Acke (Ah-keh) - Peace of the father
  • Ansgar (Ahns-gahr) - Spear of god
  • Balder, Baldr, Baldur (Baal-der ) - Norse god, god of light
  • Bengt (Benkt) - Blessed one
  • Christer (Kris-tər) - Christian man
  • Gosta (Gaws-tah) - God's staff
  • Gudmund (Good-moond) - God protects
  • Hasse (Hahs-she) - God is merciful
  • Ingemar (In-geh-mahr) - Famous god
  • Janne (Yah-nay) - God is gracious
  • Joakim (Yoh-kim) - Lifted by God
  • Kristian (Kris-ti-an) - Christian
  • Kristoffer (Krihstu_Fer) - Christ bearer
  • Lukas (Lew-Kas) - Illuminous, bright
  • Mats (Mahts) - God's present
  • Mikkel (Mik-kehl) - Who is like God? (Archangel Michael)
  • Salomon (sa-lo-Mawn) - Peace

Deciding on Cool Swedish Boy Names

You have many choices of Swedish boy names that have a cool meaning. You can decide which one is the best fit for your little guy.

75 Cool Swedish Boy Names for Your Little Pojke